IT Minister Sridhar Babu to grace the 10th National Facilities Managers Summit-2024, to be held in the city

Satyanarayana Mathala President TFMC

Hyderabad, May 14, 2024….… The 10th National Facilities Managers (MF) Summit 2024 will be held in the city on May 17 at the Address Convention Center at Narsingi in Hyderabad. IT Minister of Telangana, Sridhar Babu will be the chief guest. Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, the principal secretary will be the guest of honour. It will be a Green Summit encouraging green and sustainable initiatives.

The National FMs Summit-2024 is an annual conference of Facilities Management professionals. Well over 400 facilities management professionals will participate in the summit

It will be a day-long annual conference of Facilities Management professionals, disclosed Mr, Satyanarayana Mathala, President of Telangana Facilities Management Council (TFMC) in a press note issued in the city,

The summit will be inaugurated in the morning. Followed by inauguration a panel discussion will be held. The panel discussion will highlight employee safety, workplace requirements, and strategies for workplace trends for the next 3 years.

CEO, CXO, and CFO conferences will also be held along with the summit.


Green Awards will be presented during the summit. Be a sustainable leader. Awards will be given to the best sustainable practices followed in major IT Parks, and communities. TFMC Social Excellence Awards will also be presented to the inspiring government teams.

One representative from 20 IT companies will walk on the ramp sporting handloom clothes to promote Handlooms Monday, which TFMC has been promoting Handloom Monday for a very long time.

Facility management (FM) is a profession that improves business and lives by ensuring functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the built environment and is practiced by 25 million people around the world, says Telangana Facilities Management Council (TFMC)’s President, Satyanarayana Mathala

The summit will focus on future technology and AI Practices that every Facility Manager will use in the next 10 years.

From India to the World: Hanooman India’s largest Groundbreaking GenAI Platform Now Live in 98 Languages

Bengaluru May 10th, 2024: SML India and 3AI Holding Limited, today announced the launch of *‘Hanooman’, India’s homegrown largest multilingual and most affordable GenAI platform in 98 global languages, including 12 Indian languages, to build a GenAI ecosystem for India by leveraging the country’s diverse linguistic and cultural heritage.

Hanooman India’s largest Groundbreaking GenAI Platform Now Live in 98 Languages! 2

Derived from the name of Lord Hanuman, it symbolizes the platform’s commitment to using the power of GenAI for the greater good. Hanooman, with all his knowledge, power, and strength always served Ram loyally and we want Hanooman to bring the same GenAI power to humanity. Hanooman has been developed by SML India in partnership with 3AI Holding. The platform aims to reach 200 million users within its first year of launch.

As part of the launch, SML India announced its partnership with leading technology stalwarts and innovators like HP, NASSCOM, and Yotta. Through the partnership, Yotta will provide GPU cloud infrastructure to bolster SML India’s operations. Additionally, SML India’s partnership with NASSCOM is aimed at several initiatives, like supporting AI startups, fostering fintech innovation, engaging with 3000 colleges, and participating in research programs.

The company has also collaborated with the Government of Telangana and the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), to facilitate seamless translation between English and Telugu, enhancing accessibility and understanding of crucial documents like court orders.

These strategic partnerships with leading tech players and government bodies signify a monumental leap forward in India’s GenAI landscape, and underscoring Hanooman’s capabilities and commitment to delivering innovative solutions to businesses and individuals alike.

The 12 Indian languages that the web and app are currently available in include Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Odia, Punjabi, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Sindhi. Additionally, Hanooman will support a host of global languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, and 80 other languages worldwide.

Hanooman India’s largest Groundbreaking GenAI Platform Now Live in 98 Languages! 1

Powered by 3AI Holding’s cutting-edge technology, it combines specialized LLMs built with a dynamic integration synthesis matrix to deliver clear, adaptive insights and transform complex data into actionable intelligence effortlessly. It is presently accessible in its free version, with the premium subscription plan to be launched later this year. Along with its exceptional translation capabilities, Hanooman’s versatile features can handle everything from a casual chat to offering professional advice, as well as perform complex technical tasks like coding and tutoring.

With integration-ready pipelines seamlessly integrating into existing products, Hanooman aims to cater to four sectors, including healthcare, governance, financial services, and education. Hanooman is set to offer an open-source alternative to commercially accessible Large Language Models (LLMs) while providing a closed-source model tailored for enterprises in need of on-premise solutions.

Dr. Vishnu Vardhan, Co-Founder & CEO, SML India, said, “Hanooman represents a new era of AI innovation in India. With its launch, we aim to impact the lives of 200 million users within the first year alone. 80 % of Indians can’t use English, hence, Hanooman’s capabilities to support Indian languages will bring Gen AI to the reach of everyone in India and open massive opportunities for companies and startups bringing Gen AI products to the market.

We envision Hanooman not only as a technological marvel but also as a catalyst for societal change. We see Hanooman as a cornerstone of India’s economic future, unlocking the vast potential of GenAI to drive innovation, productivity, and prosperity across various sectors.”

Arjun Prasad, Managing Director of 3AI Holding, said, “Our mission is clear: to ensure that AI is not just a privilege for a few, but a tool accessible to every Indian. Hanooman embodies this commitment of democratising access to cutting-edge technology to every Indian. What sets Hanooman apart is that it is built in India, built for India, and stored in India (data). Through our strategic partnership with SML India, we strive to cater to a diverse spectrum of users, making AI inclusive and available to everyone, regardless of their ethnicity or location. We strongly believe that by empowering individuals with GenAI, we can unlock unprecedented opportunities for innovation, thereby contributing to the growth of the country.”

The strategic partnership between SML India and 3AI Holding reflects a commitment to the fundamental mission of ‘AI for All.’ By jointly owning Hanooman, both the entities are dedicated to democratizing the GenAI space and bridging the gap between urban and rural India. The platform’s launch marks a significant milestone in India’s AI journey, positioning the country as a global leader in AI adoption and innovation.

Hanooman is now available for download in India and can be accessed through the web and mobile application for Android users on the Play Store.

The forthcoming IOS app will soon be available for download on the App Store

From Aspiration to Action: ‘Rural Rising’ brings positive change in Wayanad’s Noolpuzha Gram Panchayat, Sulthan Bathery Block, Kerala

Rural Rising Wayanad

Broadcom, under its CSR initiative, in collaboration with NGO United Way of Bengaluru (UWBe) and Noolpuzha Gram Panchayat, proudly announced the official inauguration of the ‘Rural Rising,’ an innovative integrated rural development program at Noolpuzha Gram Panchayat in Sultan Bathery block, Wayanad. The Noolpuzha Gram Panchayat has a population of 14,133. It is the second largest tribal-populated gram panchayat in the state. Recognizing the pressing need for comprehensive interventions, ‘Rural Rising’, an integrated rural rising program, was kickstarted.

Grounded in a meticulous need assessment, the initiative strategically addresses critical needs such as the health and nutritional needs of children through a unique Cooked Meal intervention and early education facilities for children.

Addressing the health and nutritional needs of children, particularly those malnourished and from the tribal communities, the Cooked Meal intervention was conceived to ensure the availability and accessibility of nutritious meals three times a day, six days a week, benefiting 315 children across 26 Anganwadi Centres. Six Community Kitchens have also started in six Anganwadi Centers, involving mothers in food preparation to foster healthier food habits at home.

Fifteen nutrition promoters, serving as influencers, are actively engaged in community mobilization under this initiative. They play a crucial role in conducting awareness sessions for mothers emphasizing the importance of consuming healthy and nutritious meals.

The positive outcome of the Cooked Meal intervention is evident, with a substantial improvement in children who were initially underweight. In September 2023, 79% reached a normal height-to-weight ratio, marking a positive trend with 81% in October and an impressive 85% in November.

Addressing the need to create a conducive early learning environment for children, 26 Anganwadi Centres have been revamped, aligning with ICDS guidelines. The transformation of Anganwadi Centres to safe and conducive learning spaces includes new facilities and services, infrastructure support, and the establishment of play areas.

Recognizing the crucial role of Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) and Anganwadi Helpers (AWHs), the ‘Rural Rising’ initiative also focussed on building the capacities of 200 AWWs and AWHs in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) related skills. This is helping to enhance the quality of services at the AWCs and interactions between caregivers and children, making the entire Anganwadi ecosystem child-friendly.

As expressed by one of the retd. Anganwadi Workers, “In my 39 years of service, I have seen many AWCs located in the forest area grapple with challenges. Today, I express heartfelt gratitude for the positive changes in the AWCs – the introduction of play areas and other improvements ensures a nurturing and vibrant environment for children’s growth and well-being. “

For the initiative, a new milestone was achieved today, as one of the refurbished Anganwadi Centres was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Renu Raj IAS, the District Collector and District Magistrate, who was present at the event. Dr. Raj said, “Ensuring kids aged 0-6 grow up in a safe and nurturing environment is crucial. This early phase is a big chance for positive development. Investing and putting effort into these early years can build the foundation for a thriving society in the next 20 years.”

Other delegates present today included govt. officials from the Women and Child Development Department, representatives of the Panchayat and team from United Way Bengaluru.

“The intervention is designed on a ‘convergence model,’ focussing on the strength of every stakeholder. In partnership with the local administration and our CSR partner Broadcom, this collaborative effort is significantly contributing to SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-being and SDG 4 – Quality Education,” said Rajesh Krishnan, CEO, United Way Bengaluru.

Retail’s Brightest Minds Convene at Retail Leadership Summit 2024 to Forge Future Pathways

March 4, 2024, Mumbai: The Retail Leadership Summit 2024 (RLS 2024), organised by the Retailers Association of India (RAI), took place on February 28 and 29 at the Hotel Westin Powai Lake, Mumbai. This annual event brings together the brightest minds in retail to explore forward-thinking strategies within the industry.

Retail's Brightest Minds Convene at Retail Leadership Summit 2024 to Forge Future Pathways 2

Welcoming the audience at RLS 2024, Kumar Rajagopalan, Chief Executive Officer, Retailers Association of India (RAI), said, “In 2023, the retail industry witnessed a tale of two halves: robust growth initially, followed by a plateau. This reflects the criticality of aligning with market dynamics and consumer needs. We’re observing a transformative shift, with retailers blending digital and physical experiences to create seamless consumer journeys. The key to future success lies in harnessing the power of omnichannel strategies and understanding the evolving consumer preference for convenience and trust. As we move forward, embracing innovation and agile responses to market trends will be pivotal in shaping the retail landscape.

Setting the tone for the summit, Bijou Kurien, Chairman, Retailers Association of India (RAI), expressed,  “The retail industry in India is poised for significant growth in the year ahead. Driven by an 8%+ growth in GDP in Q3 FY’24 and based on steady investment by the Government and Private sector, consumption is bound to grow. The combination of online commerce coupled with offline expansion, driven by a more technology savvy consumer with greater aspirations would herald significant changes in retail structure, and channel strategy. Retailers and brands are gearing up for aggressive growth, particularly eyeing tier 2 cities for deeper market penetration. This strategic focus not only indicates a broadening of access for consumers but also signifies a shift towards tapping into the burgeoning demand in emerging urban centres. This optimistic outlook underscores the sector’s resilience and its pivotal role in the broader economic landscape of India.”

Retail's Brightest Minds Convene at Retail Leadership Summit 2024 to Forge Future Pathways 1

Highlights of RLS 2024 included presentations and knowledge reports by RAI-Boston Consulting Group report titled ‘Unlocking the $2Tn retail opportunity by 2030: An activist agenda’, RAI-Deloitte report titled ‘Future of Retail: Profitable Growth through Technology and AI’, RAI-KPMG report titled ‘Achieving seamless commerce in India’ and PWC report titled ‘How India shops online: Consumer preferences in the metropolises and tier-1, 2, 3, 4 cities’. Furthermore, Best Retail Workplaces 2024 report by RAI – Great Place To Work was unveiled and the respective teams were felicitated.

The Summit saw the participation retail leaders, as well as top names in the retail service provider space. Retail stalwarts speaking at the summit included Hari Menon, CEO & Co-Founder, bigbasket, Lalit Agarwal – V-Mart Retail; Sagar Daryani, Co-Founder & CEO, Wow! Momo Foods, Avnish Anand – CaratLane; Avnish Kumar, Director, Neeru’s; Sanjay Vakharia, CEO, Spykar; P Jayakumar – Apollo Pharmacy; Rajiv Nair – Kaya Ltd; Samir Srivastav- Looks Salon; Satyen Momaya, CEO, Celio Future Fashion; Gautam Saraogi, CEO, Go Fashion (India) Ltd (Go Colors); among many others.

Speaking during the panel discussion on RLS 2024, Lalit Agarwal, Founder & MD, V-Mart Retail, discussed creating experiences in retail that resonate deeply with customers, especially budget-conscious customers, to make them feel smart and stylish within their means. He emphasised on emotional connection through personalised service and storytelling, making customers feel valued and understood. Lalit Agarwal advocates for building strong brand connections that extend beyond the store, through all interactions, including advertisements. This approach aims to turn customers into authentic influencers, leveraging word-of-mouth for brand promotion. The key is continuous engagement and storytelling, which ensures customer loyalty and organic growth.

Noting the importance of strategy differences across retail categories, Rajesh Jain, MD & CEO, Sports & Leisure Apparel (Lacoste India), highlighted the approach in the premium fashion segment, emphasising a uniform customer experience across online and offline channels without price differentiation except during season-end sales. He said that this strategy aims to cultivate customer habits and preferences for purchasing channels, whether for convenience online or the experience in-store. By maintaining consistent pricing and service, customers understand the brand’s value proposition, reducing their expectation for discounts and fostering brand loyalty.

Furthermore, Darpan Mehta, Director Tax, APAC International Stores, Amazon (US and India) and Vivek Somareddy, VP, Emerging Markets, Seller Experience and Global Trade, Amazon (US and India) made a presentation on “Unlocking Mechanisms and Working Capital for Business Expansion”.

Additionally, the second day of RLS 2024 featured a keynote speech by David Macadam, CEO of the Middle East Council of Shopping Centres (MECSC) and the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC). This was succeeded by a dynamic panel discussion titled ‘Mahasangram: Retail and Retail Real Estate,’ bringing together prominent figures from both retail real estate and retail industries for an engaging exchange of ideas.

Mall Developers participating in the discussion were Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group; Dalip Sehgal, CEO, Nexus Malls; Muhammed Ali, CEO, Forum Malls; Rajneesh Mahajan, CEO, Inorbit Malls and Shibu Phillips, Director, Shopping Malls, Lulu group. While on the brands side were Manish Kapoor, MD & CEO, Pepe Jeans; Rajesh Jain, MD & CEO, Sports & Leisure Apparel Ltd; Sanjeev Rao, CEO, Being Human Clothing; Sanjay Vakharia, CEO, Spykar Lifestyles; and Tushar Dhingra, Co-founder & CEO, Dhishoom Cinemas.

In his keynote address at the summit before the Mahasangram Session, David Macadam, CEO, Middle East Council of Shopping Centres (MECSC), International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC), shared insights on the evolution of experiential retail and e-commerce. He discussed the challenges and opportunities within the retail industry, emphasizing the importance of adapting to consumer demands for experiential and sustainable shopping experiences. Macadam highlighted the significant role of AI and technology in retail, the impact of mixed-use developments, and strategies for business development. He advocated for embracing change, prioritizing customer experience, and leveraging strategic partnerships to navigate the retail landscape successfully.

Retail's Brightest Minds Convene at Retail Leadership Summit 2024 to Forge Future Pathways 3

Day 2 of RLS 2024 also had a dedicated D2C segment that saw participation of leaders of top D2C brands namely, Dhiraj Agarwal, Founder, Campus Sutra; Sneh Jain, Managing Director, The Baker’s Dozen; Harsh Lal, Co-Founder, The Souled Store. A scintillating Fireside chat with Parul Gulati, Actor & Founder of Nish Hair (featured on Shark Tank India). This segment explored the unconventional strategies that has enable these brands to achieve immense success in a short frame of time.

Parallelly to RLS 2024 was an extensive session of ‘Retail Store Design’ that saw participation of top retailers and brands deliberating on topics such as ‘Future of Retail Design: Exploring Emerging Trends and Technologies’, ‘Balancing Design and Functionality in Retail Spaces’, a captivating Fireside Chat and  a Masterclass on ‘The art of curating memorable and meaning customer journey’.

The advisory board of RLS 2024 includes Anujj Puri, ANAROCK, Ashwin Khasgiwala, Reliance Retail Limited; Avjit Mitra, Croma, Infiniti Retail; Hari Menon, bigbasket; Johnson Verghese, Fossil India; Nissan Joseph, Metro Brands; Rajneesh Mahajan, Inorbit Mall; Sagar Daryani, Wow! Momo Foods; Venkatesalu P, Trent.

The first day of RLS 2024 came to a close with the grand felicitation of the crème de la crème of the retail industry with India’s Retail Champions Award 2024 and the Retail Start-up Awards 2024, both evaluated by eminent personalities from the industry as the Jury.

Winners of India’s Retail Champions Awards 2024 were:


Categories Name of the Company Name of the Brand
Apparel & Lifestyle The Souled Store The Souled Store
Apparel & Lifestyle Raymond Lifestyle Ethnix
Apparel & Lifestyle Spykar Lifestyle Pvt Ltd Spykar
Apparel & Lifestyle Brand Concepts Ltd BAGLINE, House of Luxury Bags
Beauty Himalaya Wellness Company Himalaya Wellness
Wellness Wellness Forever Wellness Forever
Wellness Apollo Pharmacy Limited Apollo Pharmacy
Consumer Durables & IT (CDIT) Vijay Sales (India) Private Limited Vijay Sales
Consumer Durables & IT (CDIT) Infiniti Retail Ltd Croma
D2C Cleardekho Eyewear Pvt Ltd ClearDekho
Department store Shoppers Stop Limited Shoppers Stop
Food & General Retail (Large format over 5,000 sq. ft) LULU Group International LULU HYPER MARKET
Food & General Retail (Small format below 5,000 sq. ft) Reliance Retail Limited Reliance Fresh Signature
Footwear Metro brands Ltd Footwear
Footwear Liberty shoes Ltd. Footwear
Home Decor / Home Improvement Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd Godrej Interio
Jewellery Reliance Jewels (Reliance Retail) Reliance Jewels
Restaurant & QSR Apsara Ice Creams LLP Apsara Ice Creams
Restaurant & QSR Dindigul Thalappakatti Dindigul Thalappakatti
Speciality Retail Ample Technologies Private Limited Monobrand Stoes of Apple, ASICS, UA and Bose. Apple Store brand name “Imagine”
Success Story of 2024 Trent Zudio