Health & Beyond Nutrigo: A Flavourful Healthy Food Brand Launches in Mumbai

Health & Beyond Nutrigo: A Flavourful Healthy Food Brand Launches in Mumbai

Health & Beyond Nutrigo

Health & Beyond Nutrigo, a health-forward cloud kitchen, is changing the way people perceive healthy food. The brand’s mission is simple; to make healthy food delicious, infusing familiar dishes with delightful flavours.

Through each meal that they send, Health & Beyond Nutrigo’s vision is to stir up positive emotions within customers by delighting their taste buds with familiar, delicious flavours. At the heart of Health & Beyond Nutrigo’s offerings are steaks and gluten-free burgers, both in healthy renditions. From succulent Teriyaki Steak to savoury Lemon Herb Butter Steak and indulgent Stroganoff Steak, available in both veg and chicken options. With base options such as beetroot, spinach, and ragi, there is an array of burger choices including the Summery Burger, Smoky Mushroom Burger, and Arabian Burger to name a few. Additionally, the menu includes wraps, gluten-free rolls, meals, salads, toasters, smoothies, energy bombers, and desserts, all aligning with the brand’s vision of healthy food without compromising on taste. Breaking the myth that healthy or gluten-free cannot be tasty, the brand ensures that customers enjoy the same flavours and taste as in traditional restaurants in a healthier version.

Fatema Asif, Founder, of Health & Beyond Nutrigo said “Health & Beyond Nutrigo is all about getting the freedom of having your most beloved and tastiest food without thinking about your health or shape. Our goal is to spread positive vibes through our healthy food offerings and that drives us every day to serve you better.”

Understanding the modern consumer’s desire for both convenience and health, Health & Beyond Nutrigo offers a dual approach to cater to culinary needs. Firstly, the brand provides a convenient everyday meal subscription service, tailored for busy professionals and health-conscious individuals. With the expertise of in-house nutritionists, menus are customised to align with individual health objectives. This subscription service can be easily accessed via the website ( or by direct contact.

Available for order on popular platforms like Swiggy or Zomato, customers can also order directly by phone. The brand caters to clients within a 10km radius of its cloud kitchen in Byculla, ensuring prompt and efficient service.