Breakthrough Celebrates International Women’s Day Across Six Districts in Haryana

Gurugram, 8th March 2024: Breakthrough, an organisation making gender-based violence unacceptable by transforming the culture that permits violence, celebrated International Women’s Day in six districts across Haryana including Karnal, Panipat, Sonipat, Rohtak, Jhajjar, and Gurugram. The week-long event, themed Steps Toward Equity – Let’s come together and start with equality, highlighted the importance of inclusivity and aimed to raise awareness about the challenges women and girls globally face.


Breakthrough collaborated with the Women and Child Development department of government of Haryana to organise a series of events such as community discussions, video screenings, and seminars on women’s rights and street plays. In addition, Breakthrough organized demonstrations at Gram Panchayat levels to highlight the barriers that stand in the way of women’s ambitions.

Arty Senior Manager and State Lead of Haryana, Program team, Breakthrough said “Even in today’s ever-changing world, it is evident that gender equality remains a significant concern. Girls are often held back from pursuing their aspirations due to a society that favours men. However, there is gradual progress as girls and women have begun to challenge these societal norms and redefine what is considered normal. In Haryana, we actively engage with over 100,000 girls and women to promote a shift in norms. It is a great joy to witness adolescent girls, along with their parents and other female stakeholders such as Sarpanch, Ward Panch, Aaganwadi workers, and ANMs, taking the initiative to drive discussions on gender norms and discrimination. These remarkable individuals are truly making a difference in their communities.”

Sub Division Officer Rajesh Kumar Soni from Haryana Civil Services emphasized that “education is the key to unlocking all avenues in society. Unfortunately, women’s rights are often neglected. However, both genders should have equal rights in society, and only education can pave the path.”

Mr. Surjeet, the Tehsildar of Bhorakalan village in the Pataudi block of Gurugram, says, “it is important to underscore the importance of collective responsibility in tackling challenges faced by girls. He advocated for a culture of zero tolerance towards violence and highlighted the need for seeking departmental support to address any such issues, fostering a proactive approach towards positive change.”


In Karnal, a seminar featuring a street play was organized at Government Women’s College in Basatada, Karnal district. Dr. Meenu Anand, head of the Women’s Cell, and Women Safety Officer Savita joined Sub Divisional Magistrate Rajesh Kumar Soni in support. Women’s Safety Officer Savita underscored women’s rights vigilance, while Sub Division Magistrate Rajesh Kumar Soni advocated for gender equality through education.

The celebration in Karnal was particularly noteworthy. A seminar featuring a street play was organised at Government Women’s College, where women’s rights vigilance and the significance of Women’s Day were emphasized. Furthermore, a rally featuring adolescents, youth, and women driving tractors, bikes, and cycles demonstrated the community’s resilience and determination to challenge gender norms and advocate for equality.

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Women, teenage girls, and TCLs celebrated this occasion with a power walk, a Tata Motors movie screening, and interactive activities in the Faridpur community of Karnal. TCLs, Anganwadi workers, youth, and villagers gathered in the Pathargarh neighbourhood of Panipat to paint a wall, signifying their unification and appreciation of the sacrifices made by women.

In Gurugram, the TCLs initiated the festivities with a five-day theatre workshop, which concluded with a powerful performance. They also led the first Women’s Day Celebration in the Sidhrawali community, hosting shows across three Gram Panchayats. Participants engaged in a Signature Campaign, pledging their commitment to combat gender-based discrimination, symbolizing their dedication to the organization’s message.

Team Change Leaders organized the first Women’s Day Celebration in the Sidhrawali community, featuring six shows across three Gram Panchayats. Through captivating performances, the campaign aimed to inspire change and raise awareness. Breakthrough videos were showcased in the Harchandpur community, featuring motivational tales such as “Lal Lal Ankhiyo Se Ghuro Na Piya” and “Harshini Kanekar: Fire Fighter.” The celebration was further enriched with dancing, drumming, and a lively performance by our Rising Kishori group, symbolizing empowerment and unity. Breakthrough’s Women’s Day celebration served not only as a commemoration but also as a testament to the collective effort to promote gender equality and empower women and girls in the community. Through these diverse activities and engagements, Breakthrough continues to champion gender equity and inspire change in Haryana’s communities.