HealthPlix Launches Patient App to Enhance Doctor-Patient Connectivity

HealthPlix Launches Patient App to Enhance Doctor-Patient Connectivity

Mumbai,1st February 2024— HealthPlix Technologies, India’s largest EMR platform, today announced the launch of its Patient App HealthPlix (for patients). The app facilitates seamless connectivity between doctors and patients and provides a one-stop solution for patients to manage their health.

The Patient App allows patients to stay in touch with their doctors, book appointments, access/store their digitized medical records via a secure vault and manage their health by constantly monitoring their health parameters.

Patients can easily upload lab reports, schedule appointments with their doctors, and connect with their doctors via teleconsultation and chat. By using the app to track health vitals such as Blood Sugar, BMI, and Blood Pressure, patients can give the complete picture of their health to their doctors. This information empowers doctors to make informed decisions for their patients. The App has been received very well by doctors and patients.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Chaitanya Raju, Executive Director – HealthPlix Technologies stated, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the HealthPlix Patient app – strengthening doctor-patient connect on our platform. The app further empowers doctors in their journey to digitize their practice and improve health outcomes. The App is built with world-class security. We will continue to build more capabilities this year based on valuable feedback from doctors and patients”.

HealthPlix is an ISO-certified doctor-first company dedicated to meeting the needs of healthcare professionals. The launch of the Patient App aligns with the company’s goal to empower the doctor community with a readily available digital infrastructure, aiming to drive improved health outcomes. The mobile application, available in both Android and iOS platforms acts as a central hub for all important alerts and updates related to patient health information.