Sayaji Pune Takes Action for a Cleaner Tomorrow on World Water Day

Sayaji Pune Takes Action for a Cleaner Tomorrow on World Water Day

Sayaji Pune Takes

Pune, 14th December 2023: On the momentous occasion of World Water Day, Sayaji Hotels Pune took a resounding step towards environmental stewardship by spearheading a River Cleanliness Campaign at Pawna River, Chinchwad Gaon. Recognizing the pivotal role of clean rivers in fostering both human well-being and ecological balance, the event unfolded on the the world water day.

The campaign, a collaborative effort between Sayaji Hotels Pune Ltd, the esteemed PCMC Ex Corporator, Mrs. Ashwinitai Chinchawde, Municipal Corporation Division Head, Madhav Shinde, and the dedicated efforts of Area Head, Prakash Kashale, along with his team, aimed to raise awareness and take action towards preserving and restoring the Pawna River.

“We believe that a clean river is essential for both humans and nature to thrive,” expressed the team at Sayaji Pune, emphasizing their commitment to environmental conservation.

The event witnessed an enthusiastic team of 20 individuals who dedicated their time and efforts wholeheartedly to the cause. Together, they laboured diligently to address the pressing issue of garbage accumulation along the riverbanks. Their concerted efforts culminated in the collection of a significant amount of waste, tallying between 150-200 kilograms.

The commitment, dedication, and unwavering spirit displayed by each team member underscored the efficacy of teamwork in effecting positive change for the environment.

“Participating in the River Cleanliness Campaign on World Water Day was a humbling experience. Our team’s dedication exemplifies the power of collective action in safeguarding our environment. At Sayaji Pune, we’re committed to driving meaningful change and nurturing a sustainable future for generations to come,” expressed General Manager Mr. Ajay Kanojia.

Sayaji Pune extends heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Ashwinitai Chinchawde, Madhav Shinde, Prakash Kashale, and the entire team for their invaluable contribution and unwavering support during this endeavour. The success of this campaign exemplifies the potential for meaningful change when communities unite for a common cause.

This initiative aligns with Sayaji Pune’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The organization remains steadfast in its dedication to future endeavors aimed at preserving our precious water resources and fostering a cleaner, greener tomorrow.