Lord of Battles, Known to Manufacture Props for Blockbuster Movies Like Hobbit and Game of Thrones Expands With Medieworld Europe in Spain as Well as the U.s. Based Brand ‘house of Warfare’

Dehradun, March 2024: Based in Uttarakhand’s scenic valley, Dehradun, Lord of Battles, known to create props for international blockbuster movies, opens offices in Spain and the US. Establishing two brands, MedieWorld Europe in Spain and House of Warfare in the US, the group’s founder Capt Saurabh Mahajan takes pride in having created spectacular props for epics like Hobbit, Assassin’s Creed, Outlaw King, Game of Thrones, and The Northman. It will now streamline its operation with offices both in Europe and the US.


Notably, Lord of Battles Group strategically established several companies, including the renowned US brand ‘House of Warfare,’ as part of its post-pandemic expansion strategy. This strategic move underscored Lord of Battles Group’s commitment to growth and innovation in the face of adversity.

In line with its expansion plans, Lord of Battles Group established its first subsidiary, MedieWorld Europe SL, in Spain in 2022, followed by the opening of Lord of Battles Inc. in the USA in 2023. These subsidiary companies not only serve as foreign office spaces but also boost extensive warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

“The Lord of Battles Group is no longer an Indian company working internationally, but an international company based here in Dehradun….”, says Capt Saurabh Mahajan, founder and managing director of the Lord of Battles group.

“MedieWorld has been a great asset to the group because it not only caters to the growing European film market but also brings us closer to new European customers.” Capt Saurabh added.

Lord of Battles Group’s subsidiary, MedieWorld has initiated smooth operations with Europe’s film and historical markets. MedieWorld has formed a strategic partnership with Keith Wescovich, the director of Mythrojan. The incorporation of foreign directors, including Dr. Gabriel Vimar, a Ph.D. in History being the Creative Director, aims to enhance comprehension of multinational operations and better cater to the requirements of their diverse clientele. Additionally, plans for international expansion into Singapore and Australia have been solidified, marking significant strides in their global outreach efforts.

Capt Saurabh Mahajan’s leadership philosophy, shaped by his military background starting at the National Defence Academy (NDA), has been instrumental in fostering a loyal and dedicated workforce at Lord of Battles. The company prides itself on its family-like atmosphere, with many employees having been with the company since its inception. Furthermore, the organization has been recognized for its commitment to European standards of labour, health, safety, and environmental performance, as evidenced by the prestigious SMETA audit conducted by Sedex.

Moving forward, Capt Mahajan aims to position his group as a strong and growing multinational entity. Additionally, the organization seeks to strengthen the connection between its subsidiary companies, such as Lord of Battles Inc. and MedieWorld Europe SL, with the parent organization, while also highlighting the brands’ contributions to LOB’s overall growth.