T.A.C Partners with MAD to Empower Girl Child Education across India

T.A.C Partners with MAD to Empower Girl Child Education across India

April 04 2023 The Ayurveda Co. (T.A.C), one of the fastest-growing D2C beauty and wellness brands, has announced a strategic partnership with Make a Difference (MAD), a leading not-for-profit organization, to support girl child education in India. T.A.C has a long-standing commitment to social justice, empowering women, and uplifting local communities in remote areas. Through this partnership with MAD, T.A.C aims to shape the future of the country by investing in girl child education.

Sharing her personal connection to the cause, CEO and Co-founder of T.A.C Shreedha Singh said, “I’ve had humble beginnings, and had it not been for my mother’s undeterred grit to educate me even at the cost of making personal and financial sacrifices, I wouldn’t have been here. Promoting education among the girl child not only fosters an equitable future but also reduces the chances of social injustice faced by women due to financial dependence.”

Founder of T.A.C Param Bhargava said, “We are excited to partner with MAD to advance our shared vision of providing quality education to the girl child. We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of their background; with this partnership, we can work towards ensuring that more girls have access to quality education for a better future of society.”

Under this new collaboration, a portion of T.A.C’s sales proceeds will be allocated to support special projects focusing on girl child education throughout the year. T.A.C customers will be made aware of every development and contribution made towards the betterment of the shelter homes. Additionally, the partnership opens volunteering opportunities for all T.A.C employees, providing industry exposure for the children and fostering a strong connection between the kids, the company, and team members.

Commenting on the collaboration, Founder and CEO of Make a Difference Jithin Nedumala said, “We are truly excited to collaborate with The Ayurveda Co. as it will enable us to empower the girl children we work with. What makes this even more special is that Shreedha has volunteered with Make a Difference. She has seen the need for our work and the impact all the volunteers create weekly. I am confident that a socially conscious brand like The Ayurveda Co. will grow and help MAD reach more children and change their lives.”

T.A.C recently announced its 100cr Series A fundraise led by Sixth Sense Ventures & leading actress Kajal Aggarwal and employs more than 500 women. T.A.C. was founded after Shreedha’s personal encounter with Ayurveda. Suffering from hives/urticaria for over three years with little improvement from modern treatments, she turned to Ayurveda, which healed her in just six months. T.A.C’s vision is to HEAL, which stands for Help Embrace an Ayurvedic Life. Recognizing the life-changing potential of Ayurveda, the brand offers uncompromised, pure, top-notch quality, and ethically crafted products across face, body, hair, and wellness categories. The brand has amassed customer love from millions of consumers in India for its Kumkumadi Radiant & Youthful face care.