DSP Mutual Fund launches first-of-its-kind DSP Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index Fund

New Delhi,6th December 2023 Companies in the small cap space have the potential to deliver a larger return on investment than large cap companies. However, they also have the potential to fall more than large caps from their peaks. Small caps are also less liquid when compared with large and mid-caps, less studied by experts. The number of stocks in the small cap space is also markedly higher compared to large and mid-caps and they are also held by a smaller number of institutions. Hence, investors who look to invest in small cap companies need to exercise higher diligence in choosing the companies that are fundamentally sound for a better return on their investment.

To address this, DSP Mutual Fund announced the launch of the first-ever ‘Quality-Focused’ Smallcap Fund DSP Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index Fund (DSP NSQ50IF), an open-ended scheme tracking Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index. Out of the 250 stocks in the Nifty Smallcap250 universe, the index applies exclusion criteria and stock selection criteria to filter out companies which do not make the cut and choose 50 stocks that fit the criteria. The quality filters include Return on Equity, Debt to Equity and Earnings Per Share. Hence, the Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index (Quality Index) has companies that have higher ROE and lower leverage compared to the Nifty Smallcap250 (broader Index).

The Quality Index has outperformed its parent broader Index since its inception. In 12 out of 19 calendar years – the Quality Index performed better than the broader Index. In fact, on a 10-year basis, the Quality Index has always outperformed the broader index as well as active Smallcap funds.

Investors are recommended to buy DSP NSQ50IF via the SIP route. 10-Year SIP returns have shown that long-term SIP in the Quality Index has given similar returns irrespective of the market being at peak or lows, and considerably better returns compared to the broader Index. In fact, during periods like 10th December 2007 to 10th November 2010, 10th November 2010 to 19th May 2014 and 15th January 2018 to 16th March 2021, when a lumpsum in the broader index gave 0% returns, SIP returns in the broader Index were anything between 18 to 41% and that in the Quality Index would have been between 20 to 52% in the same time periods.

The Quality Index has also outperformed in rallies and during falls compared to the broader Index. Data also shows that the probability of better returns increases, and negative returns decreases with longer tenure for the Quality Index compared to Broader Index.

The New Fund Offer for DSP NSQ50IF will open for subscription on December 5th, 2023, and will close on December 15th, 2023.

“Smallcaps have the potential for outsize returns when held for the long term. However, the space is inherently vast, relatively less studied and poses a challenge to investors to find quality companies among small caps. Our passive offering aims to reduce the risk of capital loss by choosing ‘Quality’ companies with better fundamentals with an aim to keep wealth destroyers away to a great extent. We recommend investors to invest in DSP NSQ50IF for the long term via the SIP route for a better experience across market cycles,” says Anil Ghelani, CFA, Head – Passive Investments & Products, DSP Mutual Fund.

Union Bank of India Collaborates with Accenture to Accelerate Data-Driven Transformation

Hyderabad/Mumbai: 6th December 2023 – Union Bank of India, a leading public sector bank in India is collaborating with Accenture (NYSE: ACN) to design and develop a scalable and secure enterprise data lake platform with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. This program will boost the bank’s operational efficiency and enhance its ability to offer customer-centric banking services and manage risk.

Using predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, this platform will leverage structured and unstructured data from within the bank as well as from external sources to generate business-relevant insights.

The program will enable the bank to develop robust data visualization and reporting capabilities including interactive dashboards and reports for business, operational and regulatory purposes. Employees will have access to business intelligence that can enhance customer service and operational agility across the bank’s branches, contact centers and digital channels. As a result, the bank will be able to make informed decisions and identify new data-led opportunities for value creation. These will have an impact across its business portfolio including corporate, retail, and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) banking, and as well as across functions like risk management, treasury, customer service and operations, among others.

A. Manimekhalai, Managing Director & CEO, Union Bank of India said, “Leveraging advanced analytics and AI, we see potential to unlock tremendous value from data – to form meaningful customer relationships, enhance employee productivity and achieve profitable growth. This collaboration with Accenture is a key step towards our goal to evolve into a data driven and digitally forward bank that supports the next generation of banking services.”

Accenture will work with Union Bank of India to build new AI and machine learning models that can help generate actionable insights for improved business forecasting, facilitate personalized offers for customers and enable intelligence for fraud detection, prevention, and mitigation.

Sandeep Dutta, Senior Managing Director and Lead – India Business, Accenture said, “The democratization of data-driven insights enabled by AI, generative AI and analytics is crucial to fostering a culture of customer-centricity, agility, and innovation. We look forward to working alongside Union Bank of India to shape their growth journey.”

Scaler School of Technology Launches “Indian Silicon Valley Challenge” to Uncover India’s Top Teen Techies

Mumbai, 6th December 2023: Scaler School of Technology, a fully residential undergraduate program in Computer Science by Scaler, today announced the launch of the “Indian Silicon Valley Challenge”, a nationwide competition designed to identify and nurture India’s brightest young minds. The challenge is open to students in Grades XI and XII who are passionate about technology and problem-solving. The competition will be hosted by the founders of Scaler alongside industry CXOs from the startup space who will also serve as the jury.

The challenge is centred on recognising students with the ability to adeptly leverage technology to tackle real-world issues in areas like education, healthcare, agriculture, environment, and community development. Participants will be judged on their problem-solving skills, creativity, and the potential impact of their proposed solutions.

This opportunity offers students a chance to connect with the minds behind some of India’s successful tech companies and gain insights from their experiences. By presenting their ideas directly to industry leaders, participants have the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions and potentially access resources and support that can assist them in bringing their ideas to fruition


“We believe that India has a wealth of untapped talent in the field of technology,” said Bhavik Rathod, Head of Scaler School of Technology. “The Indian Silicon Valley Challenge is our gateway towards empowering young innovators and providing them with a platform to showcase their ideas and solutions to the world. We are looking for students who are not only passionate about tech but also have a deep understanding of the social and environmental challenges facing India. We want to find students who can use technology to create a positive impact on the lives of others,” said Rathod.

The winner of the Indian Silicon Valley Challenge will be awarded a trip to Silicon Valley, California. During the visit, they will have the opportunity to explore the campuses of Apple and Google, gaining insights from some of the world’s most accomplished tech entrepreneurs and innovators. The school represented by the winner will also be recognised as a leading institution in the field of innovation and technology. Moreover, the top three winning schools will be presented with trophies and receive personalised letters signed by prominent entrepreneurs as a gesture of acknowledgement.

In addition to this, all participants will receive access to a CS & Machine Learning Essentials course for beginners, delivered by ex-Google instructors from Scaler, along with a range of other awards and recognition opportunities.

Yara India brings digital-first agricultural solutions, at the tip of your fingers

Yara India brings

India 6th December 2023  Yara India, a subsidiary of the Norwegian multinational Yara International and a global leader in crop nutrition, proudly introduces the upgraded FarmCare app on World Soil Day. The app redefines the landscape of digital solutions tailored to farmers’ needs. Launched initially in 2021, the revamped app stands as a testament to Yara’s commitment to providing real-time agricultural solutions and empowering farmers through technological innovation.

The enhanced FarmCare app features a user-friendly interface and introduces groundbreaking tools such as “map-my-farm,” real-time weather updates, a fertilizer calculator, and a digital leaf colour chart for accurate nitrogen assessment in crops. A noteworthy addition is an integrated marketplace offering Yara product details, store locations, personalized crop insights, and knowledge advisories.

With over 4.5 million downloads and 2.2 million registrations, the FarmCare app has become an indispensable resource for 1.3 million active farmers across key states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Haryana, and Maharashtra. Providing insights for a diverse range of crops, including wheat, paddy, sugarcane, maize, beans, onions, and cotton, the app empowers farmers to optimize their agricultural practices.

Mr. Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director, Yara South Asia, said, “In the dynamic landscape of India’s agri-tech revolution, the revamped FarmCare app exemplifies Yara’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge agricultural solutions. Empowering farmers with a user-friendly interface, the app facilitates insightful weather pattern comprehension, digital soil analysis booking and resource optimization. Yara is dedicated to Indian agriculture beyond technology and continues to actively contribute to the enrichment of soil health and working towards growing a nature-positive food future. It is important to note that depletion of secondary and micronutrients in the soil is fast becoming a limiting factor in improving yields as well as nutritive value of the crops. This can be addressed by easier registration of new generation micronutrients at state as well as national level.”

Highlighting the pivotal role of soil health in Yara’s mission, it operates a state-of-the-art soil analysis lab in Babrala, UP. The cutting-edge facility conducts assessments covering chemical, physical, and biological aspects of soil, providing farmers with invaluable insights to manage soil effectively, optimize food production, and enhance the environmental benefits of soil. In line with Yara’s dedication to fostering a resilient and sustainable agricultural ecosystem in India, the soil analysis lab is a key component of its comprehensive approach.

Yara is committed to Indian agriculture beyond technology, encompassing community development, environmental sustainability, and strategic initiatives that uplift local farming communities. This strategic approach reinforces Yara’s enduring dedication to building a more resilient and sustainable agricultural landscape in India.

Aretto Wins PETA India 2023 Vegan Fashion Award for Best Vegan Kids’ Shoes

The kid’s footwear brand widely known for its expanding shoes has been recognised by PETA for its vegan and sustainable range.

Aretto has recently been recognised by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as their winner for 2023 Vegan Fashion Award for Best Vegan Kids Shoes.

The annual Vegan Fashion Awards celebrate innovative products, style icons, designers, and events that have made important contributions to animal-friendly, sustainable fashion.

Commenting on the achievement, Krutika Lal, co-founder and CMO from Aretto, said, “We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award from PETA India, affirming our belief that small changes create significant impacts. At Aretto, sustainability isn’t an addition but woven into our designs, proving that style and comfort need not be compromised. We are grateful to our customers, partners, and team for their support and trust in our brand. We proudly champion cruelty-free, vegan fashion and eagerly anticipate continued enhancements in our journey ahead.”

Aretto has made a name for itself in the industry with its innovative designs and impressive achievements, such as securing the patent for its sole technology and winning the Global Footwear Award in the Kids and Overall Category 2023. The company recently launched its flagship store in Pune, which features a captivating 40-foot facade and a thoughtfully designed interior that attracts both parents and children alike.

Aretto has also expanded its presence in key digital marketplaces, such as Myntra and Amazon, and cemented its position as a leader in the segment. The brand’s exceptional products have garnered enthusiastic reviews and recognition in form of the Bestseller and Amazon Choice tags in the fiercely competitive kids’ shoe category.

Aretto’s vision to create a positive impact on the world is being well supplemented by being recognised for being vegan and eco-friendly while retaining their stylish, and comfortable aesthetic. The brand aims to inspire the next generation of conscious consumers to make thought led functional designs the new norm.

IppoPay to Empower Small Businesses with Visa powered Credit Cards to Expand Financial Inclusion

[Chennai, 06th December 2023] — IppoPay, a pioneering Payment Infrastructure provider to small businesses, proudly announces its partnership with Visa, the global leader in digital payments, to issue small business credit cards. This is set to revolutionise the financial landscape, uplift small business owners, and catalyse financial inclusion across Tier 2 and 3 cities and rural areas.

“This alliance with Visa marks a significant milestone in our journey. With IppoPay’s network of over 5,00,000 merchants, this partnership will usher in a new era of financial possibilities. The small business segment which represents a base of over 100 Million in India is deeply underserved by conventional card providers leaving an opportunity of over $330 Bn completely unaddressed. This segment is core to what IppoPay stands for and given the size of the opportunity and our inherent moat in this space, we believe we are best positioned to address their credit demands” said Mohan K, CEO and Founder of IppoPay.

Visa has had a longstanding commitment to empowering small businesses and has recently surpassed its own mission of empowering 50 million small businesses globally, touching the lives of nearly 67 million micro and small businesses.

Sujai Raina, VP and Head – Business Development, Visa India said, “We are delighted to partner with IppoPay, equipping their small business clientele with the benefits of Visa credit cards. These offerings will empower small merchants with access to working capital and affordable payment solutions, bolstering financial freedom and planning. We believe this will also promote deeper financial inclusion of a segment that is crucial to catalyse economic growth.”

In the coming months and with this groundbreaking partnership, IppoPay will continue to work tirelessly to expand its reach, enhance its services, and make financial inclusion a reality for all. They aim to make a lasting impact in the world of fintech, creating opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries.

Paytm enables mobile payments for Gram Panchayat across India, deploys over 10,000 Soundbox, Card Machines & QRs

One97 Communications Limited (OCL) that owns the brand Paytm, India’s leading payments and financial services company and the pioneer of QR code, soundbox and mobile payments, has deployed nearly 10,000 payment devices such as Soundbox, QR codes and Card Machines for the Gram Panchayats of several states in India. This significant undertaking will revolutionise Gram Panchayats by enabling mobile payments.

The company has already received a mandate to implement QR/Card Machines and Soundbox for 7000+ Gram Panchayats in Andhra Pradesh, in collaboration with major banks such as HDFC Bank, SBI, IDFC First Bank, and many regional banks. A direct mandate has also been received from Uttar Pradesh and Goa’s state department for the deployment of Card Machines and Soundbox.

Additionally, Paytm has already digitalised more than 1200 Gram Panchayats through its QR code and Soundbox solutions in Gujarat, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Maharashtra, and Assam. The company has widened its reach in many states with the help of multiple partnerships with State Government Department or Gram Panchayats or with banks and has been able to place its offline solutions like Card Machine, QR or a Soundbox.

Abhay Sharma, Chief Business Officer, Payments, Paytm said, “We are committed to drive access to mobile payments to every part of India. With the deployment of our iconic payment devices like Soundbox, Card Machine and QR, we are redefining the digital landscape of Gram Panchayats and rural India. This will simplify fee collection processes for services like property tax, water bills, and electricity bills and more.”

Young Indian writers celebrate their success with Pocket FM

Mumbai,6th December 2023  Audio series platform Pocket FM recently organised a writers’ meet-up with three talented and emerging writers from the platform – Moni Singh, Jhanvi Soni and Kavya Sharma. The writers, in a candid conversation, shared their transformative journey stories, which started from them being mere listeners or readers with writing aspirations to becoming established with an identity of their own.

Pocket FM, for them, is not just a platform to showcase their writing talent, it has evolved as a stepping stone towards achieving financial independence, attaining a strong fan following with millions of listeners and readers, and, most importantly, a sense of validation, pride and respect.

Moni Singh shared, “My journey has been full of growth and pride. I am the first writer in my family, which is a very proud achievement for me. With my creation now reaching millions across the world, it has given me recognition and elevated my social life. My friends and families now share my success frequently by sharing my stories in their network, which sometimes make me feel like a celebrity.”

An elated Jhanvi Soni said while sharing an emotional anecdote, “Recently, my mother was searching for my name on the internet to show off to a relative, and it was a moment of pride and achievement for her when my name appeared as a writer. It was a moment where I felt that I had made my parents proud of my professional achievement. I am indebted to Pocket FM for not only providing financial independence but also instilling a sense of pride that brought joy to my family.”

An overwhelmed Kavya Sharma said, “Like many, the pandemic did not spare me as well. I was bedridden for 6 months, but Pocket FM turned out to be the hope in the darkness. It kept me motivated to continue as a writer and empowered me financially. Today I am grateful to Pocket FM for having given me not only an identity of my own but also bringing financial stability in my life.”

Moni, Jhanvi, and Kavya are living proof that with dedication and the right platform, budding writers can transform their dreams into reality. Their success stories are bound to inspire every aspiring writer in the country who is looking to create an identity and niche of their own as a writer.

Pocket FM has set the stage and continues its mission to discover and nurture talent from the deepest corners of the country to help writers transform their dreams into reality. The platform is an open stage and writers can join by clicking here or by visiting https://writer.pocketnovel.com.

FLAME University Hosts a Distinguished Public Lecture by Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal on ‘Process Reforms: Big Impact from Small Changes’


India, Pune: FLAME University hosted a distinguished public lecture by Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal, Member of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM), on the topic ‘Process Reforms: Big Impact from Small Changes’.

Discussions on economic reforms often emphasise large-scale structural changes, such as those initiated during India’s economic liberalisation in 1991. However, there’s a less acknowledged category called ‘process reforms,’ which are microeconomic, sector-specific improvements aiming to simplify and enhance operational efficiency. Unlike structural reforms, process reforms don’t overhaul the overall economic framework but focus on making existing systems work better. The public lecture addressed the oversight of process reforms in economic literature and highlighted their potential for significant positive impact, showcasing how small, targeted changes can lead to notable improvements in economic performance.

Speaking at the event was Prof. Dishan Kamdar, Vice-Chancellor, of FLAME University, who said, “At FLAME University, our unwavering commitment is to cultivate an ecosystem of creating and sharing knowledge through the exchange of thoughts and ideas by inviting distinguished subject experts and dynamic leaders from all walks of life through specially curated events. It is our privilege to welcome Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal to FLAME University as the esteemed speaker for the lecture on ‘Process Reforms: Big Impact from Small Changes’. Mr. Sanyal, recognized for his expertise in urban dynamics and honoured with the Eisenhower Fellowship in 2007, brings over two decades of experience in financial markets, earning the title of Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos. His talk focuses on process reforms, aiming to simplify and streamline operational processes, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of specific activities within an individual sector or issue.”

Speaking about the topic, Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal said, “In India, the initiation of structural reforms dates back to the liberalisation efforts of 1991. Conversely, a less acknowledged realm of reforms exists known as ‘process reforms’. These reforms are nuts-and-bolts reforms, often microeconomic in nature, with a specific focus on an individual sector or issue. This category constitutes the focus of my public lecture here.”

Mr. Sanyal was the Principal Economic Adviser to the Finance Minister for five years until February 2022 and the Co-Chair of the G20’s Framework Working Group. Before joining the government, he spent over two decades in financial markets and was the Global Strategist and Managing Director at Deutsche Bank. An alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi, Mr. Sanyal later attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship in 2007 for his work on urban dynamics. In 2010, he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos. He is the author of several best-selling books, including Land of the Seven Rivers, The Ocean of Churn, India in the Age of Ideas, and the Indian Renaissance. He has also published over two hundred articles and columns in leading national and international publications.

Also sharing his thoughts was Prof. Yugank Goyal, Faculty of Public Policy, FLAME University, who said, “It is important for public policy researchers to begin paying attention to ‘process reforms’ which Mr. Sanyal highlights. Even with small interventions, significant gains can be made for ‘ease of living’ for many people. The researcher needs to be precise in identifying and excavating the policy bottlenecks and resolving them.”

Posspole Hosts the Global Shift Expedition Program in Bangalore

Bangalore, India -6th December 2023 Posspole, a dynamic 360-degree ecosystem for Hi-Tech products, market access and manufacturing, facilitated a momentous event in Bangalore in partnership with Spicy Rocket on November 30th and December 1st. Over 15 Moscow-based entrepreneurs attended the event, providing a special forum for partnership with Indian business owners and industry experts along with delegates from The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, the leading private business school in Russia and the CIS.

The primary focus of the event was to provide access to the Indian markets to spark creative partnerships between entrepreneurs from both nations and to build access to the growing Indian markets. By leveraging boundless opportunities to grow business as well as manufacturing capabilities, and preparing for evolving market demands to drive innovation, the event aims to bring sharp focus on business partnerships with foreign entrepreneurs to localize, manufacture, and expand their businesses in the Indian sector by utilizing the country’s growing business potential

Posspole is focused on creating an ecosystem for International manufacturing and technology enterprises and their Indian counterparts, promoting international cooperation. The diverse community fosters collaborations, accelerate product development, and establishes itself as a leader in global technological advancements, solutions, and economic growth. Few of the companies that presented their ideas are Helix, Geltek, and EVA Productions.

Kiran Rudrappa, CEO & Co-Founder emphasized, “Posspole is committed to build neutral ecosystem for entrepreneurs from across globe to collaborate and innovate together to build products and solutions from India addressing real life challenges”

Nikolay Verkhovsky, Academic Director of Skolkovo Global Shift and Digital Shift educational Programs for entrepreneurs, states, “Posspole’s vision resonates with the global shifts in digital transformation. Together, we can build bridges that transcend geographical boundaries and redefine industry landscapes.”

Daria Goryakina, Founder and CEO of HELIX Group, remarked, “The synergy between HELIX and Posspole reflects a shared vision of innovation and transformative solutions. We look forward to leveraging this collaboration for mutual growth and impact.”