News18 India unveils ‘News18 India Goonj’: One-of-a-kind debate show anchored by Rubika Liyaquat

News18 India unveils ‘News18 India Goonj’: One-of-a-kind debate show anchored by Rubika Liyaquat

New Delhi | February 20, 2024: News18 India has announced the launch of its upcoming debate show, titled ‘News18 India Goonj’. Presented by popular news anchor Rubika Liyaquat, the show is set to debut on February 21 and will air on weekdays from 5 PM to 6 PM.

‘News18 India Goonj’ is a hard-hitting political news debate show which promises to reverberate in the households of millions of news consumers every evening. Launched against the backdrop of the upcoming general elections, the show will cover the biggest political news stories with participation from prominent faces across the political spectrum. The show will inform, dissect, analyse, and debate the issue(s) in a format never seen before on Indian television.

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Each episode will commence with a concise overview of the selected news story, presented with impactful visuals and graphics. This will be followed by an exclusive segment revealing research-based, untold facts about the story, enriching viewers’ understanding on the topic. The debate segment will then take the centre stage, with short initial comments from the panel with a countdown running on screen for each participant. Adding an interactive element to the show, both TV and digital viewers will get to vote and comment in the audience poll. The results will be announced towards the end of the show, reflecting the public pulse on the debated issue. To ensure balanced and meaningful discussions, one prominent journalist/analyst on the panel will act as the show’s referee, providing insightful information and adding depth to the dialogue. The show will conclude with the poll results and Rubika Liyaqat’s take on the topic, leaving viewers with a consolidated understanding of the discussed topic.

Speaking on the upcoming show, Jyoti Kamal, Editor, News18 India and Hindi Digital said, “In the lead-up to the general elections, this show is our effort to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of key election issues and major news stories from diverse perspectives. The show is designed to empower the audience to form well-informed opinions by presenting information that enables them to draw their own conclusions, with accurate and valuable insights. This debate show will be unlike any other, and I am eager to see how the audience embraces it.”