United Way Bengaluru Launches ‘Mangroves Matter’: A Campaign to Restore Mangrove Ecosystems Started revitalizing mangrove ecosystems at Pulicat near Chennai

Bengaluru, May 27, 2024: Recent reports indicate a staggering loss of about 35% of mangroves between 1996 and 2010 highlighting a concerning trend in environmental degradation. Mangrove ecosystems play a significant role in stabilizing coastlines, making their preservation crucial for the environment and inhabitants. Mangroves are a natural solution to climate change, the paramount global threat. They can sequester carbon at a rate five times greater than tropical forests.

Mangroves at Pulicat 2

Responding to this urgent need, United Way Bengaluru (UWBe) has launched an ambitious and impactful campaign, ‘ Mangroves Matter’, to revitalize mangrove ecosystems. The first foot is at Pulicat or Pazhaverkadu, a coastal town near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Known as the ‘jungle of roots‘ in Tamil, Pulicat encompasses a vast expanse of 720 sq. km, constituting India’s second-largest brackish water body. Rampant destruction of mangrove vegetation by human activities and natural causes has led to a massive reduction in the lake’s depth from 3.8m to 2m. This ecological decline has endangered biodiversity and threatened the livelihoods of local fisherfolk dependent on the mangrove ecosystem.

The ‘Mangroves Matter’ campaign was officially launched on World Wetlands Day, 2024, with a bold vision to rewild approximately 10 lakh mangroves across 100 acres in the Pulicat region alone. In addition to their environmental advantages, the campaign will closely work with the Irula community, opening up livelihood opportunities for them and boosting the local economy by supporting the cultivation of shrimp and fish species. The project also includes removal of acres of Prosopis ( Karuvelam ), an invasive species which has destroyed the local flora and soil ecosystems.

Sriram Ananthanarayanan, Director-Projects, UWBe, said, “I am glad that many of our Corporate CSR partners have come forward to support this campaign with a shared vision towards environmental commitment. Notably, our CSR partner, Mphasis, has pledged their support to this cause, dedicating the rewilding of mangroves on 70 acres in Pulicat. “

Looking ahead, United Way Bengaluru envisions extending the campaign’s reach to other regions, including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. Upholding its mission of “mobilizing the caring power of communities,” the organization calls upon organizations from different industries to join hands in supporting this vital mission for the preservation of the planet’s precious ecosystems.

Rajesh Krishnan, CEO, UWBe, said, “COP28 made significant progress towards securing the Mangrove Breakthrough’s goal of 15 million hectares of mangroves underpinned by USD 4 billion new investments by 2030. I am super excited that United Way Bengaluru is among the very few organisations who have taken this initiative. ‘Mangroves Matter’ is aligned with the aspiration of COP28, which calls out the responsibility of the State, corporations, local people, community, NGOs and other stakeholders to deliver the Breakthrough.”

Women Role Models in STEM Shine at myAvtar Career Conference, 2024

STEM Shine at myAvtar Career Conference, 2024

Bengaluru, May, 2024: Avtar Group, India’s leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Solutions firm, hosted the myAvtar Career Conference (MACC) at Karnataka Trade Promotion Organization (KTPO), Bengaluru today.

myAvtar Career Conference (MACC), the career extravaganza brought together inclusive companies and a vast pool of women talent from the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) under one roof. Participating Companies included, Aditya Birla Group, Publicis Sapient, Broadridge Financial Solutions India Limited, Moody’s, Renault Nisan Tech, IBM India, Google Cloud, HDFC ERGO, ACT, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Gallagher, Happiest Minds Technologies Limited, Stryker, Verisk, AKJ Somaiya Institute Of Management, among many others.

Tailored for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), MACC offered a unique platform to connect, collaborate, and converse with like-minded professionals, industry-leading companies, and renowned experts in the industry. The conclave was an ecosystem designed to foster learning, sharing, and networking for women in the STEM field; an opportunity to explore new horizons in the STEM field, to grow personally and professionally, and to unlock a world of possibilities. The conference witnessed a large gathering of students, educators, professionals, and industry leaders who shared their knowledge, experiences, and insights.

Avtar Group also announced the winners of their inaugural “Women in STEM” Awards. This Awards recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of women who are making significant strides in the STEM fields. In STEM Icons 15 plus years of work experience category, Vaijayanthi Srinivasa Raghavan Senior Director, UPS India Technology Centre, Priya Kanduri, CTO, SVP – Cyber Security Services, HappiestMinds Technologies Limited, Deepti Singh, Deputy General Manager- Head of Department System Installation, Renault Nissan Tech have received top 3 awards. In STEM Divas 8-15 years of work experience category, Subbulakshmi Ramkumar, Deputy Manager, RNTBCI, Yogita Bhanwaria, Senior Manager, Biocon Biologics Limited, MuthuSusithra Devarajan, Team Manager, Broadridge Financial Solutions have received top 3 awards. In STEM Stars 2-8 years of work experience category, Nishtha Mahendru, Consultant, Applied Innovation Exchange, Capgemini, Nidhi Raut, Sr. Engineer, Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India (RNTBCI), Indujaa Thangavel, Broadridge Financial Solutions have received top 3 awards.

“One of the key sectors that has the potential to boost women’s workforce participation, is the STEM industry. While 43%of STEM graduates are women, they make up only 28% of the STEM workforce. Moreover, women drop out of the workplace due to childbirth, childcare and elder care. Consequently, only 3 percent of women hold CEO posts in the STEM Industry. While research has established that improving women’s workforce participation can boost India’s GDP by 27%, more women in STEM would set the stage for inclusive innovation and solution designs that are equitable for all. Women have historically been underrepresented in STEM, yet they bring invaluable perspectives and ideas to these fields. MACC awards recognizes the exceptional talent, the brilliance, and diverse perspectives of women in STEM,” said Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Founder – President, Avtar Group announcing the awards at the myAvtar Career Conference today in Bengaluru.

“Through MACC, we are acknowledging the remarkable work being done by women in STEM and also addressing the systemic barriers they face. Our goal is to create an environment where every individual, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to thrive and drive progress,” added Dr Saundarya.

At the conference, three organizations with the “Best Programs for enabling women in STEM”Biocon Biologics Pvt Ltd, Kyndryl and Molecular Connections Pvt Ltd were also recognized.

In addition to the awards, the myAvtar Career Conferences hosted a series of panel discussions, skilling tracks conducted by IBM, Google Cloud, Johnson & Johnson and Publicis Sapient exclusively for women. The event also provided a platform for knowledge exchange, mentorship, collaboration, further strengthening the presence and influence of women in the STEM field.

The conference hosted in the hybrid mode –saw an attendance of over 3000 women at the on-ground event, while there were over 2000 attendees virtually. Companies opened up jobs from entry-level to senior-level positions across India – Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Madurai and Coimbatore.

India’s top 5 Bathroom fitting brands to look out for 2024

When it comes to selecting top-quality bathroom fixtures in India, several renowned brands stand out for their reliability and innovation. Here are 5 top-notch brands renowned for their excellence in bathroom fittings. These brands offer a diverse range of bathroom fittings and accessories, ensuring both functionality and style. With a reputation for durability, aesthetic appeal, and advanced technology, they cater to the diverse needs of customers and construction companies alike. Whether it’s sleek faucets, luxurious shower systems, or practical accessories, these brands consistently deliver excellence in design and performance, making them trusted choices in the Indian real estate market.

Acquaviva India Pvt Ltd
Established in 1958
Acquaviva has diversified into various verticals like sanitary ware, wellness products, and faucets. It has been at the forefront of developing European technologies to adapt to the Indian Plumbing system in the past 5 decades. As a one-window solution, Acquaviva offers high-quality products, design consultancy and post-customer care. Functional and practical design for the Indian market is what makes Acquaviva a leader in this segment. Acquaviva’s products provide a great experience with their high quality and high performance. Our in- house award-winning design team is integrated in its approach and helps to produce world- class bath solutions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units are backed by a world-class testing lab.

 Cera sanitaryware
Established in 1998
The company manufactures urinals, flushing cisterns, baths, bidets, pans, wash basins, wash basin pedestals and ceramic sinks, among other bathroom accessories. CERA bathroom fixtures and accessories combine modern elegance with functional design. The product lines that the company sells are Crayon, Victor, Gayle, Perla, and Valentina.

Industry: Sanitaryware and bathroom fixtures
Private company; Established in 1960
Jaguar manufactures sanitary products, free-standing bathtubs, and showers with skill. The company is primarily owned by Joeforlife, a South Korean manufacturer of high-end showers. Its Essco line of bathroom fixtures is thought to be the greatest in its class. Jaquar is unique in the sauna, steam room, and spa fixture market because it has worked hard to establish its dominance.

 Roca India
Established in 1917
Roca is one of the most well-known manufacturers of bathroom fixtures and ceramic sanitaryware. The company was founded in 1917, and Gava, Barcelona, serves as its principal office. Over 170 countries are currently served by Roca’s commercial network, which is supported by its 77 production facilities. In addition, Roca has acquired several well-known businesses, such as Laufen and Sanit.

Established in 1873
Architects, designers, and builders from all over the world—not just in India—pick this brand first. Kohler faucets are among the most used bathroom fixtures and sanitary products. Kohler bathroom fixtures have maintained international standards of comfort and design when it comes to faucets and other plumbing solutions; they also have an excellent selection of kitchen fittings.

 In addition to satisfying a variety of consumer tastes for contemporary and aesthetically beautiful bathrooms, they have sparked innovation in water-saving and environmentally beneficial technologies. These companies have improved consumer options, facilitated employment possibilities, and supported sustainability. Additionally, as showrooms and retail establishments have grown in popularity and resulted in higher property prices and rental rates in commercial areas, their rise has bolstered the commercial real estate industry.