Geeta Chandran presented ‘SAMAGATI’, Cherished Choreographies of the NATYA VRIKSHA DANCE COLLECTIVE in the capita

Geeta Chandran presented ‘SAMAGATI’, Cherished Choreographies of the NATYA VRIKSHA DANCE COLLECTIVE in the capita

Geeta Chandran

Dancer-Choreographer Geeta Chandran presented ‘SAMAGATI’, a power-packed performance of cherished choreographies by the NATYA VRIKSHA DANCE COLLECTIVE, on Monday, December 11th, 2023 at the Chinmaya Mission Auditorium, in New Delhi.

‘SAMAGATI’ is a Sanskrit word that means “coming together,” “union,” and “progressing together.” In her choreographies for SAMAGATI, Geeta Chandran explored these themes, as well as the four Purusharth of the Sanatana: Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha.

The performance opened with a Nritya Stuti, a tribute to Shiva. In the lyrics, Shiva was seen as the culmination of the five elements of creation. The modern Dharma according to Geeta is to pay attention to the environment and prevent catastrophic climatic changes from destroying life as we know it.

Embellishing the show were stupendous performances delivered by Radhika Kathal, Madhura Bhrushundi, Shruta Gopalan, Sowmya Laxmi Narayanan, Anandita Narayanan and Yadavi Shakdher-Menon alongside Geeta.

Artha, or Hard Work and its Fruits, was essayed through the abstract dance of a Jatiswaram, where the choreography portrayed diligence, labor and creativity. The resonating image of infinity that the choreography embraced, made a lasting impact on all viewers.

The value of Kaama was interpreted by Geeta Chandran through a composition of Muthuswami Dikshithar that praises Maaye, who removes the curtain of ignorance from our eyes. Adding her choreographic element, Geeta interprets it as a plea to free ourselves of the tentacles of illusion. To emphasize on this philosophy she remarks, “SAMAGATI is an invitation to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. It is a dance of unity, a symphony of souls, and a celebration of the divine spark within each of us. I see SAMAGATI as a wake-up call, an urgent plea to heed the cries of our planet. It is a dance of harmony with nature, a reminder of our interconnectedness, and a call to action for a sustainable future.”

Moksha was interpreted as a celebration where God and humankind enter a cosmic dance to realize the ultimate truth and seek release from the bonds of Dharma, Artha and Kaama.

‘SAMAGATI’ left the audiences awestruck with mesmerizing performances and more so with the deeper meaning adhered to them.