Neercare Agro organises a Farmer Awareness & Training Program to support sustainable agriculture and rural development

Neercare Agro organises a Farmer Awareness & Training Program to support sustainable agriculture and rural development

Neercare Agro organises a Farmer Awareness

New Delhi, 11th April 2023: Neercare Agro, an Agritech company based out of Noida, effectively carried out a Farmer Awareness & Training Program at their Model Farm in Sec-151, Noida in association with Jaivik Gurugram Association. Farmers from the area who had received training from Mr. Akash Chaurasia, an innovator of Multilayer Agriculture and national award winner, in terms of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. Mr. Chaurasia shared the stage with Mr.Vivek Khurana, Mrs.Ankit Khurana Co-Founders of Neercare Agro, and Mrs.Nidhi Vivek and Mr.Yatin Jha(Jaivik Gurugram).

A number of important subjects were addressed in the training session, such as multi-layer farming, groundwater recharge, indigenous seeds and their health advantages, and carbon storage as a result of natural farming. The program was created to give farmers the chance to learn about cutting-edge agricultural practices and innovative technologies that can help them increase their output and profitability as well as to make them aware of the difficulties and how to deal with them.

Akash Chaurasia, Multi-layer Farming expert, National Award Winner, and Mahindra Yuva Agro Award Recipient “It was an honor to be a part of Neercare Agro’s Farmer Awareness & Training Program. I believe empowering farmers with the right knowledge and resources is crucial to the sustainable development of rural India. Farmers today need a technique that is economically viable and sustainable in nature and also makes farmers self-dependent. The program provided an opportunity to learn about innovative farming techniques and technologies that can help them increase their productivity and profitability. I applaud Neercare Agro for their commitment to supporting the farming community and contributing to the growth of Indian agriculture.”

The producers also learned about the MyGlobalAgro app during the program, which gives them the chance to move from a local to a worldwide scale. The app was created under the leadership of Mr. Ankit Khurana, co-founder of Neercare Agro. Farmers can increase their earning potential by using the app as an opportunity to offer their goods to a worldwide market.

Speaking on the success of the event, Mr. Vivek Khurrana, Co-Founder and CEO of Neercare Agro said “As a business committed to sustainable agriculture and agricultural development, we recognize the significance of arming farmers with the information and tools they need to be successful. Our dedication to assisting farmers and enhancing their income is demonstrated by our Farmer Awareness & Training Program. We are honored to have joined with Mr. Akash Chaurasia to give farmers access to advanced agricultural methods and tools that can boost their output and profitability.”

Neercare Agro was founded in 2022 by Vivek Khurana and Neeraj Srivastav, bringing their combined 30+ years of experience to modernize the agri-ecosystem. Vivek is an ex-Chief designer at Innov8, a green building specialist, and the creator of India’s first organic smart city. Neeraj, an alumnus of HBTI Kanpur and IIT Delhi, holds a B.Tech in chemical engineering and currently serves as an investor and promoter of Neercare Agro. He possesses extensive expertise in team building, business development, tendering, and project management.