Principal Alka Kapur represented MPS in a prestigious South Asian education delegation to Melbourne

Principal Alka Kapur represented MPS in a prestigious South Asian education delegation to Melbourne

Mrs. Alka Kapur

Mrs. Alka Kapur, the Principal of Modern Public School in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, recently concluded a remarkable educational tour in Melbourne, Australia, as one of the 25 esteemed educators from South Asia. The prestigious tour, organized by the Victorian Government, Australia, aimed at fostering collaboration and exploring educational landscapes, unfolded from November 27 to December 1 as part of the esteemed Study Melbourne Familiarisation Program.

The tour showcased Mrs. Alka Kapur’s commitment to exploring global educational landscapes and fostering meaningful connections in international education. The program provided an unparalleled opportunity for educators to delve into Melbourne’s academic prowess and discover the transformative experiences awaiting students in Australia.

Mrs. Kapur, along with the South Asian School Heads Delegation, explored renowned institutions such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Victoria University, Swinburne University, La Trobe University, RMIT University, and Deakin University. The itinerary included an exclusive exploration of Blackburn High School, depicting Melbourne’s vibrant school culture.

The transformative experience went beyond traditional academic settings, including a productive meeting with Victorian Ed-Tech companies. This engagement provided valuable insights into technological advancements, laying the foundation for potential collaborations to enhance Modern Public School’s learning environment.

Reflecting on this extraordinary journey, Mrs. Alka Kapur shared, ‘Embarking on this educational journey in Melbourne has been truly inspiring. Witnessing the advanced infrastructure, innovative programs, and vibrant school culture reaffirms our commitment to providing a world-class education for our students. This experience aligns seamlessly with our vision of opening a world of opportunities for our learners.’

She also shared her valuable insights and viewpoints during the tour with fellow dignitaries in the group. Her interactions with students and teachers she met during this educational journey showcased her commitment to fostering global citizenship and exchanging ideas on a broader platform.

Moreover, the education tour also emphasized the career opportunities available through international education. Mrs. Kapur also analyzed Melbourne’s investment in creating a secure, advanced educational space and the wealth of opportunities, including internships and scholarships for students.