Rapido prioritizes Passengers’ Road Safety with Seatbelts in Bengaluru Auto-rickshaws in a nationwide campaign

Rapido prioritizes Passengers’ Road Safety with Seatbelts in Bengaluru Auto-rickshaws in a nationwide campaign

Rapido prioritizes Passengers’ Road Safety with Seatbelts

Bengaluru, 22 April 2023: Adding another feather to the road safety initiative, Rapido – India’s leading auto-tech aggregator – is introducing a nationwide safety campaign, #RapidoSafetyFirst. The campaign aims to raise awareness about road safety, promoting Rapido’s daily ride safety features nationwide.

As part of its campaign, Rapido is equipping auto-rickshaws in Bengaluru with seatbelts to reduce the risk of accidents, fatalities and injuries during sudden stops or collisions. The company has also ensured rider safety by implementing a four-step background verification process for its captains. Additionally, it uses a unique information-masking feature to protect the privacy and identity of female riders. Rapido also offers live ride tracking with access to granular latitudinal and longitudinal data and 24/7 on-ground support for shared rides.

Speaking at the launch, Pavan Guntupalli, Co-founder of Rapido Auto, emphasized the importance of road safety and Rapido’s commitment to promoting awareness and minimizing accidents and fatalities. “Being a responsible service provider, we truly believe that road safety is an important concern today, so running an awareness campaign to taking strict training sessions for captains is part of our policy from day one. The #RapidoSafetyFirst campaign covers seatbelts and 360-degree solutions for customer data and safety. The Rapido app’s safety features ensure passengers feel safe, secure and well-protected throughout their ride. Since road accidents in India have startling statistics, Rapido’s initiative seeks to reduce fatalities and injuries,” said Guntupalli.

Rapido Auto has also implemented several safety measures to facilitate safe travel for riders and passengers. These include mandatory safety training for riders, regular vehicle maintenance checks, and real-time tracking of rides to monitor safety compliance. Furthermore, all Rapido Captains must complete a Learning Module System and Training Exercise learning customer-appropriate behavior, road safety training, and operational training.

Moreover, Rapido Auto has conducted safety awareness programs in collaboration with city traffic police departments across India. These initiatives involved CPR and basic life support training for their captains and a mime program to demonstrate the criticality of road safety at heavy traffic junctions in cities such as Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Vijayawada, and Madurai. Rapido will continue collaborating with the police and allied stakeholders to develop a comprehensive road safety program that transforms road safety norms.

As road safety remains a monumental challenge pan-India, initiatives such as these are the need of the hour for minimizing accidents and fatalities. The #RapidoSafetyFirst campaign intends to boost Rapido’s Safety-First approach nationwide with multiple initiatives.