RSWM Ltd Successfully Completes Acquisition of Spinning, Knitting, and Processing Undertaking from Ginni Filaments Ltd

New Delhi, March 2, 2024: RSWM Ltd, a leading player in the textile industry, has successfully completed the acquisition of the Spinning, Knitting, and Processing undertaking, previously owned by Ginni Filaments Ltd at 110 KM Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road, Chhata, Kosi Distt. Mathura (UP). The acquisition, dated January 24th, 2024, marks a significant milestone for RSWM Ltd as the company continues to strengthen its position in the textile manufacturing sector.

The acquisition of this undertaking has been mutually agreed upon between RSWM Ltd. and Ginni Filaments Ltd., signifying RSWM’s strategic move to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and market presence. With this deal, RSWM Ltd now boasts a total of 12 advanced manufacturing units.

The recently acquired facilities significantly boost RSWM’s production capacity, now boasting over 6.25 Lac Spindles, 5840 Rotors, and 172 Looms. This enhancement allows RSWM Ltd to efficiently meet the escalating demand for textile products in India and overseas. The expansion will lead to a substantial rise in RSWM’s annual product output, comprising 1,21,000 MT Greige Yarn, 24,000 MT Melange Yarn, 32,000 MT Dyed Yarn, 32 M Meters Denim Fabric, over 9000 MT Knits Fabric, and 43K MT Green Fibre.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. B. M. Sharma, Joint Managing Director of RSWM Ltd, stated, “We are pleased to complete the acquisition of the Spinning, Knitting, and Processing Undertaking from Ginni Filaments Ltd. This strategic move aligns with our vision of expanding our manufacturing capabilities and strengthening our market position. We are confident that the integration of these facilities into our operations will further enhance our ability to deliver high-quality textile products to our customers.”

The completion of this acquisition underscores RSWM Ltd.’s commitment to driving growth and innovation in the textile industry while creating value for its stakeholders. The company remains focused on delivering superior-quality products and maintaining its position as a market leader.