A Boom In Kolkata Interiors Market – Experts Expect Growth Trajectory for 2024

A Boom In Kolkata Interiors Market – Experts Expect Growth Trajectory for 2024

With Kolkata witnessing steady economic growth, leading to an increase in disposable income among its residents, this has also led to a booming interior design market. With more spending power, people are willing to invest in improving their living spaces. The real estate market in Kolkata has been expanding, with new residential and commercial projects emerging across the city. This has created a demand for interior design services to make these spaces aesthetically appealing and functional.

Bengal’s home décor market accounts for about Rs 19,000 crore with Kolkata garnering a significant share of nearly 80 per cent which is at Rs 15,000 crore. In this current fiscal, the country has amassed nearly Rs 65,000 crore revenue.

Elaborating on the current market scenario, Mr. Namit Bajoria, Kutchina MD mentioned interior designing has now become one of the most important of the lot with people keeping extra amounts while buying properties. Just like fashion trends, there’s also trending types for interiors, “The growth factors are high because designs are emerging constantly. We started as Kitchen solutions but with the demand we have also incorporated high-end interior solutions along with new theme-based kitchen solutions. People like to go for those who can provide you with kitchen solutions as well as interiors.”

On a similar note, Mr. Indranil Dey, Managing Director, Irony Home Studio said, “The interior decoration business in Kolkata is growing rapidly and has become quite competitive in recent years. The city is witnessing a surge in demand for professional interior designers and decorators due to the increasing awareness and aspirations of people towards creating aesthetically pleasing living and working spaces. Additionally, the rise of online home decor platforms and social media has influenced people’s interest in interior design, leading to a rise in the number of potential clients.”

Several experts and interior design entrepreneurs observe that there were times when people used to design on their own. But now with limited space in apartments, people are also thinking of space-saving creative designs from an expert. Hence there are several budding interior designers.

Mr. Abhijit Saha, Owner – Decoflor said, “In terms of changes, there has been a notable shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly designs. People are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact and are seeking eco-conscious materials and practices for their interiors. As for the future, the interior decoration business in Kolkata is expected to continue growing. The industry will likely witness more collaborations between interior designers, architects, and technology experts.”

Ms Khushboo Shah, Co-Founder – The Mark Décor cited that present day customers are seeking unique and personalized interior designs that reflect their individual style and personality. “There is a growing awareness about sustainable and eco-friendly design practices. Many customers are now opting for environmentally conscious materials and energy-efficient solutions. The rise of social media platforms and online marketplaces has made it easier for interior designers to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. Additionally, the incorporation of biophilic design elements to bring nature indoors and designing multifunctional spaces are expected to be popular trends.”