House construction made easier: Find all building materials in one place at Wholesale prices

Vijayawada, 19 February 2024: Everyone desires to turn the dream of owning a home into reality. However, the escalating prices in the construction sector have become a burden for ordinary and middle-class individuals. Particularly, with the surge in the prices of sand, gravel, bricks, and cement, the dream of owning a house remains elusive for many. To build a house, one needs to procure all these materials, often having to source them from different places. Furthermore, individuals are inundated with the costs and demands of intermediaries, agents, and commissions. For the common and middle-class populace, acquiring all these materials at one place and, more importantly, at wholesale prices, is not a simple task. Many intermediaries and masons take their cut, leaving customers with the original price rather than the wholesale rate. To address this issue, a new emerging company called V Wholesale (Your One-Stop Shop) is launching soon in Vijayawada.

From tiles to paints all in one place!

Home construction materials such as Tiles, Granite, Italian products, Electricals, Electronics, Lights, Fans, Hardware tools, Wooden materials, Paints, Sanitary items, Plumbing supplies, Modular kitchen components, Home decor, Home furnishings, Sofas, Faucets, Sinks, and Gardening pots are all available at “V Wholesale,” your one-stop shop. Mr. N. Hemanth Kumar, the marketing manager of “V Wholesale,” stated that these products will be offered at the lowest wholesale prices in the store. Currently, there are very few stores in the country with such a comprehensive one-stop format for all home-building supplies, mainly located in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. However, with the initiative of Mr. Himansu R Mehta, CEO of “V Wholesale,” this store will soon be opening in Vijayawada.

Home delivery with Wholesale prices

Home builders will find all their home building supplies in one place at wholesale prices at the “V Wholesale” store. Additionally, there is the convenience of home delivery for construction materials to various areas, alleviating transportation concerns for construction workers. City residents have eagerly awaited such facilities for many years. The “V Wholesale” store will soon address the concerns of home builders, much to the relief of the construction industry. Analysts in the construction industry are praising “V Wholesale” as good news for common and middle-class people, builders, contractors, and architects.