Stryker helps drive global innovation with medical device testing lab expansion in India

Stryker helps drive global innovation with medical device testing lab expansion in India

Stryker, a global leader in medical technologies, today officially expanded its prototype and testing facility in India, marking significant growth of its R&D footprint in the country. This advanced 55,600- square-foot facility integrates cutting-edge infrastructure, enhanced microbiology capabilities, and a talented team to drive innovation and ensure product quality across its medical technology portfolio.


 “Investing in innovation from India is a focus area for Stryker,” said Ram Rangarajan, Vice President of Stryker Global Technology Center, India. “This new lab represents our commitment to developing medical technologies that improve patient outcomes and comply with the highest regulatory standards.”

 Stryker’s new facility is dedicated to the rigorous life cycle testing of medical devices. The new lab boasts several key features:

  •   Prototyping and product assurance hub: Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for plastic 3D printing, metal machining, and a diverse range of testing capabilities, the lab supports prototyping and product assurance across Stryker’s entire product portfolio.
  • Expanded microbiology competency: The lab strengthens Stryker’s ability to conduct comprehensive microbiological testing, ensuring the safety and efficacy of its medical technologies.
  • Talented team of engineers and microbiologists:  Highly skilled engineers and microbiologists will use the advanced equipment and expertise to develop innovative solutions that positively impact patients around the world.

 Ram Rangarajan further said, “This lab expansion further strengthens our Stryker Global Technology Center and marks a significant milestone in our commitment towards fostering innovation from India. By leveraging the talent and expertise in the country, Stryker aims to develop medical technologies that benefit patients worldwide.”