Syndicate, Not Delicate! March to the bold beats of the new age woman!

Syndicate, Not Delicate! March to the bold beats of the new age woman!

Hold your glasses high as Independence Brewing Company raises a toast to the fearless and crafty modern woman, who loves embracing their crafty side, this 8th of March, 2024!

At Independence Brewing Company, we admire and cherish the essence of craftiness you bring to every moment. Your discerning taste deserves a special toast, and what better way to celebrate than with a complimentary first round of drinks! It’s our way of saying thank you for being the extraordinary women you are.

Loaded Nachos2

Embrace the flavors of womanhood as we present you with our most cherished brew of the season by our female patrons —Syndicate Saison! Our 4 Grain Saison Ale, aka Syndicate Saison is the choice of the fearless woman who flamboyantly embraces her individuality with pride. The brew with its distinctive character and lively notes, is the perfect companion for those who live life with flair.

To elevate the experience of the evening, we present you a gastronomic delight to elevate your crafty experience with some extraordinary culinary pairing. We’ve meticulously crafted and paired dishes like Trio of Hummus Salad, IBC Loaded Nachos, White Chocolate Tortino and much more that perfectly harmonize with the bold and unapologetically unique spirit of Syndicate Saison.

Groove to some soul-stirring beats of mix live Indie Rock & Commercial Pop performances across our Craft Bar & Brasseries (Kalyani Nagar, Balewadi) From indie anthems to chart-topping hits, our live music extravaganza promises to be a sensory delight, complementing the crafty celebration.

Join us in celebrating the crafty ways of the new age woman at Independence Brewing Company. Cherish womanhood with crafty cheers, laughter, and the joy of shared experiences.