Techno India Group Hosted A Student Exchange Program Between India and Vietnam

Techno India Group Hosted A Student Exchange Program Between India and Vietnam

Kolkata, 9th September,2023:A student exchange program between India and Vietnam organized by Techno India Group was held at Techno India Main Campus, Salt Lake. The program emphasized on the exchange of cultural traditions, values, cuisines and lifestyles.

Techno India University hosted six students from Vietnam. The students arrived at Kolkata in the 1stweek of August, 2023 for a month-long internship program. The program has been initiated by the Consul General of India in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Techno India University has participated in the recently held Namaste Vietnam Program in Saigon. The students have been undertaking short-term research projects under the supervision of Techno India University faculty members.

TheprogrambeganwiththestudentssharingtheirexperiencesaboutIndia.They highlighted the core values of compassion, care, and cooperation experienced by them by the Indian students. They harped on the academic insights gained with respect to machine learning, cancer interventions and other topics related to biotechnology. It also entailed the exchange of cultural ideas and traditions, values, and other aspects of everyday life.

The Vietnamese students were in awe of the cuisines served like Biryani, Chicken Rolls, Rasgullas and Momos. They also enjoyed visiting the Victoria Memorial, Coffee House, College Street book store, and Sundarban where they stayed at the resort, Jhore Jole Jongole. At the same time, Indian students have also shared their insights on Vietnamese culture and tradition. They were fond of their national traditional costume, Ao dai, and also appreciated their cuisines. Both the students from fromVietnamandTechnoIndiaUniversityappreciatedthenaturalbeautyoftheirrespectivecountries.ThestudentsofVietnamalsofeltasenseofconnectionwithIndianculture.The Vietnamese students acknowledged the support of their mentors Dr. Avijit Kar, Dr Soumendu Ganguly,Dr. Dipankar Dey, Dr. Kishore Ray amongst others.

The Exchange Program also included a brief session on Universal Human Values and its importance in a person’s life. It also highlighted the similarities and differences between both the cultures of India and Vietnam and how they were able to use these values to find a purpose in their lives. The session concluded with expressing gratitude to a loved one and sending them a thank you note. Prof Manoshi RoyChowdhury, Co-Chairperson, Techno India GroupenlightenedthestudentsaboutthesignificanceofthefestivalofRakshaBandhanand had given insights on certain ways of navigating life.

Monoshij, a mental health platform started by Prof Manoshi Roychowdhury, hosted a session on Universal Human Values that would help a person find a purpose in life. The session was addressed by Ms. Aparupa Ojha (Clinical Psychologist and Co-ordinator) and Ms Abheepsa Bagchi (counselling Psychologist).

“We are happy to encourage such student exchange programs with the possibility of creating milestones to broaden the horizons not only academically but also culturally. Everyone can experience new teaching methods, gain experience to unique research opportunities and collaborate with experts in your respective fields .Equally important is the cultural enrichment that exchange programs offer,” said Prof Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co-Chairperson, Techno India Group.

Theexchangeprogramwasagoodopportunityforgaininginsightsintodifferentacademic endeavors. It was successful in setting an example of brotherhood, solidarity and unity between two different nations.