Two-day International workshop on “Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing” held at Amity University Haryana

Two-day International workshop on “Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing” held at Amity University Haryana

Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing

Amity Medical School with Amity Academic Staff Collegein Collaboration with IAPEN India Association Delhi chapter organized a Two-day International workshop on “Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing” from 3rd – 4th October 2023. The event took place at Amity University Haryana and aimed to shed light on the pivotal role of nutrition in enhancing health and overall well-being.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with the invocation of divine blessings through Saraswati Vandana and the symbolic lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the enlightenment of knowledge.

Distinguished keynote speaker Prof (Dr) P.B. Sharma, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Amity University Haryana, delivered an inspiring address, emphasizing the critical role of nutrition in promoting health and wellbeing. Prof. Sharma emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a happy soul. Our diet, our attitude and our caring and compassionate behavior together shall enable us to live a healthy life in harmony with nature. Here simplicity of lifestyle, stress-free work environment and self-regulation through a disciplined life holds a great promise for good health and well-being. Prof Sharma underscored the fact that a comprehensive understanding of nutrition is fundamental in today’s world, where health and wellbeing are of paramount concerns. His words resonated with the audience as he illuminated the pathways to a healthier and more fulfilling life through proper nutrition..

Guest of Honor, Prof. (Dr.) N. R. Dash, President of IAPEN India-Delhi Chapter and an expert in G.I. Surgery at AIIMS, New Delhi, shared insights on the vital connection between nutrition and wellbeing. His address covered a wide range of topics, including contemporary nutrition trends, the historical evolution of nutrition, personalized nutrition, family and community nutrition, bridging the DBM gap, and the growing concern of overnutrition.

The first plenary session featured esteemed speakers including Ms. Shilpa Chadha Thakur, General Secretary of IAPEN India-Delhi Chapter and Senior Consultant Dietetics at Asian Hospital, Faridabad. With a wealth of experience at her disposal, she delved into the multifaceted aspects of nutrition, touching upon its role in maintaining optimal health and how dietary choices impact various facets of our lives. Ms. Thakur’s presentation was a masterclass in the science of nutrition, leaving attendees with a deeper understanding of the subject.

Ms. Anita Jatana, Vice President of the IAPEN India, Delhi Chapter, and a Consultant Dietitian at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Her presentation focused on exploring the intricacies of dietary practices and their profound effects on health. Ms. Jatana’s expertise shone through as she elucidated the importance of tailored dietary plans in addressing specific health concerns and enhancing overall wellbeing. Her insights undoubtedly left attendees with valuable takeaways on the customization of nutrition for individual needs

The following session included a presentation by Mr. Nikesh Kumar Jain from NSR NutriEdu Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., followed by Ms. Pooja Singh’s workshop on innovation in contact lenses. Additionally, Ms. Tanima Chakraborty and Mr. Aashish Bhatnagar from Essilor conducted an engaging sessions, providing valuable insights to the attending students. The event also featured Poster/Model Presentations and a Quiz contest organized by the hosts.
The second day of the plenary session commenced with a presentation by Dr.Joydeep Dutta, a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at AUH. Subsequently, Arun Kumar Agarwal, President of Sound Hearing 2030, delivered a thought-provoking talk on “Young India-Unsafe Listening,” highlighting the rising concern of hearing loss among the younger generation.

The session continued with Mr. Suneel Kumar Dixit’s, Incharge Optometry department at Ahooja Eye & Dental Institute, Gurugram, and holds the crucial role of Project Manager at Niramaya Charitable Trust, Gurugram. His presentation on “Optometry Clinical Practice by Tele,” covered topics such as telemedicine, project proposals, and case-based discussions. Mr. Subrata Roy, clinical Optometrist at Lal eye hospital discussed “Custom-made Artificial Eye – Why Every Optometrist Should Be Aware,” offering valuable insights into the field.

The day continued with a workshop on “Ayurveda Technology in Nutrition” conducted by Ms. Shreya Agarwal from P-NUT and Phoenix Solanki and their team from Cochlear Ltd., who focused on “Cochlear Implant Fitting.” The event also featured a workshop on Scleral contact lenses by Purecon, led by Mr. GaganSahani and Ms. Achint Kaur.
International perspectives were brought to the workshop through presentations by Dr. Ang YeowNyin from UKM, Malaysia, and Dr. Meshach Aiwerioghene, Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Management at Swansea University, United Kingdom.

The workshop concluded with a session by Dr.SuparnaJerath, Program Head of Nutrition at The George Institute for Global Health, India, who further emphasized the significance of nutrition in health and wellbeing.

Dr Luxita Sharma, Director, Amity Medical School and Head of the Department of Dietetics & Applied Nutrition, AUH during her address shared her personal experiences in the field of clinical nutrition and highlighted the intrinsic link between proper nutrition and good health.

Prof. Sanjna Vij, Deputy Director, Amity Academic Staff College, Amity University Haryana, during her remarks provided a comprehensive introduction to the workshop’s theme and underscored the critical need for nutrition in promoting health and wellbeing.Proper nutrition is indeed a critical factor in maintaining good health and overall well-being, and workshops like this can play a crucial role in educating and raising awareness among participants, said by Prof Sanjna Vij

The event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr Luxita Sharma, Director, Amity Medical School and Head of the Department of Dietetics & Applied Nutrition, expressing gratitude to all dignitaries, participants, and organizers for making the workshop a resounding success.

The workshop achieved remarkable success, with a diverse gathering of over two hundred and fifty participants hailing from various universities and colleges and thanks to the Amity Medical School community, including dedicated faculty members, enthusiastic students, and the invaluable contributions of prominent individuals such as Dr Vijay Kumar, who heads the Audiology and Speech Language Pathology department; Dr Gaurav Bhardwaj, leading the Optometry and Vision Sciences department; and Dr.Sayantan Chakraborty from the Department of Public Health.