Dr Sheth’s- April fool campaign with actress Raashi Khaana

Dr Sheth’s- April fool campaign with actress Raashi Khaana

3 April 2023, Gurugram: With the rise of exaggerated and gimmicky claims by skincare brands, consumers have become vulnerable to rampant misinformation in the industry. To address this issue, India’s trusted and oldest dermatologically formulated brand, Dr. Sheth’s, is launching its first-ever campaign to debunk common myths surrounding transformative skincare claims. The campaign, called #DermatKnowsBest, features actress Raashi Khanna and aims to shift the conversation back to the skincare experts – dermatologists.

It starts with an announcement on TV about a new miracle serum from Mars with cutting-edge technology and Martian Sand that can transform skin in just one drop. The campaign highlights how the quick transformational claims by skincare brands are a hoax, funnily and humorously, via an Instagram reel by Raashii Khanna where she unboxes and applies this mysterious product based on cutting-edge technology and ingredients from outer space for instant results. However, her skin returns to its previous state a few moments later, driving the important message that miracle skincare products don’t exist and that it is best to leave skincare problems to Fermat’s expertise.

Dr. Sheth’s

Dr. Sheth’s is the world’s first dermatologist-formulated skincare brand with products designed specifically for Indian skin, based on the clinical experiences, knowledge & expertise of three generations of skin doctors. Today, India’s Skincare market is flooded with products based on learnings from Western and Caucasian Skin. Despite being >10% of the world’s population, Indians are forced to settle for products based on imported formulas that deliver sub-par results. Dr. Sheth’s mission is to bring Indian Skincare into the 21st century, allowing everyday Indians to access high-quality, scientific solutions made specifically for Indian skin. In doing so, we are democratizing the secrets of the country’s oldest and most renowned Dermatology Clinics in everyday use formats that consumers are familiar with, know, and love.