University Living Launches Study Abroad Buddy: Revolutionizing International Education with AI-Powered Guidance

University Living Launches Study Abroad Buddy: Revolutionizing International Education with AI-Powered Guidance

University Living Launches Study Abroad Buddy

Mumbai, 13th October 2023: Moving overseas to commence your higher education is a one-of-a-kind experience, which can sometimes be daunting for students since every aspect of it is new & unknown. Recognizing this, University Living, an Award-winning Global student housing platform, has introduced Study Abroad Buddy, a platform designed to enhance the study abroad experience by addressing the unique challenges and needs faced by students looking to pursue their higher education overseas.

One of the most common obstacles students face is limited access to information and a lack of proper guidance. Study Abroad Buddy, meticulously crafted by our dedicated team of experts, serves as the ultimate information bridge for students. With a vast global network of over 1000+ Education Consultant Partners, we are committed to connecting students with the best opportunities worldwide.

The AI-powered Study Abroad Buddy Platform is designed to assist students in every step of their journey toward international education. It provides comprehensive solutions, including – University and Course Shortlisting, Connecting with Future Classmates, WhatsApp Groups, AI-Powered Information Access, and much more.

Empowering students with AI-driven insights to simplify their education choices, while also providing a streamlined path for education partners to counsel and support applicants, leveraging our extensive network of study abroad consultants, platforms, and university representatives.

This innovative platform not only benefits students but also supports education agents and universities in attracting highly qualified students who are well-suited to their courses and programs. It serves as a comprehensive post-admission one-stop platform.

University Living’s emerging innovation becomes a unified platform, offering an all-encompassing suite of tools to guide students through their international education journey. It features country-specific communities, fostering connections among future students and supplying insights on exam preparation, visa procedures, accommodation selection, living expenses, and more.

With Study Abroad Buddy, University Living’s ethos of prioritizing student welfare finds new heights. The platform’s real-time updates, best practices, and tailored content minimize information-gathering challenges. By joining country and intake-specific networks, students gain access to tailored resources, peer interactions, and expert-guided Q&A sessions. It’s an Information Hub that enriches their decision-making process and confidence in their choices.

Saurabh Arora, CEO & Founder, University Living said, “We are thrilled to introduce University Living’s AI-Powered Study Abroad Buddy Platform which is designed to catalyze growth within the Study abroad sector. It’s a game-changer for education agents and universities as well. Delivering more filtered and better-fit students enhances the quality of international student recruitment.Our goal is to save time and resources while empowering students by simplifying information access and fostering unbiased decision-making. This approach cultivates an efficient ecosystem, streamlining the decision-making process for students and enhancing experiences for stakeholders like education partners and accommodation providers. This not only improves the student experience but also drives ecosystem growth as more students study abroad, aligning with our focused platform, much like University Living. This innovative program is set to revolutionize the study abroad experience for students worldwide.”