Coimbatore based Glibzter launches Chrome Browser Extension for Immersive English Vocabulary Learning

Coimbatore based Glibzter launches Chrome Browser Extension for Immersive English Vocabulary Learning

COIMBATORE, 22nd FEBRUARY, 2024: Glibzter, a Coimbatore based personality development platform developing digital tools, knowledge resources and offering image consultations to help users enhance their self-image by focusing on communication, behavior and personal styling skills, has today launched Glibzter Immersive – a browser extension and web application for English vocabulary learning.

The product is targeted at India based under-graduate and post graduate students preparing for competitive entrance examinations having a verbal ability component or sitting for campus placements. Young working professionals who need effective communication skills to climb the corporate ladder would also benefit from its usage besides anyone with a desire to improve their communication skills.

“Words and phrases form the building blocks of the languages we speak. Glibzter Immersive is an innovative digital tool that aims to offer an immersive English vocabulary learning experience for our users”, said Varun C Bhagath, Founder and Chief Co-learner, Glibzter. He added, “While we start off with English vocabulary acquisition and practice, we see potential in its application for learning regional Indian languages in the future”, explaining the rationale behind developing the solution.

Glibzter Immersive (available on Chrome Web Store and accessible on Microsoft Edge browser) would serve as a digital tool that automatically identifies and curates words and phrases for its users from the content they consume online; be it from the text of online articles from select English news portals or from English subtitles of movies, web series, documentaries and short form videos streamed on OTT video platforms.

AI/ML powered English Vocabulary learning application

“We use machine learning for word and phrase identification, categorization and curation for practice, while generative AI comes into play for helping users with contextual and situational usage examples for better retention”, said Himanshu Singh Co-founder and Head – Technology, Glibzter. “Customers are the nucleus of our product strategy. There’d be more features as well as more media channels we’d be adding to this product in the future with inputs from our users.”

How the User Benefits

One of the key benefits of using Glibzter Immersive is that it enables users to quantify their word power i.e. words and phrases acquired and practiced by period.

The browser extension also facilitates an unhindered content consumption experience, obviating the need to stop a video, jot down the word or phrase, search for the meaning and usage examples and then jotting them down again. All the word and phrase curation takes place at the back end, enabling the user to save time while focusing on the content being consumed.

Users can enjoy free tiered usage of the browser extension for 5 days, after which subscriptions start at Rs. 99 per week.

Beyond Spoken English

Ruchi Bhargava, Co-Founder and Director – Value Added Services said, “Glibzter is a personality development platform. Besides helping users to improve their communication skills through vocabulary enhancement with Glibzter Immersive, our platform offers users value added services such as data driven image consulting for personal styling under the Glibzter WOW business division.”

Glibzter Immersive would be displayed at UmagineTN, showcasing new age deeptech startups organized by Information Technology and Digital Services Department, Government of Tamil Nadu at Chennai Trade Centre from 23rd – 24th February, 2024.