Kurkure’s “Chatpate Se Sab Patein” challenges norms of conformity; champions the normalising of work-life balance

Kurkure’s “Chatpate Se Sab Patein” challenges norms of conformity; champions the normalising of work-life balance

New Delhi, February 19, 2024: Kurkure, India’s most loved snack brand unveils its latest positioning, ‘Chatpate Se Sab Patein’ as a stance against conformity, encouraging individuals to embrace their orginality. This positioning has been brought to life through a campaign a TVC spearheaded by its charismatic brand ambassador Sara Ali Khan. This campaign perfectly captures the essence of breaking conformity while maintaining the warmth and quirkiness that Kurkure has always been known for.


Kurkure has always been a family entertainer and a household name in the country, infusing quirky masti through compelling storytelling and innovative products. Upholding this very spirit with ‘Chatpate Se Sab Patein’, the brand aspires to inspire individuals to liberate themselves from the pressures of a set culture and wholeheartedly embrace the freeing spirit of anti-hustle. Embracing a balanced lifestyle over relentless work, this culture reflects a collective desire for well-being and fulfillment, challenging traditional notions of success with a more holistic approach.

The TVC kicks off with Sara as a bride, looking radiant on her wedding day, standing on the stage. When her boss, Sanjay, gets on the stage to congratulate her it results in a delightful exchange, he cheekily accuses Sara for not answering his phone in the morning. This elicits her witty “Sanjay” comebacks as she bites her a pellet of Kukure. Transitioning into a flashback where she is humorously cites examples of the different uncalled-for situations created by her boss and each of her family members comically contributing these instances to Sanjay with synchronized chants. Sara, in good spirits, jests about the reason her phone is always busy, the person who wishes her good morning before her mother, the person who keeps the chanting longer than her grandmother and the person who will unexpectedly be third wheeling on her honeymoon with Sanjay being at the epicentre of all these situations. The revelation of Sanjay as her boss results in a playful interaction, leaving the wedding guests in laughter. The TVC concludes with Sanjay claiming that he’s just her boss and only wants ‘kaam’ with a swift and witty reply from Sara- That’s right Sir, CalmDown! The scene effortlessly transitions to the satisfying crunch of Chatpate Kurkure, emphasizing the tagline – ‘Chatpate Se Sab Patein’.

Sharing her thoughts on the campaign, Brand Ambassador Sara Ali Khan said, “What is life without a harmonious work-life balance? Honestly, for me, it is nothing! Kurkure’s ‘Chatpate Se Sab Patein’ brilliantly takes on the cause of championing a balanced life with a twist of humour and relatability. I truly enjoyed playing a part in such a strong and often ignored narrative taken up by Kurkure. I’m sure our viewers will resonate with the feeling of having a ‘Sanjay’ in their life and my one mantra to all of them will be- Stay calm, bite into your favourite Kurkure and let the fun unfold.”

Expressing her excitement, Aastha Bhasin, Category Lead, Kurkure, at PepsiCo India, “Kurkure, India’s cherished snack brand, has woven itself into the fabric of India households through its quirky taglines and compelling narratives over the years. As a brand that strives on its close connection with its consumers, we realised the challenges that come with conformism and a fast-paced hustle culture. Backed by this very insight, we’re thrilled to introduce our fresh positioning – ‘Chatpate Se Sab Patein’. Infused with a dash of humour and cheek, this positioning encourages individuals to liberate themselves from the shackles of conformity and embrace a balanced life. Rooted in Kurkure’s creative essence, our campaign film, starring Sara, masterfully captures the heart of this narrative. She not only impeccably embodies the protagonist’s role but also infuses authenticity and relatability into the storyline, staying true to Kurkure’s distinctive and flavorful identity.”

Vikram Pandey (Spiky), National Creative Director, Leo Burnett said, “Kurkure as a brand has always encouraged its consumers to make brave choices albeit with its signature quirky humour. With this film we wanted to use this humour to land an important message against toxic conformity. One such example that our film brings to life is that of toxic bosses. Often working long hours has been seen as badge of honour, but in reality, it takes away from precious family time. Kurkure encourages everyone to break these toxic cycles as #ChatpateSeSabPatein”