Gathr to accelerate Gen AI innovations for enterprises with its upcoming launch

India, February 16, 2024 – Gathr Data Inc. today unveiled its plan to formally launch a set of Generative AI (Gen AI) capabilities, that will significantly expand the scope and depth of its data to outcome platform and strengthen its claim as a powerhouse in the data and AI space.

As a data-to-outcome platform, Gathr serves leading global enterprises. The upcoming launch will significantly strengthen Gathr’s existing data engineering clients, many of whom have shown interest in building Gen AI-powered solutions. Additionally, Gathr aims to break the status quo in the fragmented market of Gen AI tools, offering a simpler, unified approach to building Gen AI solutions.

“As CXOs in various industries strive to stay competitive, the adoption of Gen AI has become a top priority for them. Businesses’ focus has shifted significantly towards leveraging Gen AI to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. While organizations are keen on embracing this technology, yet they don’t have the necessary expertise. Hence the demand for ready-to-use Gen AI platforms and infrastructure solutions has surged. We are already talking to many industry leaders, who are upbeat about harnessing Gen AI to simplify and optimize data-driven workflows, as well as launch new innovative solutions. At the same time, they are grappling with concerns such as IP and data security, compliances, cost and performance issues, responsible and ethical usage, among others. In the coming days, we will make some important announcements on how we plan to address most of these challenges, and make Gen AI more accessible to startups and enterprises, alike.” said Gathr’s CEO, P.C. Kiran.

For the uninitiated, Gathr offers a unique data-to-outcome platform that helps enterprises handle real-time and batch data at petabyte scales and derive actionable insights for operational and strategic decision-making.

New Report Suggests India Can Expand Role in Global Semiconductor Value Chains

NEW DELHI—February 16, 2024—The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) today welcomed the release of a report evaluating India’s existing semiconductor ecosystem and policy frameworks and offering recommendations to facilitate longer-term strategic development of complementary semiconductor ecosystems in the U.S. and India. The report, titled “Assessing India’s Readiness to Assume a Greater Role in Global Semiconductor Value Chains,” was authored by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). It was commissioned by SIA and IESA through the U.S.-India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET) to inform government efforts to deepen commercial ties in this strategic sector.

“This is an exciting moment in history for the semiconductor industry and for strategic cooperation between the U.S. and India,” said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. “India is already an important link in the global semiconductor supply chain and has the opportunity to expand its role in our sector. While global competition for semiconductor investment is fierce, India’s value proposition is strong, and I’m confident it can grow even stronger with the right mix of government policies.”

Ashok Chandak, president of IESA, stated, “Given its rapidly expanding domestic market, a well-developed design ecosystem, supportive government policies, and concerted industry collaboration to tap global markets, the present juncture presents a unique opportunity for the establishment of semiconductor manufacturing in India. The report underscores India’s tremendous progress towards becoming a prime destination for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, capitalizing on its robust semiconductor design ecosystem.”

The ITIF report concludes India’s value proposition as an investment destination for high-tech industries is promising, and identifies opportunities in India to further improve its policy, regulatory, and business environment to better compete for investment from semiconductor companies seeking to diversify their supply chains. In particular, it recommends exploring further work in the following areas to strengthen India’s semiconductor competitiveness:

· Advance U.S.-India cooperation on semiconductors through a partnership under the CHIPS for America International Technology Security and Innovation Fund (ITSI);

· Create a pilot visa program to facilitate the circulation of skilled workers between the U.S. and India, as a potential deliverable of the iCET;

· Advance policy reforms to lower the cost of doing business for semiconductor companies in India, including offering tax breaks to chip companies, reducing customs administration burdens, and expediting clearance times for goods entering the country;

· Establish cross-sector partnerships with higher-education institutions to grow India’s semiconductor-ready workforce; and

· Facilitate robust and ongoing consultation with semiconductor industry stakeholders.

An event launching the report will take place on Feb. 22 at 9 a.m. EST at ITIF (700 K St NW, Suite 600 Washington DC, 20001).

Friday Fiction Films launches CSR FILMS – A specialised service

India, February 15th 2024: FridayFictionFilms, the award-winning Indian film production company, has introduced a specialised filmmaking service for corporates engaged in social projects. Called CSR Films, the service will bring FridayFictionFilms’ decade-old experience in handling social causes such as Light Pollution, Parenting, Language Manipulation, Child Abuse, Lesbian Wedding and Global Terrorism.


“Corporate films on social projects require specialised handling of narratives, one that tackles the cause as much as the project’s quantifiable and economic impact. These films not only report but also motivate businesses and the general public on issues they feel strongly about. CSR Films are our experience of over ten years of narrating issues through short films and creating tangible impacts,” says Tanmay Shah, CEO & Founder of FridayFictionFilms.

FridayFictionFilms has collaborations in place with prominent organisations across multiple sectors including IIM Ahmedabad, DDB Mudra, Levi’s, CWAS (Centre for Water and Sanitation), Shree Orthocare, Kalorex Group and Otsuka for CSR Films. Over ten years, the production house has collaborated with 100-plus businesses on issues of climate change, poverty alleviation, education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, and sustainable cities and communities using television commercials (TVC), animation videos, corporate films, CSR films, and short documentaries.

The CSR Films service will use a creative community-inclusive approach and utilise narratives such as stop-motion and animation to create impactful content for corporate social projects. Beyond the corporate projects, FFF will also use strategic partnerships with NGOs and corporations to facilitate fund-raising for projects, including government support where required. The company’s recent work for Setu Charitable Trust raised half a million rupees almost overnight for a community hospital in Gujarat. Today the hospital serves 400 patients every week.

“With the explosion of video consumption in people’s day-to-day lives, we foresee CSR Films becoming impact measurement reports for CSR projects. These social reports will humanise social activities and foster relatability and inspire action among stakeholders,” adds Shah.

FridayFictionFilms social films have consistently reached wide audiences across platforms on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, with many of them traveling to film festival circuits and being shown at corporate events and social gatherings.

Football legend from Manchester visit india

Manchester United and Norwegian Footballing legend – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – has arrived in India for a 3 city tour to interact with Manchester United fans in India.
Thousands of Manchester United fans across India thronged to the Mumbai airport to get a glimpse of one of their favourite football players and get a chance to interact with him.

Members of the Manchester United Supporters’ Club of Hyderabad (MUSCH) also made the journey early in the morning to meet with Ole Gunnar.
Taking the opportunity to interact with him, the MUSCH members presented the Legend with a miniature replica of Charminar – Hyderabad’s everlasting pride.
Upon receiving the token of appreciation and Hyderabadi love, Ole was touched and expressed his excitement at being welcomed with a prestigious gift.

MUSCH is one of the most active Fan club chapters that Manchester United has around the globe. With match screenings and global membership being offered by MUSCH to all Manchester United fans in and around Hyderabad, the Supporters’ club is in their own words “keeping the red flag flying high”

AISECT Publications Unveils its Literary Treasures at the 51st World Book Fair in New Delhi

Delhi, February 9, 2024: AISECT Publications, a leading force in education and publishing, proudly announces its participation in the highly anticipated 51st World Book Fair set to enchant book lovers from February 10th to 18th, 2024, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. As anticipation mounts for this literary extravaganza AISECT Publications invites all creators and enthusiasts to Hall No. 2, Stall No. 3, where a showcase of literary excellence awaits.

This World Book Fair is poised to be an extraordinary affair, featuring innovative initiatives and record-breaking endeavours aimed at captivating audiences of all ages. With the theme “Multilingual India: A Living Tradition,” the fair celebrates linguistic diversity and cultural exchange. With over 1500 publishers from India and abroad participating, the visitors can immerse themselves in a treasure trove of literature spanning 22 Indian languages and foreign tongues. From the theme pavilion to the children’s corner and author’s enclave, the fair offers something for everyone.

In a groundbreaking move, a dedicated B2B zone will debut at the fair facilitating fruitful business engagements and fostering collaboration within the publishing industry. Highlighting the spirit of innovation the National Book Trust (NBT) sets the stage for record-breaking feats, exemplified by its recent achievement at the Pune Book Fair where the word “India” was crafted using 18 thousand books, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

AISECT Publications is proud to present a diverse array of literature at the upcoming World Book Fair. Their offerings encompass a wide spectrum, including children’s literature, science, art literature and culture insights. Among the highlights are magazines covering various genres, a rich anthology spanning two centuries of science poems, a treasury of science fiction, and a compendium of stories showcasing writers from across the nation such as Katha Desh, Katha Madhya Pradesh, and Katha Bhopal along with an extensive series of stories. The catalogue extends to encompass popular science books from Vishwarang and Rabindranath Tagore University, among others, making the selection valuable for libraries, research students, colleges, and universities. Furthermore, AISECT Publication is also bringing a variety of services to facilitate book publishing.

Speaking about the event, Santosh Choubey- Chairman AISECT Group said “Through literature, we cultivate the seeds of wisdom by engaging with the diverse perspectives and insights offered by authors from various backgrounds and cultures. Literature serves as a medium through which we explore human experiences, emotions and ideas, gaining valuable insights into ourselves and the world around us. Moreover, literature nurtures the essence of cultural exchange by bridging gaps between different communities and fostering understanding and empathy. As we delve into the works of writers from different regions and linguistic backgrounds, we gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of human cultures and traditions. At the World Book Fair, readers converge to explore literary treasures, fostering a global community of learners and dreamers”.

Storytelling programs, reading marathons, and cultural showcases will echo the call for literary excellence and cultural celebration championed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

AISECT Publications cordially invites everyone to embark on a journey of discovery and enlightenment at the 51st World Book Fair to celebrate the power of words to inspire, educate, and unite. This year, the world’s largest book fair will highlight the National Education Policy 2020’s emphasis on enhancing children’s language skills. This will be achieved by concentrating on the advancement of ‘listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

This year, the premier focus of the world’s largest book fair will underscore the National Education Policy 2020’s commitment on enhancing children’s language skills. This will be achieved by concentrating on the advancement of ‘listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

NP Digital India and Sanskriti’s Innovative Campaign, ‘Esho Hey Ram,’ Celebrates Cultural Fusion

India, 09th February 2023 – NP Digital India, a leading performance driven creative digital marketing agency and Sanskriti, a dynamic cultural ecosystem, proudly announce the successful culmination of their collaborative campaign titled “Esho Hey Ram.” Launched on the auspicious occasion of the Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony, this campaign aimed to present the original song, ‘Esho Hey Ram’ by Saptadeep Nath & Ujjaini Mukherjee, to audiences across India, with a special focus on resonating with Bengali speaking communities in West Bengal.

isho hey ram

To amplify the campaign’s reach, Sanskriti partnered with NP Digital India. Using state-of-the-art AI visual art technology, the NPDI team produced an engaging song launch video without requiring extensive video shoots. Through the integration of AI-aided video production, the campaign seamlessly incorporated animations, ensuring broad appeal across diverse social media platforms.

Furthermore, the decision to not showcase real-time faces during the song launch was deliberate. Instead, an AI-aided video was developed, which allowed for the creation of compelling visuals without the need for live-action filming. This approach not only saved time and resources but also enhanced the campaign’s reach by making it more relatable to diverse audiences.

Mr. Prady, CEO of NP Digital India, expressed his delight, stating, “We are thrilled to have partnered with Sanskriti for this culturally significant campaign. Our team at NP Digital India worked smartly to deliver a compelling song launch video and related collaterals, utilizing cutting-edge AI visual art. The success of ‘Esho Hey Ram’ underscores the power of innovation and collaboration in reaching and engaging audiences effectively.”

The campaign exceeded expectations, with ‘Esho Hey Ram’ receiving impressive viewership across social media platforms:

· Over 4 million Views on Facebook

· Over 2.5 million Views on Instagram

· Over 169,000 Views on YouTube

Keerthivasan Subramaniam, Founder of Sanskriti, shared similar sentiments, emphasizing the importance of the campaign in celebrating cultural diversity and fostering artistic expression. “Sanskriti is committed to promoting global culture and artistry, and our partnership with NP Digital India exemplifies our dedication to delivering meaningful content to our audiences. ‘Esho Hey Ram’ has resonated deeply with viewers, reaffirming our mission to be a leading cultural platform”.

The campaign’s success shows that new ideas in digital marketing and content creation work well, especially when using AI technology. The success of ‘Esho Hey Ram’ demonstrates Sanskriti’s ability to captivate audiences with innovative, AI-infused content, reinforcing its position as a leading cultural platform.

S4’s Media.Monks names Robert Godinho as Managing Director of Content for India

India, 8 February 2024 – S4 Capital’s operating brand Media.Monks, a digital-first, unitary, advertising and marketing services company, promotes Robert Godinho as Managing Director of Content India, to focus on best-in-class creative innovation, fuelled by AI and its talent hub.

Robert Godinho has been elevated from his role heading the Media.Monks India production hub and will now oversee all operations as Managing Director, Content in India, to reflect an expanded scope. It comes as the company expands its India talent base, increasing existing capabilities in AI and creative technology to service and transform leading brands in India and around the world. Media.Monks India Director Poran Malani, who was core in setting up the Media.Monks team in India will leave the company.

Bruno Lambertini, Co-CEO, of the Content practice, says: “As one of the fastest growing markets in APAC, and indeed the world, we view India as an important strategic part of our own growth. The Media.Monks India business is also a hub for creative innovation, so it is well placed to help businesses harness the huge potential of AI, now. The new era for the India business, under the stewardship of Robert Godinho, is rooted in putting these capabilities into the hands of brands, be that hyper-personalisation, workflow automation or virtual production.”

Godinho is ideally placed to drive Media.Monks in this new era. An entrepreneur at heart, his creative studio WhiteBalance merged with Media.Monks in 2020 for its path-breaking work in film production and creative tech innovation.

His vision for building solutions that merge art and tech inspires his innovation teams to develop solutions that can help brands automate and build assets at scale to complement their digital content creation. Some achievements include setting up a Virtual Production studio in Film City, helping brands create AI-enabled campaigns personalized for regional consumers and building assets at scale for large brands that have been deployed from India to the World.

“We are building a Centre of Excellence for brands powered by insights, creativity, AI and innovation in India. This is not only to service our national clients but also international Media.Monks brands as well, through our established creative production and innovation hub. India has the opportunity to be at the epicenter of transforming brands by ensuring they are AI-friendly and AI-proof. We want to drive this by proving that AI is not a buzzword. We will do this by leading with it within our own business and handing on the learnings for clients to reap the benefits,” explains Robert Godinho.

Media.Monks was named by Adweek as its first-ever AI Agency of the Year in November. The award was given for demonstrating exceptional talent, creativity, and ingenuity in the application of generative AI in both internal operations and client work.

The Media.Monks India office services local, regional and global clients through its combination of local services and a specialist technical talent hub. Under Godinho’s stewardship, there will be enhanced collaboration between the two, alongside investment into talent to enhance creative, AI and technology capabilities.

Godinho reports to the recently appointed VP, Head of Content, APAC Matthew Godfrey, who joined Media.Monks in October 2023. The Data and Media divisions of Media.Monks India continue to report to Kenny Griffiths, Managing Director, APAC of DDM at Media. Monks.

Sahil Shah to kick start his India tour with his solo comedy special ‘Broken’.

India, 7th February 2024: Prepare yourself for a laughter-packed journey as stand-up comedian Sahil Shah brings his brand-new solo comedy special “Broken” to audiences across India, delivering quick-witted wordplay and observational comedy that will leave you in splits.


Sahil is tired of feeling tired. He doesn’t fit into Gen Z or Gen Y and calls himself ‘Gen Ex-Hausted’ now, and this is what his upcoming standup sets are all about. People who are just done with life. So, join him for an hour of storytelling, unfiltered comedy, silly puns, nonsensical jokes, improvisation, props and the most bizarre thoughts of what exhausted people sound like. Sahil’s multi-city tour kicks off with Pune on February 10th and will make its way to Goa, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai and wrapping up with Hyderabad. Hurry, and grab your tickets at Paytm and Paytm Insider as they will disappear faster than his punchlines!

Pun master Sahil has a knack for finding humour in the ordinary. In “Broken”, catch him celebrating life’s imperfections, turning an exhausted mind’s struggles into relatable and funny one-liners. Through this show, he looks back at all the true yet hilarious incidents that have led him to this place in his life. His comedy rightly hits the sweet spot between silly and relatable, making it hard for you not to roll with laughter at his exceptional comedic timing.

Varun Khare, Business Head, Paytm Insider, said, “We are happy to host Sahil Shah’s ‘Broken’ India Tour- an ultimate laughter riot. Being a comic for all ages, we truly believe he will leave you in splits with a refreshing blend of inane wordplay, observational comedy, and signature witty expressions. We are eager to kick off this laughter-packed journey where Sahil celebrates the quirks of life by making hilarious digs on the amusing imperfections of being ‘gen-exhausted’. “

Sahil is one of India’s most promising young talents on the comedy circuit who has performed over 900 shows spanning the length and breadth of the country and even abroad like New York, London, Singapore and Dubai. He rose to fame as one of the founding members of the prestigious East India Comedy troupe and is a regular at the Comedy Store. With a childishly crazy sense of humour, the Mumbai-based comedian amusingly lets his inner ‘problem child’ out and has that innate ability to spread joy – which is one thing that the world seriously needs the most right now. His YouTube show, which goes by the name ‘The Ad Show’, has more than a million views!

So, book your spots and laugh away with Sahil as he realizes that he’s far from being whole; he’s clearly very “Broken”!

India Tour Schedule

· Hippie @ Heart Balewadi High Street, Pune – February 10

· LVC Comedy & Music Cafe, Goa – February 11

· Medai – The Stage, Chennai – February 18 – Medai

· Laughter Nation – Hauz Khas Village, Delhi – February 24

· Bailey’s Diner, Gurugram – February 25

· Baroda Productivity Council, Vadodara – March 2

· Prayogshala, Ahmedabad – March 3

· Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined, Bengaluru – March 9

· Sophia Bhabha Auditorium, Mumbai – March 10

· Mindspace Social, Hyderabad – March 24

Landmark Group Transforms Ecomm Fulfilment Centre in Kuwait with Innovative Automation Solution

India, 6th February 2024: Landmark Group, a leading retail and ecommerce conglomerate in the GCC, has entered into a strategic partnership with Addverb, a global leader in robotic and automation solutions, to modernise its Fulfilment centre in Kuwait.

With an established legacy, Landmark Group has consistently pioneered consumer experiences across MENA, India and Southeast Asia.

The integration of Addverb’s cutting-edge automation into the group’s Kuwait fulfilment centre not only enhances operational efficiency but also reinforces Landmark Group’s standing as an industry leader dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction through ongoing innovation and strategic partnerships. The fulfilment centre now features an innovative automation solution, including a fleet of Zippy, Addverb’s robotic sorters, with a system throughput of up to 1,000 sorts per hour. Additionally, the centre utilises Quadron, Addverb’s carton shuttles, each boasting a throughput of up to 100 crates per hour.


In this innovative collaboration, the order fulfilment process begins with careful categorisation of items into bulky & non-bulky category. Post this, an automated conveyor is used to transfer non bulky items to get it sorted via Zippy system and move to the pack station. Additionally, mechanisms are defined in system for integrating bulky & non-bulky items at pack stations.

Addverb takes pride in contributing to Landmark Group’s vision for a future-ready fulfilment centre. This partnership exemplifies Addverb’s commitment to pioneering intelligent automation solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.

“Creating an adaptive and agile supply chain is part of our supply chain vision. We are happy to collaborate with Addverb to elevate our Kuwait fulfilment centre operations,” said Pawan Kaura, Head Ecommerce Operations, Landmark Group. “The integration of warehouse automation not only enhances our operational efficiency but also ensures that our customers receive their orders accurately and promptly. This investment in automation aligns with our commitment to delivering unparalleled service and experiences.”

“Partnering with the Landmark Group fills us with immense pride. This synergy reinforces our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art automation solutions and amplifies our dedication to efficiency, reliability, and accuracy. Landmark Group brings a wealth of expertise and a legacy of excellence to this strategic partnership. This collaboration is a testament to the trust and confidence that industry giants place in Addverb.” mentioned Pieter Feenstra, CEO of Addverb EMEA.

Get ready to set the dance floors ablaze with these top 5 tracks from Vh1 Supersonic’s

Vh1 Supersonic artist, Major Lazer Soundsystem, an influential force in the world of electronic and dancehall music, has left an indelible mark on the global music scene. Major Lazer is a Jamaican-American electronic dance music and DJ trio, which includes record producer Diplo, and DJs Walshy Fire and Ape Drums. Known for their groovy beats, Diplo and Walshy of the trio have a strong and rooted connection with India. Did you know that Diplo, at the age of 20, moved to India to kickstart his career and Walshy has been open about his fondness for India’s cultural diversity and how it’s close to his heart.

 So, before we get to witness their magnificent live performance this month, let’s recap their Top 5 tracks!


 1. Lean On: This Global smash was shot in India which was #1 in over 40 countries and has over 6.5 billion streams on Spotify alone. The catchy tune and energetic dance move along with traditional Indian props fueled a worldwide dance craze, with countless remixes and renditions emerging all over the world, including India.

 2. Cold Water: A melodic pop perfection, captivating hearts and topping charts, known for its summer vibes, making Major Lazer Soundsystem a household name. This is another chart-topping collaboration featuring Justin Bieber, racking up over 3.5 billion streams.

 3. Powerful: This song is an anthem of hope and unity, resonating with India’s diverse youth, finding power in music and community. This is an uplifting anthem with over 600 million streams and was initially planned to be the lead single from the album but was scrapped in favor of Lean On.


 4. Light It Up: For this song, the artists crafted 50 texture effects along with custom algorithms to implement them, creating a CG environment complete with lighting, camera setups, and textures. Subsequently, the film underwent re-editing to synchronize with Major Lazer’s “Light it Up” track before being shared online, accumulating over 100 million views.

 5. Know No Better: Hip-hop infused pop fusion, showcasing Major Lazer Soundsystem’s genre- bending prowess, attracting a wider audience in India. This song features an all-star lineup and catchy beats, with over 1.5 billion streams.