Renowned Entrepreneur & Political Strategist Pkd Nambiar Passes Away

pkd nambiyer

New Delhi, February 26th, 2024: Renowned Political Strategist, TV personality, successful entrepreneur and Founder and Chairman, Nambiar Group, Managing Director of Flags Communications and B-Square solutions, Mr. PKD Nambiar left for heavenly abode on February 23rd 2024 leaving a profound void in the lives of everyone he touched. He was just 47 years old. Mr. PKD Nambiar was not merely a leader, but a beacon of excellence, guiding everybody with his unwavering commitment to scale new heights.

In an emotional message, his son Ayush Nambiar, on behalf of family & organisation said, “As we bid farewell to a titan in our midst, the Nambiar Group pledges to honour his memory by continuing to march forward on the path he illuminated for us. Although he may no longer be with us in person, his spirit lives on in every project the group undertakes and every milestone it achieves.”

A visionary like no other, he built a team of great minds; from award-winners to brand shapers, he chose only the best of the industry, and groomed them to carry forward his legacy of excellence

Mr. PKD Nambiar commenced his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 20 and over the years went on to become one of the most visible political strategists and television personalities actively participating in political debates with his unique style and originality, which made him a sought-after personality in business, political and media circles.

He is also the author of the highly acclaimed book “You Too Can Be A Brand” which has sold 25000+ copies on a popular e-commerce site. He has received several awards for his leadership, innovation, business excellence and philanthropy which will forever be etched in history. A prolific writer, Mr. PKD Nambiar’s articles have been published in many reputed media outlets across the country.