Komal Syal, Team Head and MD, Bank Julius Baer, Singapore joins coto to drive the vision of women’s financial inclusion

National, 19 March 2024: coto, a groundbreaking women-only social community platform for digital entrepreneurship, proudly announces Komal Syal’s appointment as its newest Community Advisor. This move signifies the platform’s progressive approach to establishing a robust network of influential women leaders worldwide.

As a Community Advisor, Komal Syal will work closely with coto’s leadership team to develop strategies that promote inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment of coto women within the communities. Her insights will enrich decision-making processes and ensure that coto remains a trusted ally for women seeking connection, support, and personal growth. She will play a pivotal role in furthering coto’s mission of building a safe and responsible digital environment for women. Thus, encouraging them to create and consume content, share opinions and build connections, gain knowledge, and monetize their skills and expertise.

Komal holds the Managing Director and Team Head position at Bank Julius Baer in Singapore. With vast knowledge and experience as a private banker in various locations like India, the UK, and Singapore, she has previously catered to diverse markets including Brunei, Japan, and Russia. Throughout her career, Komal has stood out as the sole successful woman in the sales function, amongst her other male colleagues in the team. Her proven track record of empowering women across the Banking and Financial Service sector aligns perfectly with coto’s goal of financial independence and inclusion of women digitally. Her strategic insight and advocacy efforts are set to enhance the support and opportunities available to coto women significantly, driving forward the platform’s mission to empower digital entrepreneurship among women worldwide.

Komal Syal brings to coto a wealth of experience in banking, finance, and community engagement, alongside a passionate advocacy for women’s empowerment. Her role at coto will involve collaborating with the leadership team to spearhead initiatives that bolster inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment among coto’s community members. Syal’s expertise will be instrumental in guiding coto towards its goal of creating a safe, supportive, and dynamic digital environment for women.

Expressing her excitement about associating with coto, Komal shared, “I find the current gender ratio within the Banking industry, especially in Global NRI, less than ideal, with perhaps no more than 10% representation of women on the front lines, excluding support roles in the back office. In my role as a coto community advisor, I am committed to changing this narrative. My goal is to cultivate a team of empowered women, mentor them to become confident risk-takers, assertive leaders, and advocates for gender neutrality in the workplace.”

Commenting on Komal’s new onboarding, Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder of coto, said, “We are delighted to welcome Komal Syal to the coto family. Her profound commitment to empowering women and her expertise in fostering positive change makes her an invaluable asset to us and our mission. With her unique perspective and rich experience, we are certain that Komal will guide us in expanding coto’s horizons and empower women worldwide.”

Before her tenure at Bank Julius Baer, Singapore, Komal was the Managing Director and Team Head at Standard Chartered in Singapore for five years. As a mother of three daughters, she takes pride in instilling in them the values and principles of independence as women, encompassing financial management, educational pursuits, and household responsibilities from an early age. Komal actively engages her daughters in discussions about financial news, current affairs, and international updates, fostering a shared interest in staying informed within the family.

Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery announces Its Annual Sale: Elevate Your Style Game everyday

National, 7th March 2024: Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery, a leading brand in Fashion & Silver Jewellery, unveiled its much-awaited Annual March Sale, commencing on 1 st of March . This year’s campaign is centered on a robust consumer insight: Harnessing the aspiration to embody one’s finest self. The campaign promotes embracing ones’ best self through jewellery that elevates confidence and enhances every look.


 This annual event isn’t just about discounts; it encourages women to be imbued with glamour and sophistication on every occasion, anchored by a mesmerizing film that follows the journey of a modern working woman on her daily commute. As she navigates through life’s everyday moments, she’s captivated by the transformative power of Kushal’s signature jewellery pieces.

 From vibrant coloured beads to bold zircons and a chic, elegant range of 92.5 sterling silver designs, each creation reflects Kushal’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, offering something for every style and occasion. The collection boasts a diverse range, from dazzling statement necklaces to delicate earrings and elegant bracelets, catering to every style, occasion, and woman’s taste.

 Expressing his thoughts on the campaign, Ankit Gulechha, Director of Marketing at Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery, said, “We believe that every moment is an opportunity to shine, and our jewellery serves as a catalyst for self-expression and confidence. As we extend our warm greetings to all women and invite them to celebrate Women’s Day with us, we reaffirm our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for our existing and new customers. Our Annual March Sale isn’t just about attracting new shoppers; it’s about strengthening our bond with existing patrons, ensuring they continue feeling valued and empowered with every purchase.”

Sony BBC Earth names Uma Mani as Earth Champion for the month

National, February 22, 2024:

Sony BBC Earth, one of the most loved factual entertainment channels, proudly presents Mrs Uma Mani as the Earth Champion for the month. Known as the Coral Woman of India, an artist and PADI-certified scuba diver, Uma, exemplifies the fusion of passion and action towards the conservation of coral reefs.


Uma Mani’s journey to becoming the Coral Woman of India began on the vibrant streets of Dindugul, Tamil Nadu. Taking an unexpected turn at the age of 49, she decided to become a PADI-certified scuba diver. This transformative decision was not just about exploring the underwater world but a commitment to safeguarding the delicate ecosystems beneath the surface. Uma’s dual passion for painting and scuba diving converged into a symphony of art. The canvas became her medium, and the ocean, her muse. Each stroke captured the essence of an underwater world. Uma has been using her artistic expression as tool to spark meaningful conversations about the threats faced by coral reefs, including bleaching, pollution, and global warming.

Watch her Earth Champions video here.

Earth Champions is a monthly property of Sony BBC Earth that is committed to honouring real-life heroes making a substantial impact on our planet. The channel showcases the work done by the Earth Champions in a short-form content format with befitting music. The video is telecasted on the channel and promoted on network channels apart from the online medium.


The Iconic Raveena Tandon Gets Candid In Femina’s February 2024 Issue

National, 16th February 2024: From her vibrant debut on Mumbai’s bustling streets in Patthar Ke Phool to her riveting portrayal of a ruthless character in her latest web series Karmma Calling, Raveena Tandon has essayed a variety of diverse roles, capturing hearts and minds across generations. In Femina’s February 2024 issue, the multi-talented artist offers us a glimpse into her process of role selection, candidly discussing the transformative shifts that have shaped her recent endeavours. The Cover Story offers an exclusive insight into the actor’s journey.

Femina's February 2024 Issue features Raveena Tandon

Speaking about the way she approaches her work, Raveena reveals, “It is my strong belief that… every day is a new chapter and a new learning experience. I never close myself to that, since I am a director’s actor. I leave myself at home when I’m on the set, and hand myself over to the director to mould me into the character that is solely his or her vision.”

About her most recent role, she says, “In Karmma Calling, I play an unapologetically rich and powerful, high-society lady, the ultra-glamorous Indrani Kothari who does not shy away from deceit or betrayal. What excites me is doing something completely different from what I’ve done last, and Indrani was that.”

With regard to her life’s philosophy, Raveena shares, “I don’t expect anything from anything or anyone… If it comes to you, great; it will be a pleasant surprise. If it doesn’t, you continue putting in your hard work and leave it to the audiences and to fate. It’s something I learned from my dad, and never let go of.”

In this interview, Raveena exudes positivity and resilience, transcending the noise of trolls and embracing the joys of family and career with grace.

Cornitos Dips – The Ultimate Snacking Companion

National, February 2024- Snack lovers are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting dips to complement their irresistible snacking experiences. Cornitos, India’s leading made-in-India nachos brand offers Chunky Salsa- Hot & Mild and Cheesy Jalapeno Dip for every dip lover.

Cornitos Dips

Cornitos Chunky Salsa Dip is a delightful condiment that combines succulent juicy tomatoes with spicy peppers and herbs. If you desire a tangy salsa dip with a hot kick, your search ends here! Cornitos chunky salsa dip can add excitement to just about any dish. It pairs wonderfully with our Nachos, creating a flavour explosion for your taste buds. Whether you are using as a dip or using it as a topping, Cornitos Chunky Salsa Dip is a versatile and zesty addition to your culinary adventures.

Hot salsa is for spice enthusiasts. It delivers a pronounced heat due to the use of Jalapeno peppers. In Mild Salsa focus is on the flavours of tomatoes, onions, and a hint of chili, without an overpowering heat. If you enjoy spicy foods and want your salsa to have a real kick, hot salsa is the way to go. Mild salsa is the least spicy option, provides a gentle heat that won’t overwhelm taste buds. Both the variants are priced at Rs 165 for 330g each.

Cheesy Jalapeno Dip- Creamy and flavourful condiment that combines the richness of cheese with the zesty kick of jalapeños. Cornitos Cheesy Jalapeno Dip is the perfect balance of smooth cheese and the boldness of jalapeños. Elevate any snack item – Spread it on nachos, drizzle it over tacos, wraps or enjoy it as a dip with your favourite crunchy snacks. Priced at Rs 80 for 100g.

Cornitos dips are Gluten-Free, Zero Trans Fat, Zero Cholesterol, and free from added preservatives, making it a quality and exciting addition to your snacking range. They can make even the boring meals tasteful and give a twist to your regular snacks.

Sony BBC Earth unveils thrilling February lineup: Prepare for the ‘Deadly’ Adventure!

National, February 09, 2024:

 Sony BBC Earth is all set to dazzle audiences this February with an array of ‘Deadly’ shows. The channel promises an entertaining experience that offers an insight into the wonders and perils of the natural world with Deadly 60 Series 1 and Deadly 60 Series 2, Specials.

Deadly 60

Picture shows: Steve Backshall washing elephant.
Location : India. PRIMARY IMAGE.

  Leading the charge is the adrenaline-fueled adventure series, ‘Deadly 60 Series 1’, featuring renowned wildlife expert Steve Backshall. In the first series, Backshall embarks on a globe-trotting quest to uncover the planet’s 60 most lethal creatures. From the depths of the ocean to the heart of dense jungles, Backshall’s journey is a thrilling expedition into nature’s deadliest predators. In the second series i.e. ‘Deadly 60 Series 2, Specials’, Backshall’s mission intensifies as he braves harsh terrains and treacherous environments to confront nature’s fiercest adversaries. Each episode promises heart-pounding encounters with creatures that wield lethal weaponry in their quest for survival.

 As Sony BBC Earth gears up for an entertaining February, audiences can prepare to be transported into the heart of the wild, where every moment is a test of survival and a thrilling encounter with the world’s deadliest inhabitants. This month, share the thrill of a special ‘Deadly’ adventure, beginning at 8 PM, as we celebrate the fierce beauty of the natural world together.

 Catch ‘Deadly 60 Series 1’ on February 12th at 8 PM, and ‘Deadly 60 Series 2’ at 8:00 PM. Don’t miss the thrill!

New in the Snack Aisle: Beyond Snack Unveils Coconut Oil Banana Chips Offering Consistent Taste and Quality

National, February 07, 2024: Beyond Snack, a Kerala banana chips brand and renowned name in the snack industry, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest product – Kerala Banana Chips in Coconut Oil, a unique blend of traditional Kerala banana chips cooked in coconut oil. This new offering is the epitome of Beyond Snack’s commitment to quality, health, and authentic taste.

For centuries, Kerala’s banana chips have been synonymous with coconut oil. Aligning with this tradition, Beyond Snack endeavored to create a product that delivers consistent taste and texture and embraces healthier cooking methods. After an intensive 8-month product development phase, Beyond Snack is now ready to meet the high expectations of health-conscious consumers.

coconut oil

Building on the momentum of the ’24 Carat Taste’ campaign, Beyond Snack’s introduction of Kerala Banana Chips in Coconut Oil represents a thoughtful blend of tradition and modern health consciousness. Emphasizing coconut oil’s traditional significance in Kerala’s culinary landscape, this launch reinforces the brand’s dedication to celebrating cultural heritage while addressing the nutritional preferences of today’s consumers. This launch is a reflection of Beyond Snack’s ongoing efforts to blend cultural authenticity with modern health standards, providing consumers with an indulgent yet guilt-free snacking experience.

What sets this product apart in the market? It is made without onion and garlic, catering to consumers who seek fasting-friendly options. Significant to this product is our transition to using rock salt, an alternative to the commonly used refined salt. The standout feature of this new product lies in its cleanliness – we’ve meticulously curated these banana chips with hygiene as a top priority. What sets them apart is that they’re the first-ever branded banana chips made with coconut oil. This enhances the chips’ health benefits and adds a delicious twist to the classic snack.

Manas Madhu, Co-Founder of Beyond Snack, said, “With Kerala Banana Chips in coconut oil, we’ve embraced the historical connection of coconut oil and banana chips and elevated the snack to meet modern health expectations. Our rigorous development process and thoughtful ingredient selection are a nod to our responsibility towards our consumers who trust us for quality and experience.”

Beyond Snack’s commitment to quality and nutrition remains unchanged. Like all our products, these coconut oil-based banana chips are gluten-free, non-GMO, and made with real, premium ingredients. As always, they are free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours, ensuring that every bite is a wholesome, guilt-free indulgence.

Kerala banana chips made with Coconut oil will be available in 85gm packets at a price of Rs 75 per pack. Consumers can purchase these healthy and delicious chips across all leading e-commerce platforms.