Revolutionizing Healthcare Access: Narayana Health Insurance Launches ‘ADITI’

Revolutionizing Healthcare Access: Narayana Health Insurance Launches ‘ADITI’

 Narayana Health Insurance

Bengaluru, July 2, 2024: Narayana Health Insurance Ltd. (NHIL), a new venture by Narayana Health, today announced the launch of its first health insurance product, ‘ADITI.’ This innovative plan aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access for the masses in India by offering comprehensive coverage at an affordable price point.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman of Narayana Health and Narayana Health Insurance said, “Today, we are not just rolling out an insurance product; we are taking a monumental step towards a future where quality healthcare is accessible to every Indian. Narayana ‘ADITI’ is designed to protect families from the financial burdens of medical expenses, offering peace of mind during challenging times. With the launch of Aditi, we embark on a transformative journey to make quality healthcare a reality for every Indian and upto 1 crore coverage for a family of four for the premium of 10,000 floaters. This is just the beginning.”

The event was attended by the Narayana Health and Insurance management team along with Anamika Roy Rashtrawar, Independent Director, NHIL. Dr. Shetty presented the first five ‘ADITI health insurance policies to their first five families from Mysore. This marks a significant milestone in Narayana Health’s mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all Indians through its innovative ‘ADITI’ plan. Narayana Health Insurance plans to launch ADITI in four districts around Mysore initially allowing them space to gather feedback and adapt the plan to ensure optimal service and scalability.

“Traditional health insurance can be an overwhelming process for most people”, says Viren Prasad Shetty, Vice Chairman of Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd. “We believe health insurance should be simple, transparent, and offer a clear path to good health. We designed ‘Aditi’ to redefine health insurance as a tool for proactive healthcare, not reactive treatment. ‘Aditi’ offers a single plan that prioritizes life-saving care, eliminates hidden fees, and doesn’t have long waiting periods. Our unique offering will be built around a world-class care team, who will help families save money on essential procedures and put our members in the driver’s seat of their healthcare journey.”

Unlike traditional plans, Aditi prioritizes a smooth and efficient experience. The coverage is primarily within the trusted Narayana Health network, where experienced doctors and advanced facilities await. This focus ensures streamlined communication and minimizes administrative hurdles. However, for emergencies and specific situations, Aditi offers limited coverage outside the network, providing a safety net when needed. Most importantly, the claim settlement process within the Narayana Health network is designed to be hassle-free, allowing customers to focus on their health and recovery.

Recognizing that extensive networks can inflate costs, ADITI prioritizes value by focusing its coverage on Narayana Health hospitals, known for their quality care. Limited coverage outside the network is available for emergencies and specific situations. ADITI goes beyond just basic coverage. It prioritizes essential medical needs by covering treatment in general wards, eliminating the burden of expensive room selections. ADITI represents a significant step towards Narayana Health’s vision of creating a healthier and more equitable society.