Competitive Strategy Consultant and Author Arjan Singh writes an Amazon Bestseller in the US & India, that helps Businesses Plan Strategy Through War Games

Arjan Singh

June 2024 – Delhi, India: Indian-American Competitive Strategy Consultant and College Professor Arjan Singh ensures that businesses stay ahead of the curve by creating war game scenarios and analytical exercises that enable them to develop creative solutions.

In his book Competitive Success: Building Winning Strategies with Corporate War Games, published by Forbes which is already an Amazon bestseller in the US and India since its release in April, 2024; he outlines topics such as “Identifying Your War Game Objectives,” “Assessing the Field of Battle,” and “Assessing Troop Strength, Morale, and Resources”. As an army troop sets itself up for victory in a war zone; Singh likens and designs these scenarios to enable companies and businesses to always come out on top as winners, no matter what the economic outlook is.

As Singh explains: “War games aren’t just dress rehearsals or strategy plans, but are simulations of your competitive market in a controlled, safe, internal environment where you can explore many different dimensions.”

In a fast-changing global marketplace, uncertainties are both multiple and radical. The future of the market structure and nature of competition are unpredictable as well. In such an unsettling scenario war games can come to the rescue of industry captains and entrepreneurs alike. They help in risk identification, revenue generation, and cost avoidance.

He continues, “In war gaming the whole point is to simulate failure. In a safe war-gaming simulation, you can use failure as a springboard to succeed. It’s much less painful and cheaper to fail in a workshop than to deploy millions of dollars to find out afterward it’s not going to work”

Singh has been running corporate war games for the past 20 years and has worked with more than 200 organizations worldwide. Throughout the book, he draws on not only case studies from the corporate world but also from the war games he conducts with business students at Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business, where he is an adjunct professor of Marketing and Global Consulting.

The book is particularly relevant to our times. Technology is as much a disruptor in the global business environment as it is in other spheres of society. In Competitive Success, Singh illustrates through case studies how it needs to be taken into account in a war gaming preparation. For instance, Zoom turned out to be an unlikely competitor of American Airlines as a result of COVID-19. During the pandemic people realised that if the end goal is to have an effective business meeting, they might not need to get an airplane to be face-to-face if they can jump on a Zoom call.

“War gaming is an ongoing, lifelong process,” Singh says. “For it to be successful, it can’t just be a one-off. Integrate it into your company as part of your culture, with an open, humble, and curious mind, and you will build winning strategies that lead to competitive success.”

In India, Singh has trained and conducted war games with the Tata group of companies; and in the US he works with several pharma and chemical conglomerates.

Singh is based in Scottsdale Arizona, USA where he lives with his wife and two children.

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About Arjan Singh

Arjan Singh (, author of Competitive Success: Building Strategies with Corporate War Games, is an expert in helping companies develop data-driven strategies through war games, strategic and competitive analysis, scenario planning and building business early warning systems that deliver significant impact. He has advised 68 of the top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 list in building winning strategies. Singh is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Global Consulting at Southern Methodist University (SMU) COX School of Business.

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