VMC to conduct National Admission Test (NAT) on 2nd June 2024

VMC to conduct National Admission Test (NAT) on 2nd June 2024

VMC to conduct

Delhi – NCR – Vidyamandir Classes (VMC), the nation’s leading institution and a hub for JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET preparation, is gearing to conduct its flagship test for Admission & Scholarships, National Admission Test (NAT) on 2nd June 2024 through both offline and online modes to reward and encourage good students across the country and elevating them towards academic growth.

This Test will give a significant boost to the preparation of JEE and NEET aspirants with

· Mentorship / Motivational Sessions by VMC Founders & Experts

· Free Doubt Resolution and Hand Holding support at the nearest VMC centre all days a week,

· Well Researched & Scientifically driven E-study material and unlimited mock tests

Students who are in class 9th–12th or have passed class 12th have the chance to take this test to enroll in one of the many programs offered at Vidyamandir Classes, giving them a head-start and the chance to receive scholarships of up to 100%.

“Building a solid foundation of scientific and technical knowledge and thus to prepare competent and motivated engineers and doctors is the primary motto of Vidyamandir Classes.”

VMC conducts the National Admission Test across the country to choose students for its very successful and sought-after classroom and online programs. These programs have been specially designed to help students conquer prominent tests like the JEE and NEET as well as other competitive/scholastic exams like the OLYMPIADS & BOARDS.

For students who wish to directly compare themselves to their peer group nationwide, NAT is a terrific platform. The emphasis is given to our programs which will enable students to imbibe the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics/ Biology and sharpen their analytical skills and parallel thinking process, making them capable to creatively solving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts.” Said Mr. Abhishek Sharma (Chief Business Officer, VMC)

We have recently started our New Phase Plan, which emphasizes the importance of maintaining harmony among students, Parents, and the Institute itself in achieving the academic goals. VMC provides expert guidance, the best motivational support system, and a comprehensive study material & testing system to empower students to achieve success on all fronts (be it School and Board Exams as well as different Competitive and scholastic Exams) and improve their mental, physical, and academic well-being.

“Understanding students’ needs at different stages of their preparation has been the guiding force behind the teaching methodology at VMC. It is also the secret behind the success of our students in various National and International Level exams. At VMC the classes are led by the Founders & a team of highly experienced faculty who prepare students for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.” Said Mr. Brij Mohan (Co-Founder, VMC)

Students aspiring for the JEE & NEET who wish to study at the nation’s top engineering and medical schools should not miss this test.



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