Let the Town’s Irresistible Bachelor Sweep You Off Your Feet and Discover the Magic of #FoundLoveAtColorbar

Mumbai, 09th February 2024: Let’s face it, finding the one perfect match is hard work. After multiple breakdowns in the middle of the day, we realised it is no Disney movie! Or is it? Well, beauties, we’ve uncovered the secret to turning our lives into fairytales! All it takes is four magic words – Be brave and experiment! Like we do with our beauty essentials, the ones we can’t let go of, the potions we need for dabs of confidence. It took a bit of experimenting, a dash of bravery, an iota of inner magic and voila we got ourselves the perfect beauty products!

found love

That is exactly how we #FoundLoveAtColorbar. This forever kind of love makes us glow all day long, follows us everywhere and makes our lives creamy-easy. We think cupid would love to pair the two of you too. Meet the ultimate bachelor in town – our latest Crystal Glow Face Gloss! A one-of-a–kind liquid spell that grants you glass-like skin in seconds. Forget the 10 step Korean skincare routine, ‘cause we have the suave, non-sticky (read non-clingy) eligible bachelor right here with us.

Infused with crystal-like ultrafine reflecting pigments, this moisturizing magic feels as weightless as a breeze, crafting a translucent luminosity that’s the perfect mix of playful and fabulous. Enriched with the power of Hyaluronic Acid, it delivers a luxurious hydration boost, making sure that confidence doesn’t just shine, but radiates from within! Take your pick from two variants – Golden Gaze and Pink Charm – each thoughtfully curated to complement every skin type and complexion.

Another green flag, the Crystal Glow Face Gloss is vegan and 100% cruelty-free! Add a few drops of Crystal Glow Face Gloss to your foundation. Or if you feel like getting a skincare glow-up? Introduce it to your moisturiser for that instant glass-like shine! Who needs diamonds when you can be one? Priced at INR 1299, try, experiment and we bet you won’t be able to resist its charm. Shine on, you radiant beauty, and make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

Embark on your journey to radiant beauty by discovering our Crystal Glow Face Gloss at any of our exclusive stores or online: https://bit.ly/Crystalglow. And as you step out with your newfound glow, don’t forget to tag #FoundLoveAtColorbar to share your love story with us!

So, get ready to dance to the rhythm of love with Colorbar – because when it comes to beauty and romance, we’ve got you covered