Resonance glittering Annual Day celebrations Reso Darpan

Resonance glittering Annual Day celebrations Reso Darpan

Resonance glittering Annual Day celebrations  Reso DarpanHyderabad, 05th February 2024: Resonance School of Excellence – HyderabadExperts in IIT-JEE & NEET, Patancheruvu, Hyderabad – Experts in JEE (Mains + Advanced) & other Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Law entrance examinations; hosted their Annual Day celebrations with the theme of ‘Reso Darpan today at Patancheruvu. Chief Guests Sri Yandamuri Veerendranath, Indian writer; Sri P.P Rathod, MEO, Patancheruvu; Sri Ravinder Reddy, SHO, Bhanur PS; Special Guests Abhignya and Miss Perfect Movie Team; and Sri Purnachandra Rao, Managing Director, Resonance Educational Institutions, Telangana and AP; graced the occasion, today at Resonance Gurukul Campus, Patancheruvu. Over 1200 students including families of the learners and the entire Resonance team attended the event.

Sri Yandamuri Veerendranath said, we want our kids to be successful in life, but we ourselves don’t know what success means. For me success means being happy always, identify and inculcate those ways to be happy.

Actor Abhignya said, we should not take education for granted, at least we should have basic education in life, it gives us the necessary confidence, speaking skills and the courage to dream big. So do not lose the opportunity to build your foundation in the school, make amazing friendships and most importantly learn to respect one and another, these basics will take you to places in life.     

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Purnachandra Rao, we are delighted to celebrate our Annual Day, Reso Darpan. Over the past two years, Resonance School of Excellence has been a beacon of academic and holistic education. Our commitment extends beyond textbooks to embrace our rich culture, sports, and various extracurricular activities. At the heart of our educational philosophy lies the pursuit of balance. Our school places great emphasis on celebrating every success, whether big or small. We believe in providing mentorship that goes beyond the confines of the classroom. 

It’s a journey where achievements are not just acknowledged but celebrated with enthusiasm. Our dedicated teachers play a pivotal role, guiding and inspiring our students, ensuring that each one reaches their full potential. Their unwavering commitment is the cornerstone of our success. In the Resonance School of Excellence, motivation and care are not just buzzwords; they are integral aspects of our approach. We foster an environment that encourages students to grow not only academically but also personally. 

Tonight, we take a moment to bask in the glow of our collective achievements. From academic milestones to exemplary performances in sports and other activities, each success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students. Amidst the rigors of academic life, we also cherish the fun moments that make school memorable. The uniqueness of each student adds vibrancy to our community, making us a diverse and dynamic family. 

A heartfelt thank you to the parents who entrust us with their children’s education and partner with us in this journey. Equally, a profound appreciation for our teachers who go above and beyond to nurture young minds. 

Today, we raise a toast to the resilience that defines our students, the camaraderie that unites us, and the shared successes that make our journey exceptional. Each one of you is an integral part of our extraordinary story. As we conclude this joyous celebration, let’s carry the spirit of Reso Darpan forward, knowing that together, we create a brighter future. Thank you for being a vital part of our remarkable journey.