The Maverick Motivator

Raunaq Kakkar,

“One huge step to success begins with a single failure” says Raunaq Kakkar, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Lawpreneurz, Found My Teacher and MarriedUp

Mumbai, 7th June 2024: Showcasing the many dimensions of Raunaq Kakkar as the one who turned his failure around into successful ventures. As a game-changer, Raunaq has furthered 250 start-ups across industries such as AI, Education, Agriculture, and Logistics, including diverse sectors to raise their seed capital. Charging on the dynamic momentum, Raunaq now aims towards a 2.0 plan in fostering 2000 founders in the coming year.

TED Talk in 2018 brought Raunaq within the vision of the movers and shakers. In 2022 he was awarded by the Government of Maharashtra and in 2023 he was felicitated in Dubai at the Education 2.0 event.

To help advance businesses abroad, Raunaq’s ‘Found My Teacher’ is a singular platform that coaches’ entrepreneurs in languages that are critical to success and sharpening their comms.  Raunaq has fostered 250 clients in the US, UK, Middle East, and India. With his entrepreneurial skills and astute intellect, he has raised a seed capital of 3 – 5 million USD for them.

Raunaq now aims to help 2000 founders as a fitting acknowledgment to an overwhelming response.

As a Serial Entrepreneur, he now seeks the support to collaborate with global entrepreneurs and expand his business acumen to different horizons. The journey forward is to promote 2000 business owners in the coming year.