Rx for Resilience,” a book written by Dr. Saroj Dubey

The city’s book lovers gathered to launch “Rx for Resilience,” a book written by Dr. Saroj Dubey, a Gastroenterologist, tedx speaker and author who shares his experiences about a very challenging phase when a patient didn’t make it after a medical procedure. Nandita Kadesia, who was in conversation with the doctor, covered topics such as mindfulness, emotions, and vulnerability, as well as tapping into everyday awe and wonder and flowing smoothly with life, rather than resisting it. In the book, Dr. Dubey discusses how we can merge our incessant doing with being so that it becomes the dance of Doing and Being and creating more space in our hectic lives. In the 13 chapters of his debut book, the author, encapsulates his journey of embracing the darkest moments of his life and offers a road map on how to live a life full of happiness. through one’s self-discovery.

The challenging experience had left the author pondering deeply about life and its vicissitudes and to seek end of suffering. Searching for answers he embarked on a long journey, seeking guidance from various teachers, books, and retreats and his own experience of staying open to each moment. The book recounts the lessons the author learned and imbibed along the way, highlighting the extraordinary power of embracing life’s darkest moments as catalysts for profound growth. Dr. Dubey narrates how by being open to the present moment and embracing our emotions rather than suppressing or rejecting them, we can transmute these dense feelings into stillness and unshakeable peace.

As an author, Dr. Dubey’s book “Rx for Resilience” serves as a profound exploration of mindfulness, presence, and emotional alchemy. Drawing from his personal experiences and insights gained through years of introspection, he illuminates the path to resilience by advocating for openness to all experiences, acceptance of emotions, and deep engagement with each moment.

In his motivational speeches and classes, Dr. Dubey empowers individuals to break free from the confines of their minds and embrace the present moment with an open heart. Through practical guidance and heartfelt encouragement, he helps people cultivate mindfulness, creativity, and joy, enriching their lives with newfound meaning and fulfillment.

Dr. Dubey’s approach to resilience emphasizes compassion, kindness, and authenticity. He encourages individuals to confront their vulnerabilities and shadows, recognizing them as gateways to profound transformation and inner freedom. By merging the dance of doing with the stillness of being, he guides others to reclaim their joy and vitality, even amidst life’s challenges.

With a profound commitment to helping others lead richer, more meaningful lives, Dr. Saroj Dubey continues to inspire and uplift audiences around the world, leaving a lasting impact on all who encounter his message of resilience, presence, and compassionate living Recalling the time when one of his patients died, and he started soul-searching, Dr Dubey said, “The deeper the sorrow carves into your being. the more joy it can contain. So. after this whole episode of awakening or transformation. I’m able to see wonder and awe in small moments

Not only does the Author maintains a regular meditation practice, but he is also a dedicated mindfulness practitioner. He is deeply passionate about mindfulness and actively conducts classes to share its benefits with others. His primary teaching is to say yes to the present moment with an open heart. Beyond his academic and mindfulness interests, Dr. Dubey indulges in hobbies such as sports, movies, and dance, further contributing to his well-rounded life The book was unveiled by Sunit Tandon, Shovana Narayana, Sandeep Marwah Joyshree Arora present at the event. Dr. Ajay Kumar Director of Gastroenterology BL Kapoor Hospital Dr. Anil Arora Director and Chairman of Gastroenterology Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr. Kousar ShahVice PresidentMax Patparganj Hospital many more were present at the event