Romanch Mehta OPENS UP on her sibling-like bond with Baghin co-actor Aneri Vajani

Romanch Mehta OPENS UP on her sibling-like bond with Baghin co-actor Aneri Vajani

It’s common for co-actors to be friendly both on and off screen, but it’s rare for them to develop a sibling-like bond. Actor Romanch Mehta and Aneri Vajani, who are currently seen together in the show Baghin, have formed such a special bond. Their fun-loving relationship has captured the attention of many. Romanch recently shared about their brotherly bond, expressing that Aneri has become like family to him.

He expressed, “Aneri and I share a special bond, both onscreen and offscreen. As we worked together, our bond grew stronger. We would often have lunch together and spend time between shots, which deepened our friendship. Eventually, she began addressing me as ‘bhai (brother),’ which was a heartwarming gesture. While on set, we made an effort not to interrupt each other during scenes. Sometimes, to lighten the mood, she would playfully take on the role of a director, giving me cues through the monitor, and all on the set used to burst into laughter.”

“Acha lagta hai jab kisi ke saath kaam karte hai aur kuch rishte zindagi bhar ke liye ban jaate hai (It’s fulfilling to form lasting connections while working with someone, and some relationships truly endure for a lifetime). It is difficult to express our bond in words. We have supported each other through thick and thin, both on and off the screen,” he added.

Even though Baghin is airing on Star Bharat and Atrangi App, the shooting for the show has concluded. However, Romanch and Aneri’s connection extends beyond their work on the show. Discussing this, Romanch revealed, “Aneri, Mridula (Oberio) and I meet every 3 to 4 days and stay connected through calls. I have a few close friends from the industry and now Aneri is also a part of my small world. She is a family to me now. She’s very lively and has a happy-go-lucky personality. Even if she is feeling sad, she won’t show it and always wears a smile on her face. She brings a lot of positivity to the environment. She’s a nice person, a great actor, and I truly enjoy her company.”

“Baghin” tells a thrilling story of conflict between humans and animals. Romanch Mehta stars as Shekhar, alongside co-stars Aneri Vajani, Zeeshan Khan, Ansh Bagri, Iqbal Azad, Mridula Oberoi, and Krrip Kapur Suri. The plot follows Gauri (Aneri Vajani), who loves Veer (Zeeshan Khan) but ends up marrying his brother, Deva (Ansh Bagri). Tragedy strikes, and Gauri becomes possessed by the spirit of a tigress (Baghin), seeking revenge against those responsible for her death.