FlexifyMe: From Shark Tank Pitch to Wellness Revolution – Natural Pain Management Startup Secures Funding

Mumbai, 19th March 2024: FlexifyMe, a health and wellness innovator, is making waves after a successful appearance on Shark Tank Season 3. The company captivated the esteemed panel of Sharks with its vision, securing a substantial investment of ₹1 crore from powerhouse investors Namita Thapar and Amit Jain (Founder, Car Dekho). This impressive feat has propelled FlexifyMe’s valuation to a staggering ₹40 crore, a remarkable 40% increase, marking a major milestone in their growth journey.

The ₹1 crore investment boasts a unique structure, with ₹50 lakh allocated for equity and the remaining ₹50 lakh secured as debt financing with interest details to be finalized.

Manjeet Singh, Co-Founder of FlexifyMe, said, “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to present FlexifyMe on Shark Tank Season 3. Our experiences have driven us to develop a solution that can truly make a difference in people’s lives. We are excited to showcase our vision and share the impact of FlexifyMe with a global audience.”

FlexifyMe’s mission to revolutionize pain management with natural solutions landed them a coveted spot on Shark Tank India Season 3. The journey to this pivotal moment was one of meticulous preparation. The company worked tirelessly, collaborating with internal and creative teams to craft a captivating pitch, complete with compelling elevator pitches and impactful demos. This culminated in a captivating presentation before the esteemed Sharks, whose invaluable insights proved to be a game-changer. FlexifyMe views this experience as a springboard to amplify its reach, empowering countless individuals struggling with pain.

Amit Bhayani, co-founder of FlexifyMe, “FlexifyMe represents a new era of wellness, focusing on empowering individuals to take charge of their health journey. Our participation in Shark Tank Season 3 highlights our commitment to innovation and our dedication to creating positive change in the healthcare landscape.”

In conclusion, FlexifyMe’s presence on Shark Tank Season 3 symbolizes a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing mission to provide accessible and holistic healthcare solutions. With a fervent dedication to improving the well-being of individuals worldwide, FlexifyMe continues to lead the way in revolutionizing the health and wellness industry.