Godrej Security Solutions Leads the Way in Revolutionizing Hospitality Security

Godrej Security Solutions Leads the Way in Revolutionizing Hospitality Security

New Delhi, 22nd September 2023: In an era where safety and security are paramount concerns, the hospitality industry has taken significant strides to ensure the well-being of its guests. Godrej Security Solutions, a business of Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, is at the forefront of this transformation by introducing the latest innovative security solutions specifically designed for the hotel industry. With an extensive range of products, the company introduced two new ranges of Hotel Safes – Capital and Odyssey. These state-of-the-art safes intend to address the ultimate protection of guests’ valuable possessions while enhancing their overall experience.

These Hotel Safes have been meticulously designed to seamlessly combine compactness with durability, all while incorporating cutting-edge technology. These safes serve as the ultimate secure repository for your guests’ most valuable possessions, including cash, jewelry, passports, and other valuables.

The Capital Safes are available in three convenient sizes: 8L, 15L, and 25L, catering to various storage needs. These safes operate using a secure 4 to 8-digit password, with a 6-digit master code available for situations where you may not remember the password. The safes are equipped with solid steel shooting bolts, a mechanical override key, and a low battery indicator for added peace of mind. On the other hand, the Odyssey Safes take security to the next level with the NX PRO series Motorized lock, which operates using a secure 4 to 6 digit password and a 6 digit master code for emergency situations, ensuring enhanced safety. They offer a comprehensive feature set, including 100 Audit Trail entries, emergency access options via USB and Key, and a mounting provision for effortless installation. Additionally, a portable handheld access unit is available for managerial convenience, eliminating the need for a computer or laptop in certain situations. These safes are designed to provide top-notch security and convenience for both guests and management.

In addition to the Hotel Safes, the company also offers premises security solutions like Flap Barriers, Handheld Metal Detectors, Baggage Scanners, CCTV Cameras, Door Frame Metal Detectors, Pole Detectors, Bollards, Under Vehicle Scanners, Key Management System and Turnstiles for the hotel segment. The Key Management System keeps a digital record of who has which key in a given period, making it easier to identify security irregularity and handle it quickly. These innovative solutions from Godrej Security Solutions are not only designed to enhance the security of hotel guests but also to streamline operations for hotel owners and staff. The solutions are state of art, integrated over centralised software dashboard on premises or cloud.

Godrej Security Solutions highlighted their commitment to the Hospitality Industry as it has been one of the fastest growing industry and is expected to register a CAGR of 4.73% during the forecast period. The Indian hospitality market has been scoring a moderate growth number in the past few years. It has vast potential to score an even greater number in the future.

Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Business Head, Godrej Security Solutions, said, “At Godrej Security Solutions we are committed to continuously innovate and deliver effective solutions to meet the changing security needs of our customers. The launch of the ‘Godrej Capital’ and ‘Godrej Odyssey’ marks a significant milestone in the evolution of hotels’ security solutions. Our new hotel lockers are a testament to our commitment to the hospitality industry. These lockers not only provide top-tier security but also add a touch of elegance to hotel rooms. In addition to the safes, we provide a comprehensive suite of premises security solutions, including Flap Barriers, Handheld Metal Detectors, Baggage Scanners, Key Management System, CCTV Cameras, Door Frame Metal Detectors, and Turnstiles tailored for the hotel segment. Furthermore, we take immense pride in delivering an exceptional customer service infrastructure. We also provide diverse touchpoints for our customers to connect with us. This is a step towards providing a seamless customer-friendly experience.”

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, Godrej Security Solutions remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge security solutions that empower hotels to offer a safe and secure environment for their guests. With these innovative products, hotels can enhance their reputation, increase guest satisfaction, and ensure a brighter, more secure future for the industry as a whole.