Zee Tamil’s ‘Nenjathai Killathey’ will take you to the world of responsibilities, sacrifice & love

Chennai, 01 July 2024: Zee Tamil, one of the leading entertainment channels in Tamil Nadu, is known for delivering a diverse range of captivating content that deeply resonates with its audience. Over the years, the channel has launched several memorable shows that have captivated the imaginations of the viewers. Now, as the channel gears up for the new show, ‘Nenjathai Killathey’, expectations are very high. Set to premiere from 1st July, Nenjathai Killathey will telecast every Monday to Friday at XX pm, only on Zee Tamil!

Last week, an unconventional trend was observed across Tamil Nadu, catching the attention of many passersby, and sparking curiosity among the public. It appeared that the traditional matrimonial ads had taken on a quirky, mysterious route. Standing apart from the clutter, the matrimonial posters placed in bustling streets and prominent locations, bore a simple message: ‘Bride Needed’ and ‘Groom Needed’.

The sudden appearance of those posters sparked widespread intrigue and speculation among people. A QR code was embedded in the posters, which contained minimal information about two individuals: Sivaji, a 45-year-old groom, and Sridevi, a 36-year-old bride. The posters took everyone by surprise and now it has been revealed that it was put up by Zee Tamil to create some buzz around the upcoming show ‘Nenjathai Killathey

Nenjathai Killathey follows the journey of Gowtham (played by Jai Akash) who is an unmarried and wealthy businessman in his 40s and Madhumita (played by Reshma Muralidaran) who is a working middle-class woman in her 30s. The upcoming serial show delves into the heartwarming tale of two seemingly incompatible individuals who embark on a journey of unexpected love. The story revolves around how two unlikely people get married and find love over time. The serial is slated to premiere on the first of July at 7.00 P.M. from Monday to Friday.

Don’t miss out on this emotional saga that promises to melt your hearts and leave you wanting more!