How Fanory uses AI and Agora to turbocharge user engagement

In the dynamic realm of digital content creation, fostering meaningful and real-time engagements between creators and fans is the cornerstone of success. Fanory, a platform dedicated to connecting creators with their audience, faced significant challenges related to quality, reliability, and latency in live streaming and two-way audio/video calls. Prior to integrating Agora’s cutting-edge technology, Fanory grappled with user experience issues that impeded their mission. Seeking a reliable partner to address these concerns, Fanory discovered Agora’s video and audio Software Development Kits (SDKs) and embarked on a transformative journey. This partnership not only transformed the quality and latency issues but also took Fanory’s user engagement to new heights.

The Problem

User experience issues with quality, reliability, and latency

As a platform connecting creators with fans, Fanory’s mission revolves around fostering meaningful and real-time engagements. Before Agora, Fanory creators and fans encountered challenges with quality and latency in live streaming and two-way audio/video calls.

When looking for a new RTC provider, Fanory focused on finding a reliable partner that could help solve these quality issues. Finding Agora’s video and audio SDKs was a game-changer for the Fanory team.

The Solution

High-quality engagement between creators and fans

Agora’s Interactive Live Streaming, Video Calling, and Signaling services were the perfect choice based on Fanory’s needs, enabling reliable real-time interactions between creators and fans while supporting Fanory’s live commerce model. Agora’s Extensions Marketplace allowed Fanory to quickly and easily add high-quality Banuba face filters to the app. Fanory also relies on metrics from Agora to build its AI models for revenue predictions on live streams.

Comments and stream engagements can predict if users will stay with the creator livestream, ultimately leading to better conversion rates. This integration via Agora’s RESTful API allows Fanory’s AI model to provide creators with real-time recommendations on content and pricing to help them optimize revenue. This data has allowed Fanory to implement creator KPIs like engagements, availability, and stickiness. These metrics help them identify which creators are working well and what sort of content strategy works best for fans.

“Agora’s customizable APIs allowed us to optimize real-time connectivity and network traffic while reducing latency to milliseconds during live streaming and interactive sessions between creators and fans. Agora’s Banuba face filter extensions feature helps our creators immensely. Integrating the extension was easy and it performs perfectly, with no delay applying filters on live video.- Saurabh Singh Kushwah, Co-Founder, Fanory

Results and ROI

Boosting app downloads and usage with a better voice chat experience

Fanory’s user engagement improved drastically since implementing Agora. On average, users now spend 66% more time on the platform, indicating improved engagement and content consumption. Interaction with creator gifting has also increased by 24% since switching to Agora, showcasing a more dynamic and engaging user experience.

“Implementing Agora led to a huge boost in engagement, with users spending 66% more time on our platform. Users appreciate the enhanced communication quality, which has increased user retention and platform growth.“

 Saurabh Singh Kushwah, Co-Founder, Fanory

Fanory is now able to track all live engagement metrics in addition to details like device type and location, to help improve its AI model. Fanory also plans to build its own interactive livestreaming solution shop where brands can engage with audiences and sell products.