Eat Out But Eat Right

Eat Out But Eat Right

Bangalore 16th Jan 2024: Studies have linked eating out to overeating, and in such a scenario, the best way to deal with the urge is to choose your food wisely. Ace nutritionist Leena Reji Jean and celebrity trainer Shodan Rai guided some of the aspiring models of Style Icon of The Year through tips and tricks on how to eat out, yet eat right.

Kafe 57

It is certainly possible to eat, drink, and enjoy without overdoing. Some of the suggestions included checking the menu to ordering more appetizers, opting for protein-rich food, consuming prebiotics and probiotics, and portion control, there were multiple tricks for a merry, sumptuous, yet healthy dining experience.

Nutritionist Leena Reji Jean said

“What you eat is what you are. Food is the main fuel for the body but mindful diet is a contribution for a healthy body. Right nutrition in right proportion in right interval makes an holistic meal

Choose a wide range of local grown food stick to basic diet and listen to your body .

Don’t mess with your hormones as it may lead to metabolic issues. Hydration is the main source for a healthy skin and healthy gut with right electrolytes like tender coconut water. Gut health is very important, choose a good probiotic as it may heal your gut.

Don’t ignore your micro nutrients as it is very essential because it protects your vital organs. Focus on anti inflammatory and anti aging food.”

Established in 1957, Kanti Sweets proudly introduced Kafè 57 at DLF Hulimavu, harmonising tradition with modern gastronomy. Indulgences included B57 bean-to-bar chocolates, expertly brewed coffee, artisanal bread, pastries, and wholesome gluten-free vegan goodies. Kanti Sweets committed to quality in every offering, allowing patrons to experience refined culinary joy at Kafè 57.

Chef Mr. Baranidharan mentioned

“We have sweets and snacks that contain some good vitamins and healthy nutritious options for everyone. For example: Oyster mushroom powder is used in some of the sweets which is high in Vitamin D, making it a much healthier option compared to others.

Right from sourcing high quality beans to making the chocolates, entire process is done in house, to maintain high grade quality. No palm oil or refined sugar is used in any of the sweets or snacks. These are made keeping in mind the best interests of our customers.”

The Style Icon of The Year grooming session was conducted at Kafe 57 on Bannerghatta Road, where celebrity trainers gave their insight on fitness and diet to the finalists who have a social life to maintain while also watching their waistline.