UPSC NDA 2023: PW’s NDA Batch Creates History with Rank 1 by Anurag Sangwan from First Batch

UPSC NDA 2023: PW’s NDA Batch Creates History with Rank 1 by Anurag Sangwan from First Batch


Mumbai, 21 April 2023: PhysicsWallah, India’s leading ed-tech platform, has achieved outstanding success in the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (II), 2022. PW’s student Anurag Sangwan who has been studying at PW since 9th standard has achieved the top rank, followed by six other students who scored under rank 100. Moreover, a remarkable 57 students from PW’s Shaurya and Shakti batches secured positions under rank 300.

Out of 19 reserved seats for females in the NDA, PW students have earned 6 seats successfully, that includes Vanshika Choudhary (Rank 47), Rituja Yadav (Rank 53), Payal Singh (Rank 271), Jyotsna Yadav (Rank 391), Poonam Dhaka (Rank 436), and Anju Lakshmi (Rank 208). Among the top scorers from PW include Anurag Sangwan (Rank 1), Sarthak Kaushik (Rank 6), Ankit Abhinav (Rank 7), Aman Singh (Rank 78), Aryan Sharma (Rank 83), Sahil Jha (Rank 96), Ashwani Kumar (100) and many others.

Out of the 538 candidates who qualified for the exam, PW’s students have shown exceptional performance, which reflects their hard work and dedication. The final list of results was based on the written test conducted on September 4, 2022, and subsequent interviews conducted by the Services Selection Board of the Ministry of Defence.

PW’s approach to education has been to provide accessible and cost-effective education that meets the highest standards, and the students from the Shaurya and Shakti batches, who were preparing for NDA, have benefited significantly from this approach. The faculty members at PW have been readily available to answer questions through the doubt engine, with lecture and test planners and daily practice tests with video solutions, providing comprehensive support to the students.

During an interview with Alakh sir, Anurag Sangwan, the 17-year-old topper from Chandeni Village, Haryana, shared his thoughts and experiences. He mentioned that his family has always had a strong inclination towards government jobs, and his father is the sole breadwinner for his joint family. Anurag credits PW’s study material and test series for his success, advising all aspirants to study with dedication and commitment.

Alakh Pandey, CEO & Founder of PW: At PW, we are delighted at achieving such remarkable results and are proud of the hard work and success of PW’s students who have secured a good rank. The success of the DefenceWallah team is a testament to the dedication of PW’s students and educators. PW’s approach to education has always been to make it accessible and effective, and the results reflect its success. We look forward to delivering outstanding learning outcomes and continue to innovate our content delivery for enhanced understanding of our students across all the test prep categories.