LG Empowers Consumers to Take Control of Energy Bills with New Air Conditioner Campaign: “You Decide Your Bill”

Bengaluru, March 21st, 2024: LG Electronics, India’s one of the leading consumer durables company, unveiled its new consumer campaign on 2024 range of Air Conditioners, “You Decide Your Bill,” focused on addressing the top purchase barrier i.e. running costs. Consumers often hesitate to purchase air conditioners due to concerns about high electricity bills. Based on this insight LG has Introduced India’s First AC with Energy Manager.

Energy Manager Feature in Air Conditioner: The feature is integrated into the LG ThinQ app, enabling user:

  •  To set electricity consumption for the AC for a specified period
  • To optimize cooling capacity of the AC based on the target set for one time, during the AC’s running period
  •  to manage the electricity consumption

This campaign aims to create awareness on how LG’s 2024 air conditioner range tackles this issue head-on with the innovative Energy Manager feature. This feature empowers user to control the electricity bill thus, defining the campaign thought – You Decide Your Bill.

The concept of this campaign is simple yet powerful. It leverages relatable scenarios, showcasing how rising electricity bills can disrupt families’ daily lives and cherished moments. By empowering consumers to manage their energy consumption, LG aims to restore those moments and ensure that families can enjoy the comfort of their homes without financial stress.

With an investment of approximately $3 million in consumer awareness campaign, LG is committed to bringing this transformative technology to consumers worldwide, reaffirming its position as an industry leader in innovation and consumer-centric solutions.

Sanjay Chitkara – Senior Vice President -Residential Air Conditioners, LG Electronics India said, “With LG’s Energy Manager, we’re putting the power to control energy consumption directly in the hands of consumers. This consumer campaign reflects our commitment to offering sustainable and user-centric technology solutions. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to delivering products that enhance consumers’ lives, LG continues to push the boundaries of technology to create a more sustainable and connected world.”