Valvoline™ India kickstarts the 4th Edition of Mechanics Month Campaign with the theme Mechanics Make the World Better

Hyderabad, Telangana: March 2024: Valvoline Cummins Private Limited (“Valvoline Cummins”), the pioneer in engine oil manufacturing and a prominent global lubricant provider driving innovation in mobility, has officially commenced the 4th edition of its Mechanics’ Month campaign, both globally and in India. This year’s campaign, themed ‘Mechanics Make the World Better,’ is aimed at honouring the efforts of mechanics and expressing gratitude for their indispensable role in keeping society functioning smoothly. The brand dedicates the month of March and ongoing efforts throughout the year to celebrate and empower mechanics, whose invaluable work enhances our lives in numerous ways.

The focus of this year’s initiative by Valvoline Cummins is to highlight the significant contribution of mechanics in enhancing the world’s functionality by ensuring the efficient operation of engines and vehicles. Through this campaign, Valvoline aims to inspire widespread participation in acknowledging and appreciating mechanics worldwide. Mechanics are instrumental in maintaining vehicles at their optimal performance levels, consistently demonstrating their expertise and dedication, often in demanding situations and at unconventional hours. They stand as the unsung heroes behind the smooth operation of every vehicle, serving as the backbone of the automotive industry.

Valvoline Cummins encourages individuals to join in this month-long celebration by expressing gratitude to their trusted mechanics for their unwavering commitment. The campaign will utilize various mass media platforms such as radio, digital channels, and on-ground activities to raise awareness about the invaluable contributions of mechanics and encourage people to convey heartfelt messages to their local mechanics.

As part of its ongoing Muskaan Scholarship program, Valvoline is extending educational support to children of truck drivers, mechanics, and underserved communities. The scholarship program, catering to students from 9th to 12th grade, aims to facilitate their academic pursuits. Notably, scholarship recipients will receive mentorship from company employees, who will dedicate their time to provide guidance beyond academic realms. To date, the scholarship has benefitted 3500+ children, with plans for further expansion.

Ms. Ipshita Chowdhury, Head of Marketing at Valvoline Cummins, remarked, “Last year, our focus was on recognizing mechanics’ pivotal role in sustaining societal functions. In 2024, we aspire to express gratitude to mechanics and inspire others to do the same, recognizing their indispensable role in ensuring the seamless functioning of our lives.”

Mr. Sandeep Kalia, Managing Director of Valvoline Cummins, expressed enthusiasm for the fourth edition of Mechanics’ Month, stating, “We are delighted to launch the fourth edition of Mechanics’ Month, collaborating with mechanic professionals to celebrate their contributions to the automotive industry and recognize their vital role in keeping our engines running smoothly. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s imperative that we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of mechanics in ensuring vehicle safety and performance, thus sustaining our way of life. Through these initiatives, we aim to raise awareness among consumers and express our heartfelt appreciation to mechanics for their dedicated service.”

This first-of-its-kind program has gained significant traction since Valvoline launched its Mechanics Month initiative in 2020. Participation has grown from 15 countries to more than 62. Valvoline Cummins has participated in this effort since 2020.

Valvoline attributes the success of Mechanics’ Month to its unique approach within the industry and its broad global relevance. In India, Valvoline Cummins manufactures a diverse range of fluids, including engine oils, gear oils, radiator coolants, and brake fluids, catering to various OEM engines. The company firmly believes that its growth stems from its commitment to quality execution, innovative capabilities, and staying ahead of market demands. Its mission is to leverage real-world insights to provide valuable solutions that drive success for its customers and users.

FTCCI organized a program on GST & Tax–Implications on Land Ownership

Hyderabad, March 11, 2024……The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI) in association with the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) Telangana organised a program on GST & Tax–Implications on Land Ownership on Thursday which continued till night at KLN Prasad Auditorium, Federation House, Red Hills.

M. Srinivas, IRS, Principal Chief Commissioner (retd), Central GST was the chief guest

Venugopal Gella, CH Nageswara Rao, GS Prashanth, VS Sudhir, Mohd Irshad Ahmed–Chartered Accountants and Sreenivasa Reddy–Advocate & Tax Consultant; B Sunil Chandra Reddy, President, NAREDCO Telangana; Vijaya Sai Meka, Secretary General, NAREDCO Telangana; Suresh Kumar Singhal, Senior Vice-President- FTCCI; R Ravi Kumar, Vice President- FTCCI; Abhishek Tibrewala, Chair, Infrastructure, Real Estate & Smart Cities Committee, FTCCI participated

Affordability and Accessibility to own the Land is also one of the factors that influence the growth of the market for Landowners & Developers in the real sector. In any City, this is impacted by the GST and other taxes imposed on buying and selling of the Land. In this regard, FTCCI had also submitted its recommendations in the Union Pre-Budget Memorandum for Affordable Housing Norms & Home Loan Tax Rebates, etc. for boosting Investments in the Real Estate Sector and economy, said Meela Jayadev while delivering his opening remarks.

In this scenario, the programme is designed and curated by the Infrastructure, Real Estate & Smart Cities Committee, Direct Taxes Committee and GST & Customs Committee in association with the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO). I appreciate and congratulate all the Chairs, Co- Chairs, Advisors & members of these committees and also the NAREDCO Team for coming out with such a useful programme, Meela Jayadev added.

The Programme was designed to understand the procedure and rights during the search operations under the GST & Income Tax Act and with a panel discussion on the Implications of GST on the land owner’s share of the built-up area.

The Program discussed GST tax structure regarding Real-estate, understanding the value, time and place of Supply of Land under GST Law, its Input Tax Credit Provisions, GST on Joint Development Agreements, GST implications on the Sale of Developed Plots of Land & Renting and Leasing of Land, the impact of GST on the Real-estate Sector, Search Operation Procedures under GST & Income Tax Act and rights possessed by the assessee.

Innovative ideas in the developmental sector flourish with SIDBI support: SIDBI announces support to entities for promotion of grassroot level enterprises

Hyderabad, March 07, 2023 – In a landmark convergence of innovation and impact, SIDBI announced support to 12 grassroot level organisations from across the country aimed at catalysing positive change in society and communities through a Challenge Fund and investment through Social Stock Exchange (SSE).

SIDBI, Event, announces support to entities for promotion of grassroot level enterprises

The event was graced by Shri Subhas Chandra Lal Das, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of MSME, GoI; Ms. Christina Scott, CMG, Deputy High Commissioner to India, British High Commission alongwith Shri Sivasubramanian Ramann, Chairman and Managing Director, SIDBI; Shri Prakash Kumar, Deputy Managing Director, SIDBI; Smt. Vineeta Sahay, Director, IIM Bodhgaya and Prof. B. S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu.

Out of a large number of entries received from across the country, SIDBI announced grant support under its Swavalamban Challenge Fund Series – III to 10 agencies selected through rigorous evaluation process by independent jury, recognizing their innovative promising ideas revolving around the themes of ‘Innovations in Livelihoods & Financial Inclusion’, ‘Enterprise Solutions for Building Rural Economy’, ‘Special Category Entrepreneurship Promotion’, ‘Strengthening Market Connect for Artisans’ & ‘Sustainable Initiatives for Enterprise Creation & Social Cause’.

SIDBI Swavalamban Challenge Fund is a competitive mechanism to crowd-source innovative and outcome driven solutions to developmental challenges with an aim to provide financial support to eligible entities and act as a catalyst for change. Through this intervention, SIDBI affirms its commitment to nurturing visionary ideas that have the potential to transform lives and communities.

Further, recognizing the transformative power of finance for social work, SIDBI proudly announces its investment in 2 organizations viz., TRIF & Mukti via the emerging Social Stock Exchange (SSE). CMD, SIDBI digitally transferred the investment to the Escrow accounts of these entities in exchange of Zero Coupon Zero Principal Bonds. SIDBI aims to channelize capital towards enterprise and initiatives that prioritize social and environmental impact through the innovative mechanisms of SSE.

Additionally, SIDBI celebrates the launch of its report ‘SRF Projects Through Gender Lens 2020-2024’, a comprehensive review of SIDBI’s gender focused grass root level initiatives through its various programs of development and impact. This report highlights various models adopted by the bank to positively impact the lives of women particularly from unserved/underserved sections to bring a radical shift in their outlook and approach towards entrepreneurship and transforming them from Job seekers to Job creators.

Speaking at the event, Shri Subhas Chandra Lal Das, IAS, Honourable Secretary, Ministry of MSME, GoI emphasized the importance of MSMEs for the economic progress and the to address the challenges faced by them. He appreciated SIDBI for its interventions in the MSME space and its pivotal role in supporting the value chain of MSMEs through its cutting-edge innovations and last mile connectivity at grassroot level which is a force multiplier.

Speaking at the event, Shri Sivasubramanian Ramann, Chairman and Managing Director, SIDBI in his address, reiterated SIDBI’s commitment to supporting the innovative ideas and enterprises and mentioned that Swavalamban Challenge Fund is a step in that direction. He highlighted the issues of MSMEs viz., credit and market linkage and cost of that credit and huge strides SIDBI has taken to help MSMEs overcome these challenges and assured SIDBI’s support till the last mile through NGOs, MSMEs and Social impact organizations.

Ms. Christina Scott, CMG, Deputy High Commissioner to India, British High Commission emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship and start-ups in partnership with India. She stressed the need for collaborative efforts between the government and private sector to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs to thrive. She re-iterated that gender, inclusion, and diversity are at the heart of the investments made for economic growth. She expressed her gratitude to SIDBI by supporting the development at the grassroot level which led to manifold growth.

FTCCI to organise a program on GST & Tax–Implications on Land Ownership

Hyderabad, March 7, 2024……FTCCI is to organise a program on GST & Tax–Implications on Land Ownership on Thursday at 3 pm at KLN Prasad Auditorium, Federation House, Red Hills.

M. Srinivas, IRS, Principal Chief Commissioner (retd), Central GST will be among others who will grace the function

The Programme is designed to understand the procedure and rights during the search operations under GST & Income Tax Act and with panel discussion on the Implications of GST on the land owner share of built-up area.

This Program also discusses on GST tax structure regarding Real-estate, understanding the value, time and place of Supply of Land under GST Law, its Input Tax Credit Provisions, GST on Joint Development Agreement, GST implications on the Sale of Developed Plot of Land & Renting and Leasing of Land, the impact of GST on the Real-estate Sector, Search Operation Procedures under GST & Income Tax Act and rights possessed by the assessee.see.

International Women’s Day Quote from Ms Priyanka Chigurupati


Ms Priyanka Chigurupati,

Executive Director, Granules India Ltd

Hyderabad, 6th March 2024: Quote for International Women’s Day from Priyanka Chigurupati, Executive Director, Granules India Ltd.

“As we commemorate International Women’s Day, it’s important to recognize the strides we have made towards gender equality yet acknowledge that we have miles to go. In the pharmaceutical industry, we are at a pivotal moment where the underrepresentation of women, especially in leadership roles, highlights a deeper systemic challenge. It necessitates a collective shift in our approach, encompassing strategies, mentorship programs, and policies designed to empower women. At Granules, we are committed to driving workforce diversity, not just as a moral imperative but as a strategic investment in the future of our industry and the global economy. By fostering an inclusive environment, promoting work-life balance, and advocating for transparent promotion processes, we aim to dismantle barriers and create an inclusive landscape where every talented individual, irrespective of their gender, has the opportunity to thrive. Supporting women across their life stages and career paths is not just important—it’s essential for innovation, growth, and societal progress. We encourage others in the industry to develop more robust policies that will promote equality. Addressing these issues collectively will be fundamental for creating a thriving industry that values competence over gender.”

Amplus Solar successfully commissions its first Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS) project in Bikaner, Rajasthan

Hyderabad, 2 March 2024: Amplus Solar, India’s leading clean energy solutions provider, is proud to announce the commissioning of its pioneering 360 MWp Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS) solar plant, Project Jai, situated in Jaimalsar village in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

The solar power generated by the plant will be shared with Commercial and Industrial (C&I) clients nationwide, enabling them to fulfil their green energy objectives. This monumental achievement is a significant milestone for Amplus in its quest to meet the escalating demand for uninterrupted clean energy in India’s C&I sector.

The state-of-the-art solar facility, equipped with the latest available solar technology, including bi-facial modules, single-axis trackers, and 100% robotic cleaning systems, epitomizes Amplus Solar’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Notably, the implementation of robotic cleaning system at Project Jai is projected to reduce the consumption of water for panel cleaning at the plant by up to 50 million liters per year, demonstrating Amplus’ dedication to environmental stewardship.

While known for pioneering rooftop solar solutions in India, the inauguration of this large-scale renewable energy project represents a significant diversification for Amplus Solar, further cementing its position as a pivotal player in India’s renewable energy landscape.

Commenting on this milestone, Mr Sharad Pungalia, MD & CEO of Amplus, stated, “Project Jai is the culmination of our decade-long experience and our futuristic vision for India’s clean energy sector. This project demonstrates our prowess in delivering complex utility-scale projects and In developing RTC and other innovative clean energy solutions that help our large consumer base meet their green energy requirements. I congratulate the team on this historic moment in our organizational journey, setting the stone for another decade of green growth”.

As Amplus Solar celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, the commissioning of the Project Jai in Bikaner heralds a new era of diversification and growth for the company. With a sustained focus on sustainability and innovation, Amplus Solar remains steadfast in its mission to drive the widespread adoption of renewable energy solutions across India.

Hyderabad Woman with Rare Turner Syndrome Achieves Pregnancy

Hyderabad, 01 March, 2024: In an extremely rare case, a woman with Turner Syndrome conceived and gave birth to a healthy child in Hyderabad. Sheila (name changed, 30) and her husband, Hussain (name changed, 32), have been married for over three years and were unable to conceive naturally or with in vitro fertilisation (IVF) despite trying for over a year. This changed when the couple visited a city-based IVF hospital where she was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome.

Turner’s syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by absence or abnormality in one of X chromosome in the affected female. These individuals are characterised by short stature, broad chest, webbed neck, heart defects, swollen hands and feet, inability to straighten the elbow joints, low hairline, hearing problems, and absence of menstruation. Moreover, sexual development is stunted in individuals with Turner Syndrome, leading to underdeveloped ovaries and infertility.

Upon consultation, it was found that Sheila had attained menarche or the beginning of menstruation at 13 years of age, experiencing less blood flow and irregular cycles ever since. Her short stature, small uterus, and small ovaries with few antral follicles led her doctors to study her chromosomes (called karyotyping). This concluded that she has one less than the normal number of chromosomes found in human beings, that is, Sheila has 45 chromosomes instead of 46. Hussain was found to have normal health parameters.

Dr Trupthi Ganapathi – Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist from Indira IVF Hyderabad who worked on the case and treated the patients said, “Sheila’s Turner Syndrome diagnosis indicated a significant impact to her fertility. Despite the initial setback experienced by the couple, we devised a personalised and comprehensive treatment plan to enhance her reproductive health. This included Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to prime her uterus, while additional procedures like hysteroscopy cavity enhancement, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy further optimised the uterine environment. This helped achieve an endometrial thickness of 7mm before embryo transfer.”

Thereafter, a single good grade embryo was carefully selected and transferred resulting in a successful pregnancy. With regular medical follow-ups, comprehensive healthcare to ensure the mother and baby’s well-being, Sheila and Hussain had a child at 36 weeks.

FORSYS Inc opens new office in financial district

Hyderabad, March 1st, 2024….. Forsys Inc, a California based IT company, globally recognised Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) transformation leader offering end-to-end technology consulting and services opened its new office 21000 sft with seating capacity of 400 resources, environmentally aligned and with exquisite designing in 5th Floor, Phoenix Aquila, Tower B, Financial District, Nanakramguda, in the most happening Gachibowli in Hyderabad. The facility is set up at an investment of US $ 2 million.

Shri D. Sridhar Babu, Hon’ble Minister of IT, Govt of Telangana; Ms. Jennifer Larson, Consulareneral, US Consulate General, Hyderabad inaugurated the new facility.

Mr. Srinivasa Raju,
Chairman of iLabs Group; Dr Gopichand Mannam
Cardiothoracic Surgeon and MD of Star Hospitals and other graced the inaugural

Speaking on the occasion D. Sridhar Babu said Telangana Government is committed to attract investments in the state to create employment opportunities.

The IT Minister congratulated J P Vejendla and his team and hoped that they will contribute in developing Hyderabad another Silicon Valley with their experience, expertise. JP Vejendla successfully steered Forsys towards excellence, he added.

He also suggested that private firms and government must come together work on collaborative endeavours for social and economic development of the region, the minister said Jennifer Larson, Consul General of the US Consulate who also graced inaugural function said India and the USA have developed into strong bilateral friendship based on shared democratic values. There are many areas of cooperation. India is doing well in IT and ITes services she added.

Mr. Srinivasa Raju, Chairman of iLabs Group said that he spent early career in IT before moving into investments. You
know J P Vejendla, just just a founder of Forsys, but he is a serial Entrepreneur with several credentials and a name to reckon in IT industry in Silicon Valley and founder of many companies and made them very successful. Knowing him well, I may not be surprised if he turns this into another billion US dollars company very soon.

We will certainly contribute to the vision of the IT Minister D Sridhar Babu in his efforts in making Hyderabad another Silicon Valley said JP Vejendla and thanked IT minister for inaugurating the new facility.

Forsys excels in providing Lead to Revenue services specializing in sectors like High-Tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and BFSI with all-inclusive cloud-based solutions. It has a strategic partnerships with Salesforce, Conga, Oracle, and NetSuite. It has Global reach serving 100 prestigious customers. Currently it has a team of 200 professionals.

Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad clinches prestigious award at Cambridge University Press & Assessment Schools Conclave South Asia 2024

Hyderabad, 29 th February 2024: Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad is proud to announce that it has been honoured with the prestigious Cambridge University Press & Assessments Schools Conclave South Asia 2024 award for excellence in Early Years. Speakers from Cambridge and over 500 school participants from various countries in South Asia, were part of the event.

Sancta Maria team celebrating the winning of the prestigious Cambridge University Press & Assessments Schools Conclave South Asia 2024 award for excellence in Early Years.

 The Cambridge University Press & Assessments Schools Conclave brings together educational leaders and practitioners from around the world. The main objectives are to gain insights about new educational developments, meet the senior leaders of Cambridge University Press and Assessment, and share best practices within the community of Cambridge schools.

 Sancta Maria stood out among the participants, showcasing its commitment to providing a holistic and globally relevant education to its youngest students. The institution’s educational model was well-received, and its approach to nurturing both students and teachers garnered accolades from the international community.

 Ms Ruchira Ghosh, Principal, and Mr Mahender Reddy, CEO of Sancta Maria International School, were present at the event to receive the award on behalf of the school.

 Expressing her joy and gratitude, Ms Rini Roy, Division Head – Early Years, stated, “This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our teachers, staff, and students. We are honoured to receive this award, and it motivates us to continue our pursuit of excellence in providing a world-class education to our young learners.”

 Sancta Maria International School remains committed to its mission of fostering an environment that promotes not only academic excellence but also the holistic development of its students, preparing them for a future that demands creativity, critical thinking, and global mindset.

Dreamtime Learning Hub Redefines Learning Landscape in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 26th February 2024: Dreamtime Learning Hub, the pioneering micro-schooling hub in Hyderabad, continues to make waves in the educational landscape. Founded by renowned educationist Ms. Lina Ashar, the hub has swiftly garnered attention and acclaim for its innovative approach to education. Dreamtime Learning Hub recently organized a press meet in Hyderabad to showcase its success and vision for the future.

The event was aimed at highlighting the remarkable one-year journey of Dreamtime Learning Hub and the successful significance established for alternative schooling in transforming the educational landscape of Hyderabad. Additionally, the discussion also focussed on elevating the awareness of Dreamtime Learning Hub’s cutting-edge methodologies and transformative technologies, particularly through immersive experiences provided at Makerspace.

Micro-schooling, a concept gaining traction in the Indian market, offers a hyper-personalized curriculum within a community-based setting. With a smaller student-teacher ratio and a focus on tailored learning experiences, micro-schooling caters to the growing demand for flexible education options. Dreamtime Learning Hub has emerged as a leader in this space, providing parents with a platform to co-create personalized educational journeys for their children. Since its inception, Dreamtime Learning Hub has witnessed remarkable growth, boasting a substantial increase in student enrollment and educators.

Ms. Lina Ashar, Founder of Dreamtime Learning Hub, expressing her thoughts about the event, said, “Today’s meet was an essential platform for us to share our journey and vision with the community. Our theme ‘From Macaulay to Micro-Schools: Crafting the Future of Education with Lessons from the Past’ blends perfectly with our set vision. Dreamtime Learning Hub stands at the forefront of redefining education in India. Through immersive experiences like this, we aim to create awareness about our transformative approach, emphasizing the importance of hyper-personalized curriculum, collaboration and social-emotional learning. I believe education should be a life-changing experience that allows students to discover their passions, reach their full potential and positively impact the world around them. Through our cutting-edge educational initiatives, we’re disrupting traditional educational models and helping students of all ages succeed in the digital world. This is a transition from transactional education to transformational education.”

Dreamtime Learning Hub’s success in Hyderabad has paved the way for future expansion. The company aims to replicate its model in other academic hubs such as Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Delhi. Anticipating further growth, the company expects an increase in enrolment at its Hyderabad hub in the next session.

With its aesthetic design and focus on collaboration, Dreamtime Learning Hub provides an exclusive community where parents can co-create alongside their children in an engaging environment. At the core of Dreamtime Learning Hub’s approach is a multi-faceted educational philosophy that combines multimedia content, hands-on experiences, and in-person coaching to foster holistic learning and skill development. The hub’s unique blend of technology and experiential learning has garnered praise from parents and educators alike.

Dr N Aruna Rao, Principal/Hub Champ, Dreamtime Learning Hub, said, “I am excited to spearhead Dreamtime Learning Hub continuing the remarkable legacy of Ms. Lina Ashar’s 35 years of dedication. With the first micro-schooling hub, we bring the true spirit of personalized, blended, fast & flexible and technology-enabled learning engagement to our learners. Witnessing the joy of parents and their discussions about our innovative approach fills me with excitement. The transformation we bring to education in Hyderabad through our micro-school model is substantial, and I am eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead”.