Sculpture Maestro KS Radhakrishnan Bestowed Critics Choice Award by World University of Design

Sculpture Maestro KS Radhakrishnan Bestowed Critics Choice Award by World University of Design

Sculpture Maestro

DELHI-NCR/8th January 2024 World University of Design presented the ‘WUD Critics’ Choice Award for 2024 to renowned sculptor, writer, orator, academician, and philosopher KS Radhakrishnan. The award recognizes his outstanding contributions to the field of sculpture and his inspiring mark as a role model to students across all visual art disciplines.

The WUD Critics’ Choice Awards for Visual Arts, established by the World University of Design, not only celebrate the talent of practicing artists but also inspire the next generation of creatives. These awards provide recognition to artists exhibiting in premier Delhi NCR galleries, empowering them to explore and showcase their creativity. They honor established artists, fostering connections within the global Visual Art community. The initiative aims to empower diverse artists, celebrating India’s cultural tapestry. These awards offer exposure, acclaim, and opportunities for collaboration and exhibitions, fostering artistic careers. WUD’s annual goal is to recognize nearly 25 artists, creating a significant platform for India’s rich visual arts culture.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design) said, “The acknowledgment of emerging artists serves as a source of inspiration for students, offering real-life success stories within the art community. These stories ignite dedication and passion among students, motivating them to pursue their artistic endeavors. Exposure to a diverse range of awarded artists, with their unique styles and cultural backgrounds, broadens students’ horizons and encourages exploration of different artistic techniques. These awards establish benchmarks for excellence, instilling a sense of aspiration and ambition among students to strive for higher standards in their own artistic pursuits. The recognition acts as a catalyst for students to excel in their chosen creative paths.”

Alongside Dr. Gupta, attendees included Ms. Tripat Kalra, Founder-Director, Gallerie Nvya, Mr. Dhiraj Srivastava, Resident Commissioner, Bikaner House, and Ms. Vinita Srivastava, Chief Vigilance Officer, National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC), and esteemed artists like Neerja Peters, SM Kulkarni, and Mahesh Borse. The award felicitation drew participation from art enthusiasts, fostering an environment of celebration and interaction during the award presentation. The award ceremony concluded with Radhakrishnan discussing his recent retrospective at Bikaner House, New Delhi, providing students with valuable insights.

On being felicitated with the award, KS Radhakrishnan said, “Establishing a strong foundation and grasping the fundamentals of visual arts are crucial for shaping one’s visual statement. Continuous effort and dedication are essential in this field, as it involves a journey enriched by day-to-day experiences, contributing to the evolution and growth of an artist’s expressive journey.”

In its pursuit of empowering and honoring a diverse spectrum of exceptional artists representing various linguistic, regional, cultural, stylistic, and thematic backgrounds, WUD has established a dedicated committee. This committee plays a pivotal role in the ongoing evaluation of artistic presentations across Delhi NCR. Assessing criteria such as artistic excellence, originality, conceptual depth, impact, and engagement, this initiative reflects WUD’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive platform for the recognition and celebration of diverse artistic talents.