NMIMS Bengaluru Hosts Successful 11th Edition of TEDx Bengaluru –Explores How Chance Encounters Can Lead to Success

1st March 2024SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru hosted the 11th edition of TEDx Bengaluru. This year’s theme, “Rhythm of Revelation: Where Chance Encounters Brilliance,” explored the intriguing concept of how unexpected connections and serendipitous moments can lead to amazing discoveries and accomplishments.

 In the 15 th year of its memorable journey, NMIMS Bengaluru has garnered several accolades over the years, including recognition as one of India’s top 15 private schools of business management. The institution has consistently shown a commitment to academic excellence and innovation, helping it earn a reputation for nurturing future leaders and encouraging interdisciplinary learning.

  TEDx Bengaluru has been a flagship event at NMIMS Bengaluru, with each edition showcasing thought-provoking ideas and inspiring narratives from eminent speakers. Past editions of TEDx Bengaluru have received widespread acclaim for inviting well- known people as speakers, promoting intellectual discourse and sparking meaningful conversations on a diverse range of topics.

 The diverse and versatile lineup of participants at the 11th edition of TEDx Bengaluru brought unique perspectives that resonated deeply with the event’s theme, “Rhythm of Revelation: Where Chance Encounters Brilliance.”

 Mr. Vinay Kamath, a seasoned journalist currently serving as the Senior Assistant Editor at The Hindu Business Line, is known for his insightful reporting and analytical prowess in business journalism. Having traded a degree in MBA to become a journalist, he spoke about embarking on writing a book on Titan, a TATA Group company. “It was a revelation that the founding of such a big company was a journey of several accidental and serendipitous moments,” he said.

 Dr. Chella Pandian Pitchai, Global Head DEI & Leadership Development, Biocon Biologics, has 25 years of diverse experience in the field of Biotechnology and dons the hats of an executive coach, a life coach and a certified health coach. He spoke about his addiction to finding NBV – ‘the next best version’ and the techniques of achieving it. He shared, “I researched by interviewing people across generations. It is a continuous process. After talking to several people, I came up with a formula called TEDASK – Talent, Energy, Demonstration, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge – it is about bringing all these things together, being self-inclusive, self-competent and self-conscious, self-coach to achieve the next best version.”

 Ms. Malavika Harita, the CEO of Brand Circle, who excels in communication, brand strategy, and corporate training, has 41 years of experience in her field. She mentors at NSRCEL and other incubators nationwide. She elaborated on her theory of conscious serendipity, saying, “Serendipity is a very fashionable term today and according to me we should be able to take advantage of both beautiful and awful serendipitous moments which come our way.”

 Dr. Sharon Rajkumar, founder of Happiest Health Line, is a passionate advocate for holistic wellness. With a background in nutrition and fitness, she established her brand to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and happiness. Talking about the significance of happiness, she revealed, “Happiness evangelism is a responsibility we all carry, especially for leaders of organisations in the VUCA environment.”

 Meanwhile, Mr. Girish Nagpal, CEO of Metroride India, is a seasoned entrepreneur and public transportation advocate known for his contributions to the development of efficient metro systems and an advocate for sustainable urban mobility. Speaking about the topic, ‘Tough times make you tougher’, he related his own story of trials and tribulations and how he overcame them. “When quitting is not an option, the circumstances and people will align to give you the new life of your dreams,” he said.

 Mr. Prasanna Mysore, a Law postgraduate and Gold Medalist, has a rich career spanning from independent counsel to key roles in big corporations. Speaking about revelations in his life, he said, “In life, you will encounter a fork and will have to choose. You have to be a judge of your capabilities to see if you can stand up to the unknown challenges your decision may entail.”

 Together, these speakers brought to light the role chance encounters and luck play in shaping individual journeys and progress.

  Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Campus Director of NMIMS Bengaluru, expressed her pride in hosting the event and commended the hard work of the student PR team, and faculty members in making it a resounding success. She added, “It is important to bring together diverse voices and the best of ideas from prominent members of the society to inspire innovation and collaboration and NMIMS Bengaluru has been doing it for the past decade. The presence of such eminent speakers at today’s event is a reflection of NMIMS Bengaluru’s longstanding connection with the industry and experts in their respective fields.”