Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Viksit Bharat at 2047: A Development-Dialogue

Pune, 01st March 2024: Kirloskar Institute of Management (KIM), Pune, in association with All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and MoE (Ministry of Education), Govt of India hosted a stimulating development dialogue on “Inclusive and Sustainable Amrit Kaal 2047: Technology, Society, and People at the Forefront” on February 29, 2024. Students, faculty members and staff of KIM participated in the event and made the event grand success.

Esteemed speaker Mr. Pushpendra Singh, Executive Coach, and Management Consultant nominated by AICTE delivered a captivating talk, emphasizing technology as a driver, discussing growth challenges, and highlighting favourable conditions for progress in India. He highlighted the importance of knowledge cultivation through curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, along with continuous learning.

Mr. Pushpendra emphasized sustainable themes such as renewable energy, India’s geographical advantages, the importance of hydrogen in transportation, Electric Vehicles, waste management, digital economy, opportunities for young generation, greenhouse and sustainable environment, and the current technology enablers (AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Block chain etc.). After each theme, a true dialogue took place as faculty members and students exchanged their views with the speaker. This resulted in a solid understanding of the Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Viksit Bharat@2047.

Prof. (Dr.) T.G. Vijaya, Director of Kirloskar Institute of Management, felicitated Mr. Pushpendra Singh. During an inaugural speech, she emphasized the development journey of India, inclusive of growth and necessity of societal development. Dr. Ashok Patil, Associate Professor extended vote of thanks, Dr. Bidyananad Jha, Dean Academics organized the whole event and Ms. Chandrika Rath, students of class of 25, acted as Master of the Ceremony (MOC) for the event.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance clocks highest growth

Pune, February 23, 2024: Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company, one of India’s leading private life insurers, continues to enhance its business parameters through its transformative journey. The 9MFY2024 results showcase its outstanding performance vis-à-vis the other private players in the Indian life insurance industry.

Individual Rated New Business (IRNB) of the Company for 9MFY2024 grew by 24% as compared to the corresponding period last year. This was nearly three times the growth showcased by industry average. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance three year (FY 2020 to FY 2023) of Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 39% in Individual Rated New Business (IRNB) further reaffirms the strong growth path of the private life insurer. The Company’s GWP stood at INR 14,860 Crores for 9M FY24, on the back of strong growth in individual business and renewal premium received, as compared to INR 13,028 Crores over the same period last year.

Strong focus on enhancing renewal payment processes through initiatives such as driving auto-payment registration, digital payments, etc. have led to consistent persistency across most cohorts. As of 31st December, 2023 persistency stood at 83% for 13th month, 65% for 37th month and 51% for 61st month. The Company also registered a strong growth in renewal premium of 31% in 9M FY24; supported by various initiatives to improve persistency. Additionally New Business Value (NBV) grew by 9% from INR 535 Crores for 9M FY23 to INR 581 Crores for 9M FY24 due to strong IRNB Growth and focus on a diverse product mix.

Key Business Highlights of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance for 9MFY2024

· PAT (Profits after tax) for 9M FY24 is at INR 457 Crores as compared to INR 364 Crores in 9M FY23, recording a 26% growth

· Registered a strong growth of 31% in renewal premium

· Registered the highest growth in the Number of Policies (NOP) among top 10 private life insurance companies with 4.92 lakh policies being written in this period

· Assets under Management crossed the Rupees One Lakh Crore milestone in this period and stood at INR 1,04,737 crores as of December 31, 2023

· Achieved 24% growth in Individual Rated New Business with INR 3,996 crores in 9M FY24 vis-à-vis INR 3,222 crores in 9M FY23

· The Company’s Solvency Ratio stands at an impressive 446% the end of December, 2023 underlining its strong financial stability and ability to meet its obligations

· As on 31st December 2023, the Company covered over 4.30 crore lives

· The Company has an extensive distribution network comprising of 511 branches, over 1,42,000 agents, and 82 institutional partners

Bajaj Allianz Life prioritizes customer-centricity, emphasizing fast issuances, diverse product offerings backed by cutting-edge technology. Customers have responded positively to the existing product bouquet and new introductions, including Bajaj Allianz Life Ace (Par), Bajaj Allianz Life Magnum Fortune Plus (ULIP), Bajaj Allianz Life Assured Wealth Goal (Non-Par), Bajaj Allianz Life Guaranteed Pension Goal (Annuity), Bajaj Allianz Life – Flexi Income Goal (PAR), and Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain. The company’s dedication to innovation is evident in the substantial growth of its product suite and distribution network during FY24.

Anifest India 2024: Pioneering Creativity in Pune’s Animation Landscape

Pune, February 23, 2024Anifest India, the International Animation Festival, unfolded in vibrant Pune from February 10-11, 2024, at MIT-WPU, Kothrud Campus. Boasting 2 full days, 55 dynamic speakers, participants from 40+ esteemed design & animation schools, and an impressive 1600 attendees, the festival marked a pivotal moment in the animation community.


Themed “Animating Unity, Inspiring Creativity,” the grand inaugural ceremony, graced by Shri. Rahul V Karad, Managing Trustee & Executive President of MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions, underscored the significance of community efforts. Ranjit Singh ‘Tony,’ Founder Trustee and Director of TASI Animation Association, highlighted the unique voluntary contributions ensuring that 100% of funds raised reverberate back into the community.

Anifest India, recognized by the Maharashtra Government, stands out as one of the 5 premier international animation festivals. Celebrating its 16th edition as a testament to 20 years of dedication, the festival witnessed unprecedented growth, with generous support from competing entities.

“Breaking New Grounds: Anifest India 24’s Trailblazing Edition”

This edition marked several firsts, including the festival’s relocation to Pune, a revamped format with multiple tracks, a dedicated portfolio review track, and an exhibition stall section. The inauguration featured a mesmerizing drum circle involving 100 drums played in unison, setting an unprecedented rhythm for the festival.

Anifest India 24 featured Oscar-nominated directors, National award-winning filmmakers, and industry experts providing live demonstrations and hands-on workshops. With tracks ranging from Filmmaking and Visual Effects to Gaming and Portfolio Reviews, TASI’s focus on content curation ensured real value for attendees.

The festival delved into case studies of blockbuster movies, explored the emergence of Virtual Production, and hosted panel discussions on Indie Animation, challenges for indigenous content creators, the impact of AI on the art world, and sustaining independent studios. Interactive sessions and dedicated Q&A time allowed the audience to engage with industry leaders.

“Awarding Excellence: Ram Mohan Viewers’ Choice Awards and Cutting-Edge Exhibitions”

A highlight of Anifest India, the Ram Mohan Viewers’ Choice Awards, saw the introduction of an electronic voting system for instantaneous results. The exhibitions showcased cutting-edge technology products by leading global companies, providing a glimpse into the future of animation.

“Empowering Creativity: TASI Animation Association’s 20-Year Legacy”

Established as a non-profit organization in 2001, TASI Animation Association has played a pivotal role in curating content for over 500 sessions and organizing 15 annual multi-day festivals. With no paid members, TASI remains dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation in the animation community.

Nanhaagyan Foundation Illuminates Pune with the Resplendent Healing Light Awards 2024

Pune, February 23, 2024 – The halls of Trinity International School in Pune glittered with brilliance on the radiant evening of February 18th, 2024, as the Nanhaagyan Foundation hosted the prestigious Healing Light Awards 2024. Under the visionary leadership of Romal Surana, the foundation orchestrated an evening of profound significance and heartfelt acknowledgment, bringing together esteemed personalities and luminaries.

The ceremony, graced by RJ Bandya from 93.5 Red FM and Dr. Aneeta Sanas, founder of Healing Touch, as chief guests, unfolded as a tapestry of awe-inspiring performances and heartfelt gratitude with about 150 individuals in attendance.

Meticulously curated by the Nanhaagyan Foundation, the event recognized exemplary individuals across 13 categories, awarding a total of 39 deserving recipients. Spirited performances by children and adults with special needs, coupled with seamless hospitality from Trinity International School, reflected a dedication to inclusivity and warmth.

Acknowledging partners and sponsors, the Foundation expressed profound gratitude to Yes2 Healthy Life and Elfactory, whose support added an extra layer of joy to the proceedings, captivating the hearts of attendees, especially the children.

Hosted by Neha Sama, the evening celebrated luminaries from various fields, each one a beacon of inspiration and change. The esteemed awardees included individuals dedicated to diverse spheres of service and innovation, from spirituality and happiness coaches to eco-warriors, young transformers, innovators in education, educators, healers, mental health coaches, sports mentors, and art and creativity coaches.

The Growth Icon Award, bestowed upon Rupali Dhamdhere, Gayatri Chadwa, and Dr Prachetan Potdar, symbolizes not only individual excellence but also a commitment to transformative growth and societal betterment.

The presence of principals, parents, and professionals infused the atmosphere with a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose, underscoring the importance of community and collaboration in fostering a culture of empathy and growth.

The success of the Healing Light Awards 2024 wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of individuals whose dedication ensured a flawless execution of the event. Special thanks to media partners SamruddhaVyapar and Mahaz Times, as well as Aryan Sharma from Publishing Pitaraa and Prachetan Potdar from Stay Featured for their invaluable contributions.

In honoring excellence and compassion, the Nanhaagyan Foundation has ignited a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come. As we reflect on the evening’s festivities, let us carry forward the spirit of kindness and innovation, embodying the transformative power of collective action and empathy.

As the echoes of applause fade into the night, let us remember that true healing begins with a gesture of kindness, a moment of acknowledgment, and a commitment to stand together, united in our pursuit of a brighter, more compassionate world.

Orchids The International School Hosts Spectacular Children’s Art Fest Showcasing Young Talent

Pune,19th February 2024: Orchids The International School, known for its commitment to nurturing creativity, recently hosted a spectacular two-day Children’s Art Fest in Pune on the 16th and 17th of February. The event, a culmination of various art forms learned throughout the academic year, brought together students, parents, and grandparents for a memorable extravaganza held at Shubham Gardens. The mega event saw massive participation from across Orchids’ Pune campuses.

Orchids' students performing street theatre on Importance of Education studied from the art curriculum

The event comprised five live stages showcasing the creative talents nurtured by Orchidians’ art education program over the academic year. This grand celebration of artistic expression showcased the performance across diverse art forms such as folk and classical dance, vocal and instrumental music, skits, mime, street theater, and more. Fun activity stalls like DIY workshops, mask making, doodles, pottery making, mandala art, print painting, and more were arranged for parents and grandparents to enjoy together with their children further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Every student performed in two art forms and seamlessly moved from one stage to another, showing the immaculate planning by the academic planners and faculty.

Dr Madhuri Sagale, Vice PresidentAcademics of Arts, Orchids the International School, said “At Orchids, we strongly advocate for the significant role of art in fostering and displaying the creativity of our students. We organize a variety of art-centric programs and curriculum activities consistently, empowering students to delve into their artistic passions. The art festival serves as an inclusive platform for presenting students’ dance performances, street plays, skits, musical routines, visual arts, DIY exhibitions, and live workshops. We aim to create lasting memories for parents, providing them with the opportunity to witness their child’s imaginative talents. We are confident that such experiences bring joy to both parents and children”

The two-day Children’s Art Fest was a grand success in highlighting the importance of art and creativity for child development.

Ryan International Academy launched Reduce Reuse Recycle Plastic campaign

Pune, 6th February 2024: The students of Ryan international Academy, Hinjewadi branch have recently launched a year-long campaign, “Reduce Reuse Recycle Plastic” marking a significant step towards environmental sustainability goals.

 The student-led campaign was kicked off with 43 students and 11 teachers and collected 1000 kg of plastic waste from Yashwin & Tinsel Town Societies. The students took part in door-to-door garbage collection campaigns in all major apartments in the neighboring areas and raised awareness on waste management.

ryan international school

 Ryan International Academy, Pune zone has collaborated with Poonawalla Foundation for the recycling of waste plastic for reuse. In association with the Municipality and Poonawala foundation, Eco and Gardening Club unit of the school is raising awareness about various types of plastic including recyclable, and reusable.

 Speaking about this campaign, Sonika Kochhar Girotra, Principal, Ryan International Academy, Hinjewadi branch said, “As a part of this campaign, the school aims in fostering a culture of responsible waste management and community service. Ryan International Academy believes in nurturing the students with eco-consciousness to positively impact the world”.

2024’s Top Choice for Home Buyers – Why Pune is Winning Hearts

2024's Top Choice for Home Buyers - Why Pune is Winning HeartsBy  – Akash Pharande, Managing Director – Pharande Spaces

As the veil lifts on 2024, property end-users and investors in and around Pune are firming up their New Year’s resolution to achieve home ownership this year. It’s certainly the perfect time for it. According to real estate consultants Anarock, Pune and MMR were the top-selling housing markets in 2023.

In Pune, approximately 86,680 homes were sold in 2023, states Anarock, second only to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region’s impressive sales of 153,870 units. Pune‘s high ranking in housing sales is not surprising. The city offers a lot more than just more attractive price points compared to Mumbai. But the price factor certainly matters.

Pune’s Price Advantage

In Pune, you can find a 1BHK apartment ranging from Rs. 35 to 45 lakhs, depending on the area. In contrast, a similar 600-700 square foot apartment in Mumbai would cost around Rs. 80 lakhs to 1 crore. Property prices in Mumbai are typically 30-40% higher than in other Indian cities.

To put it in percentage terms, real estate in Mumbai is, broadly speaking, 75.21% more expensive than in Pune. This makes Pune a far more accessible market for a broader range of buyers and investors. However, there is no doubt that the affordability factor is gradually decreasing because Pune has seen steady price appreciation.

According to a recent report, 2023 saw the average housing price in Pune rise by 11% increase, reaching Rs 5,208 per square foot. This rise was attributed to improved demand in the housing market. Predictions suggest this trend will continue in 2024, making Pune a magnet for investors seeking long-term value growth.

But apart from prices, Pune wins over Mumbai in several other ways.

dream achieved.

Why Pune Succeeds Consistently

Pune continues to deliver the perfect balance of lifestyle and investment value compared to Mumbai. The city offers superior space with more spacious residential options – a distant dream in most MMR areas except the farthest suburbs. Pune is ideal for families and individuals wanting a better quality of life through larger living spaces.

Pune‘s strategic location and improving transport infrastructure also make it highly attractive. The city’s proximity to Mumbai is a defining advantage. At the same time, Pune‘s education, healthcare, and entertainment facilities contribute to a higher standard of living. Additionally, Pune‘s IT parks, commercial hubs, and strong services industry continue to transform the landscape, attracting job seekers and investors.

While buyers and investors have many options in Pune, some areas stand out for important reasons. One getting considerable attention is Punawale.

Punawale – Standout Housing Hotspot

Punawale, within the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) in Pune, has seen remarkable growth, emerging as a preferred housing destination. Like Pune, Punawale has seen substantial price appreciation due to its strategic location, infrastructure development, and surging demand for quality housing.

Unlike other locations, Punawale caters to diverse segments, from affordable housing to luxury projects.

The area has well-planned roads, efficient public transport, and easy access to schools, hospitals, and shopping. This infrastructure makes Punawale more appealing than many Pune areas.

The PCMC Edge

Overall, PCMC outperforms Pune Metropolitan Region in several aspects. PCMC implemented a rational master plan focused on sustainable, balanced development. This urban planning foresight resulted in better-managed residential and commercial spaces, efficient utilities, and less congestion, making areas like Punawale more livable.

PCMC emphasizes green, open spaces. The area has parks and gardens, contributing to a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing environment. These green spaces provide much-needed recreation and relaxation, a rarity in many urban areas.

Punawale maximizes these advantages. It is home to West Pune‘s most outstanding integrated township, which has been a game-changer for its real estate market by enhancing the overall real estate value proposition and setting new residential space standards for the region.

The transformative power of outstanding developments is well-established, and India has several examples of this phenomenon. The entire socio-economic structure of the area changes for the better.

Superior Connectivity

A standout feature of Punawale is its connectivity. Well-linked to key Pune areas and other cities via roads and highways, proximity to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and major arterials enhances the appeal for commuters and those wanting easy access.

Quality of Life

Infrastructure, connectivity, green spaces, and a high-grade township have significantly uplifted Punawale’s quality of life. Residents enjoy a balanced lifestyle with modern amenities, nature, and community focus.

Punawale’s transformation into a real estate hotspot resulted from strategic planning, infrastructure development, and visionary projects. Growth is based on urban convenience, connectivity, and green space – the future of sustainable urban living.

The Future Beckons

Ongoing and planned infrastructure projects, coupled with demand for quality housing, strongly support Punawale’s future growth. Improved road connectivity and public transport have played a pivotal role in boosting values. Easy access to major employment hubs like Hinjewadi IT Park and MIDC industrial belt has made Punawale a hotbed for home seekers valuing easy commutes without compromising quality of life.

For end-users and investors, Punawale brings everything together. With consistent growth in values and enhancements in quality of life and connectivity, Punawale is a standout real estate destination in 2024.

Unwind this winter in Pune with Bhimthadi Jatra

National, December 21st, 2023: Bhimthadi Jatra, founded by Sunanda Tai Pawar, celebrates its 17th year, with a captivating rural extravaganza that offers a unique and vibrant experience for visitors from all walks of life. Held annually in Pune, this extraordinary carnival seamlessly blends culture, tradition, skills, and entertainment, making it a must-visit.

With over 400,000 visitors every year, the Jatra welcomes Punekars, Mumbaikars, and art enthusiasts from neighboring cities. There is a beautiful music anthem attached to Bhimthadi this year with an aim to attract the younger generation to embrace the cultural diversity, bridging the gap between the rural and urban culture at Bhimthadi Jatra.

The 17th year is a platform empowering women to showcase their skills in handicrafts, textiles, and food preparation, contributing to their communities.

In a world where the allure of preserving and revelling in cultural heritage is irresistible, Bhimthadi Jatra emerges as a distinctive and authentic experience that beckons exploration. This annual spectacle, nestled in the heart of Maharashtra, not only showcases the region’s agricultural splendour but also unfolds as a vibrant stage for local artisans, craftsmen, and farmers to showcase their talents and products.

Bhimthadi Jatra has attracted eager visitors who are interested in buying products from rural and tribal women around India. The handicrafts at Bhimthadi are made of materials like khun, neem wood, and bamboo. Specially abled children from NGOs make coasters, warli paintings, and pen holders which are sold at the Jatra. She can give valuable input on the things showcased at the event. The home decor items are upcycled and brought to the event. Furniture, kitchenware, and other items made from neem wood and bamboo are also available.

Since its inception, Bhimthadi Jatra has attracted eager visitors who anticipate the delectable food served annually at the fair. The event also boasts repeat customers who return each year to patronize specific food stalls. Millets have been a staple in our diet for generations and have seen a resurgence in popularity recently. Attendees at Bhimthadi Jatra will have the opportunity to sample local Maharashtrian cuisine at various food stalls. Bhimthadi Jatra also provides support to entrepreneurs seeking certification for their food products and assists with proper branding and packaging strategies for their goods.

Bhimthadi Jatra (1)

Continuing its ongoing approach towards embracing conscious choices and clothing, sustainable fashion wear brands like The Kishkinda Trust, Viva La Vida India and Love for the Loom are going to be participating in Bhimthadi Jatra’s 17th year exhibition.

Bhimthadi Jatra itself as an event follows sustainable practices, encouraging and educating the people who are participating and those attending.

– There is a farmers market where you can purchase organically produced products from direct contact.

– There is a policy for non-plastic, non thermocol plates being used, etc.

– The flexes used at the event for advertising purposes are all sent for recycling, ensuring zero wastage at the event.

– Plastic water bottles are not allowed at the event.

– Zero food wastage is ensured as well.

Date: December 21st – December 25th, 2023

Time: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Venue: Agricultural College Ground, Shivaji Nagar, Pune