P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre creates an Inspiring Human Chain along with Cancer Patients to commemorate World Cancer Day 2024

P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre creates an Inspiring Human Chain along with Cancer Patients to commemorate World Cancer Day 2024

P. D. Hinduja Hospital

Mumbai, 5th February 2024: The number of cancer cases in the country is projected to go up from 14.6 lakh in 2022 to 15.7 lakh in 2025, according to the Indian Council of Medical Research-National Cancer Registry Programme (ICMR-NCRP)[1]. In a heartfelt initiative to commemorate World Cancer Day 2024, celebrated globally every year on the 4th of February, P.D. Hinduja Hospital created a striking human chain in the form of the iconic cancer ribbon. This symbolic event aims to raise awareness about cancer and highlight the hospital’s steadfast commitment to the ongoing fight against this pervasive disease.

The event saw active participation from cancer patients who played a pivotal role in forming the symbolic cancer ribbon. Serving as both a visual embodiment of unity and a resounding testament to the collective resolve to eliminate cancer from our communities, the event was a powerful demonstration of determination. P.D. Hinduja Hospital not only encouraged the enthusiastic engagement of cancer patients but also extended a warm invitation to its dedicated staff, recognizing the crucial role they play in the healthcare journey of cancer patients. The hospital’s aim is to foster a unifying message of hope and resilience, uniting both patients and healthcare professionals in their shared commitment to combating cancer.

Mr. Gautam Khanna, CEO, P.D. Hinduja Hospital, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “On this World Cancer Day, the human chain serves as a compelling manifestation of our unwavering dedication to conquering the challenges of cancer. Bringing patients, their families, and our distinguished medical professionals together, we aim to convey a strong message of collaborative triumph, unyielding support, and resilience. This chain formation represents our solid commitment towards patient care that holds the promise of a future free of cancer.”

In India, there is a likelihood of one in nine individuals developing cancer during their lifetime. The Indian Journal of Medical Research[2] reports that lung cancer is the predominant site for males, while breast cancer leads among females. In the case of childhood cancers (0-14 years), lymphoid leukaemia holds the highest incidence, accounting for 29.2% in boys and 24.2% in girls. Projections indicate a 12.8% estimated increase in cancer cases by 2025 compared to the figures recorded in 2020.

Dr. Asha Kapadia, Head of the Department of Medicine and Section Head of Oncology, P. D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC, shared, “In our daily interactions with patients, we witness the profound impact of cancer. The human chain forming the cancer ribbon serves as a reminder of the importance of community-wide efforts in reshaping the landscape of cancer care and prevention. Together, we strive to create better awareness and forge a future where the impact of cancer is minimized, and preventive wellness guides us towards a healthier tomorrow.”

P. D. Hinduja Hospital’s Center of Excellence for Cancer Care has been at the forefront of providing best-in-class cancer care to the citizens of Mumbai for more than three decades. The center has always been an early adopter of latest, cutting-edge technology such as LINAC with prone breast radiation technology, and it is also the 1st Centre in western India to offer brachytherapy (sometimes called internal radiation), a radiation procedure that involves placing radioactive material inside the body to treat certain types of cancer and other conditions.