Doctors at Nethradhama successfully performs a rare high-risk paediatric eye surgery; restores full vision in an 8-month-old baby

Doctors at Nethradhama successfully performs a rare high-risk paediatric eye surgery; restores full vision in an 8-month-old baby

24th February, Bengaluru: Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospitals, a pioneering institution in eye care, performed a high-risk paediatric cataract surgery for an 8-month-old baby in Bangalore. The phacoemulsification surgery was led by renowned eye surgeon – Dr Sri Ganesh, who is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospitals. The surgery was completed successfully on both eyes within 30 minutes.

The 8-month old female baby patient, was born with a case of congenital cataracts on both her eyes. This is a condition where the lens of the eyes is cloudy instead of being clear after birth, making them blind. The surgery was conducted at Nethradhama’s Centre of Excellence in Jayanagar. The 8-month old patient has regained full vision, and is reported to be recovering well as updated by the team of doctors, since the surgery. The baby’s mother also had the same condition, and the same doctor had successfully done the surgery to restore her vision 22 years back.

Speaking on the success of the rare surgery, Dr. Sri Ganesh added, “We are delighted to provide a new lease of life to this baby, by restoring her vision. For the first time in eight months, the baby was able to see her mother, and this gives us immense joy and satisfaction. At Nethradhama, our emphasis always lies on patient-centricity, quality and care. Keeping in mind our motto to provide vision care par excellence, we will continue making inroads in our surgical practice and expertise to stay at the forefront of technological advancements that enhance patient satisfaction.”

Explaining the medical condition, Dr Sri Ganesh said that the baby had bilateral posterior polar congenital cataract, which is a complex condition. The technique for operating on babies and IOL power calculation is different from adults. The cataract was aspirated with a micro-incision followed by a posterior capsulorehxis and anterior vitrectomy. The IOL power was calculated after performing scans under anaesthesia during the surgery and a foldable IOL was implanted.

The anaesthesia team is very important in managing such cases and the team headed by Dr Suman Shree was able to smoothly anaesthetise the child and monitor all the vital parameters, controlling the intraocular pressure during surgery, which was very important.

Expressing her gratitude, the mother of the 8-month old baby said, “I am immensely thankful to Dr. Sri Ganesh and his team for their unwavering support throughout this journey. We were apprehensive at first, however, the medical team’s expertise and compassionate care reassured us every step of the way. Today, I am extremely happy that my baby can see the world. We truly feel fortunate to have received such remarkable care and hospitality.”

Nethradhama specialises in latest laser cataract surgical techniques and advanced paediatric eye care methods, has been ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients. Dr Sri Ganesh with his impeccable track record in high-risk surgeries, he has earned the trust of fellow ophthalmologists globally. He has performed over 100,000 Phaco surgeries and 50,000 Refractive surgeries till now.