Arika Singh Wins at National Fame Awards 2024, Bags Trophy for Tarot and Astrology

Arika Singh - National Fame Awards

Spiritual guidance and divination influencer Arika Singh is the founder and creator of Divine Empress Vibes, having journeyed from Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle Influencing to tarot card reading, psychic healing, and astrology. She was honored with the prestigious National Fame Award 2024 recently held at the Club, Mumbai, winning the trophy for Excellence in Tarot Card Reading & Astrology. The award was presented to her by Dia Mirza.

Upon receiving the award, Arika Singh said, “I’m truly honored to receive this spiritual award; it’s a testament to the invisible threads that connect us all in the pursuit of higher knowledge and compassion. This accolade fuels my passion to delve deeper into spirituality and serve as a beacon of light, hope, and inspiration to others.”

A natural-born psychic, Arika has earned her reputation through accurate predictions, garnering numerous testimonials from satisfied clients. However, her path in spiritualism and divination was not predetermined. Arika discovered her path through an innate calling. Arika invested time and effort into mastering the craft and overcoming doubts and fears.

Born on the 7th, the most spiritual number in astrology, she is considered an old soul, a Starseed, and a Lightworker. Formerly immersed in marketing and social media, Arika’s destiny turned to spirituality, leading her to create Divine Empress Vibes, where she has impacted the lives of over 50,000 global clients. What started as a personal exploration soon transformed into a mission to provide guidance, healing, and empowerment to others.

Recognized as one of India’s top 10 tarot card readers, Arika has become a source of ageless wisdom on social media platforms. Arika possesses expertise in a diverse range of divination tools and spiritual services. She is highly skilled in various spiritual practices, including Tarot Card reading, candle magic healing, astrology, Angelic Reiki healing, Runes reading, and Akashic Records reading. Notably, Arika is also a Ph.D. candidate in tarot reading, showcasing her commitment to advancing the field of divination.

Arika’s journey into spirituality deepened during two significant spiritual awakenings triggered by the loss of both her parents within 1.5 years. This period of introspection led her to delve into Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Candle Magic, and connecting with the Divine. Arika’s personal growth and continuous learning have fueled her commitment to helping others unlock their true potential through tarot readings and spiritual guidance.

Arika’s online presence, marked by daily videos on Instagram and YouTube, went viral, attesting to the resonance of her content with a vast audience seeking spiritual guidance. Her readings provide empowerment, comfort, and emotional connection for her clients. Her journey, marked by challenges that would daunt the strongest, is a testament to her resilience. Just like the legendary phoenix, Arika’s life journey has been one of rising from the ashes, inspiring others to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Arika’s mission extends beyond providing readings; she aims to instill hope and positivity in those she touches. Her wisdom, drawn from diverse spiritual teachings, emphasizes the power of self-perception, the law of attraction, and the transformative potential within everyone. In a world where challenges abound, Arika Singh is a guiding light, illuminating paths and empowering others to create their destinies. With a heart fueled by compassion, an unwavering spirit, and a wealth of spiritual knowledge, she leaves an indelible mark on those she encounters.